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Barry O Here for Health Care

HUMAN EVENTS ;07/22/2009 – by Eric Novack

How many television hucksters rush you to buy something because the opportunity will not last? How many used car salesmen have told you that you that you need to ‘sign on the dotted line’ without fully reading the contract because the details are simply ‘boilerplate’? When was the last time some stock broker showed you the numbers for just the first few years of a loan repayment because ‘the investment will pay for itself’ despite a huge balloon payment coming up? Welcome to health care reform, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid-style.

Speaking at a town hall event earlier this month, Obama said, “For those who say, ‘Well, you know what, this is something that is very complicated, so we shouldn’t rush into it,’ that’s what happens … Continue reading

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