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North American Union Fact Sheet

UPDATED: North American Union Fact Sheet

PDF file:Be sure to read this file to see what we are in for if this go s through, if it does there will be a lot of jobs lost to Mexican ports.

If you have not had a chance to read this, you will get a good education on what has been kept some what quiet on what they have all ready done, and why a lot of jobs are not available to American workers today, and will get worse if we let them get away with it, why do you think they are fighting to keep the borders open, they will line their pockets at Americans expense.

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

North American Union by 2010

An Offensive Barack Obama Video: On this video listen close to what he says about it.

A Big Easy North American Union: This shows all jobs that will be lost.

Barack Obama talks about the North American Union, RFID

If you check you will see that Obama is still working on it, they are having a meeting in August in Mexico, they just had one in Canada June, 16/09.

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Breaking News Dictators coming your way!

Do they have to drop a bomb before you see what is going on!

What I see going on: 7/25/09 – By Bob L

People wake-up, can’t you see what is happening, this Government is what s wrong in this country, they are the ones that are keeping racism going, they want to keep the American people fighting against each other.

Look around you who is yelling the loudest, why, because they know that if any thing go s wrong, they will play the race card in a heart beat, and if you have not noticed … Continue reading

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