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Family Safety and food on the table or global scam?

July/9/09: By Bob L

I want to see both, Family Safety and food on the table, and not at  a high cost to the economy!!

This for any one who believes in passing this bill on global warming, this picture is what you should think about your family. If you are really for Obama’s 35 mpg cars take a good look at these pictures, then think good and hard, which is more important to you???

There is no doubt there is a problem, but does it have to be done before they really know what they are doing in such a big hurry, or is it that there is going to be a big windfall to them, we already know that a lot of them are going to profit when it passes and all from the pockets from people who are left working.

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Dreams from Obama

July 1, 2009: By Jonah Goldberg

On February 12, 2008, the night Barack Obama won the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia Democratic primaries, he held a massive rally (does he hold any other kind) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. “Where better,” Obama asked, “to affirm our ideals than here in Wisconsin, where a century ago the Progressive movement was born?”

On the one hand, one has to give Obama … Continue reading

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A Carter Deja Vu?

Chuck Norris

07/07/2009:  By Chuck Norris

As I gazed onto a parade route sprinkled with red, white and blue everything on July Fourth, I thought about what patriots past and present have sacrificed for our freedom. I also thought about the people in Iran fighting for “azadi,” the Persian word for “freedom.”

The White House has offered what amounts to diplomatic dribble in response to their plight for liberty. I’m not saying our president should … Continue reading

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