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Obama says World has avoided economic disaster

Is Obama pulling a Bush saying the disaster is over, like Bush and the war.

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer

L’AQUILA, Italy – Lasting worldwide recovery “is still a ways off,” President Barack Obama declared Friday, but he also said at the conclusion of a global summit that a disastrous economic collapse apparently has been averted.

Obama said world leaders had taken significant measures to address economic, environmental and global security issues.

“Reckless actions by a few have fueled a recession … Continue reading

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AP Just another Palin basher

July/10/09:   By Bob L

[ Levi Johnston: Palin resigned to cash in on fame.] Read the Whole story.

The second amendment is meant for fair and accurate stories not faults ( a moral weakness) and I think reporting.

When a reporter gos out and writes a story about some one
on the presumption of I think, and writing it with out getting the
facts to see if these I thinks are fact before Continue reading

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