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Hoodie support shows Ignorance of Americans Over Life or Death

Comment By  Support Trayvon Martin and his Family

Update on my Article, [ I can see that it has already been misinterpreted just like an Agitator wants it read, rain or not, people walk in the rain without a hat, Hoodie or an unbralla, but the thing is I don’t care, he was still killed, no matter how you want to cut it, and untill it makes it to the courts, not a vigilante group, the media can put any spin on how ever they want, and it will not be fact untill the last word is said, and even they have said that there is not enough from the 911 tapes to make a judgement ].

Marching around with a HOODIE up is in poor taste, and not going to help the death or Trayvon Martin, it only shows the Ignorance of the all the  people involved, the only thing that can help is the people joining hand in hand to stop these thing from happening, people going to any of these problems as Agitators is not going to solve any thing but cause more problems, Hoodies as I see it, is the cause of problems the give Blacks and Hispanics a bad name, and you can not deny it. Continue reading

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