Breaking News Dictators coming your way!

Do they have to drop a bomb before you see what is going on!

What I see going on: 7/25/09 – By Bob L

People wake-up, can’t you see what is happening, this Government is what s wrong in this country, they are the ones that are keeping racism going, they want to keep the American people fighting against each other.

Look around you who is yelling the loudest, why, because they know that if any thing go s wrong, they will play the race card in a heart beat, and if you have not noticed … Obama does not waste any time about using the race card, just check when he was campaigning, and just resent  he showed he is racist.

As soon as they get a cover up going they run right in and pass a program before any one knows, a good example, when you are told you are a minority (that is discrimination) and you can get a job, even though you are not qualified for it, what do you think happens? I can tell you but if I did that says that you are not qualified for the job, are you getting the picture? (The Government is calling you stupid because you are not smart enough to get the job, if that is not discrimination, I don’t know what you call it.) At times they will use reverse discrimination if they don’t get their way. They will do any thing they can to keep people in the dark and fighting each other, just like they are doing right now, and they will not give you a straight answer, what are they trying to cover up?

Think about it, they used Jackson’s death to pass a global warming bill while you were wrapped watching that, so they will do any thing to get what want.

I have learned over the years that the Government does not want every one working, if they did they would not have control and people would know more of what is going on and take more control of their lives, and that is just exactly what they are doing right now, they are trying a big smoke screen to pass a health bill that will destroy this country that your kids and their kids on down will never pay off, if that is what you want then let them pull the biggest scam on the American people that will never be turned around, better known as no more Constitution, and right now it is so close to becoming a dictator country and if you can’t see it this country is going just the way it is planed.

Why are they not doing more for schools? Why are they saying no child left behind, and then taking the money and putting it in to private schools that not every child can attend? Why not put taxpayer money in to public schools where it be longs, you are taxed on your home for those public schools so why is it not going in to public schools where it belongs? (They don’t want every one educated, if they were, where would they get their SLAVES.) So why are they not supporting public schools like they use to?

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