Obama’s Double Standard

Comment By Bob L.

Double Standard, what do you think about our Government taking control of your life telling you what kind of Car, Insurance, Home, Bank or any thing that they can take control of??? It has already started if you have not noticed.

The direction this Country is headed today, is getting very Dangerous, when a Government has this much control over the American people, it is time to stand up and get this country back to we the people by the people for the people, not single out one person to protect while the rest have to fend for them selves and pay for these special people to live off the American taxpayer.

It’s not the responsibility of taxpayers of this Country to pay for Medical or Non medical for some one to get a free ride, now if Obama and his Czars want to then let them, but don’t force people to pay for some one else when they can hardly pay for them selves.

This Government is so wrapped up in trying to get rid of Entitlements, then they turn around and want to give some one free birth control, and if some one makes a comment about it but say the wrong words, they wants them fired, but when it some thing that will help them, that is a different story and it is not offensive.

Russ Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Don Imas and any one else that might say any thing against Obama and his Administration or actions are called Racist and should be fired, but it is alright for others who back Obama and his Czars can say any thing they want using the same words, that is excitable and not Racist or Offensive, one good example is when a colored person used the same words about a white singer, nothing was done about it, actually they thought it was funny. Where was Obama when that comment was said, laughing in the back ground?

One thing you can count on any one who back him can say any thing they want and get away with it.

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Axelrod: Romney gave ‘cowardly answer’ on Limbaugh controversy

By Meghashyam Mali

Obama and his Czars Double Standards  for or against Women.

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