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Global Warming Man Made Yes Or No: Salton Sea.

Comment By Bob L.

Is Global Warming caused from man, YES, but NOT  from the way you would think, it is caused by GREED for money, this has already been proven that was a scam, think about it if you are SMART, lets start with the Ice Age, did man have Oil Refineries, Coal fired Generating Plants, Steel Mills, Cars and Trucks, or was Man even around then?

They say that Ice covered the earth, what happen to make the ice start to melt, and keep it melting, does any one really know?
Does any one know when man arrived on earth? Does any know when fire was first used? And the BIG question what caused the ice to start melting? Was it man or the solar system and the earths rotation, or was it volcano’s became active? How about something from outer space like a comet hitting earth? Continue reading

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The Obama way

Comment By Bob L.

And Obama says he has nothing to do with OIL PRICES. BULL SHIT

Oil Refiner Margins Poised to Rise as Shuttered Plants Increase July 19, 2009

Obama shuts down 33% of the country’s oil refining capacity July 1, 2010

Epa closes 122 texas refineries andpetrochemical plants 07/02/10

Troubled waters if refineries close  October 02, 2011

EPA Scraps Texas Clean Air Program, Will Make Oil Refineries To File For New Permits  April 27, 2012   


‘Crucify them’: The Obama way

By Michelle Malkin

One of President Obama’s radical eco-bureaucrats has apologized for confirming an indelible truth: This White House treats politically incorrect private industries as public enemies who deserve regulatory death sentences. Continue reading

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Comment By Bob L.
Tue. 04-17-2012

Boy talk about Hypocrites when it comes to Legal and Illegal and who can smoke and what you can Smoke or Eat, these YUPPIE cults need to be put in jail for trying to take over Government, and classified as Terrorists out to destroy Americans Personal Freedom.

Is the City, County, and State going to treat pot Smoking with the  same laws as a DUI, enforce the no Smoking rule the same as Cigarettes, Using an Illegal Substance, or are they going to say you can smoke it any where any time and with out any violation of any laws.

It bad enough that we have to put up with Drunk Drivers, now we will have to hope we don’t get involved with a drug-ed up driver on the road, the police can not do enough with drunk drives, because the Judges have them back on the street before the officer finishes his paper work, so who will you go after if you get in an accident, the driver or the Government, the ones who passed the law with out a protection to the public.

Marijuana task force in Tacoma nears end of long trek Continue reading

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Bachmann: Who knows the Economy Better Than Stay-at-Home Moms

Comment By Bob L.

How about this, Ann Romney knows PRICES and where her kids are, can Miss Rosen say the same thing as a working mom and not being home during the day, and maybe some nights.

NOW, who is more qualified to know the ECONOMY and what her kids are doing.

Every one forgets about the kids when both Parents are working, and what they are up to.

And for Obama, he will Do and Say any thing just to get Elected. Just look at all his promises to get elected the first time, all LIES, well 80% Lies, 20% Truth, got to give him some credit, no don’t give him any credit, he will spend that to.


Bachmann: Stay-at-Home Moms Understand Economy Better Than Husbands

By Amy Bingham | ABC OTUS News
Sun.04-15-2012 Continue reading

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Civil Rights Terrorists look to change the Constitution Wearing Hoodies

Comment By Bob L.

People are running around terrorizing people in the name of Trayvon Martin wearing HOODIES, these people are not doing any good for Trayvon, they are over looking and missing the Real Problem.

Wearing a Hoody is hiding behind a mask posing as helping, that is the farthest thing from solving the problem, the problem is RACISM, we need to be solving that, not running around hiding behind a Hoody, which is nothing but a Terrorist showing that they are cowards and afraid to show their faces, or running around in some fancy outfit thinking they are the new police force that will solve all the problems by intimidating people, when they are no better then the KKK, just different Color.

How many people are killed every year by a person wearing a hoody, or Rob a Bank, a Store, does  any one protest this, NO, only the families have to go it themselves, does any one else care about these people who are killed or injured, it hits the news, but most of the time it stops there, but it does not stop for the Families.

How many times has the President put his TWO CENTS in when some one else loses a family member killed by a person wearing a hoody, wait a minute he only opens his mouth when it is a Minority killed or harassed  by a White person, now where is he when a Minority is killed by a Minority, or a White person is killed by a Minority, it just shows Racist he is, and how much he is trying to divide this country, this also goes for all these terrorist who say the are trying to solve the problem of RACISM are doing just the Opposite.


After Zimmerman’s arrest, civil rights advocates look to change ‘stand your ground’ gun laws

Associated Press
By Laura Wides-Munoz, The Associated Press
Fri.04-13-2012 Continue reading

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Treasury freezes pay for CEOs

Comment By Bob L.

Why all of a sudden are they freezing CEO’S pay now , at 2011 time, why not when they got Taxpayer money in 2007 – 2009, are these the ones that they don’t like, they say the rest of them have paid back the money, has any taxpayer seen that money, NO, Obama has sent it to other Countries to help them, if not, then why have the taxpayers not seen it if it really has been paid back.

Can any one in this Country say where all this money is going besides entitlements that they are accusing to be the only problem, the problem starts with the Obama administration and the Politicians sitting on their OVER PAID FANNIES Dictating on what the American people are going to do, and one of the things they want the American people to do, Especially the Democrats, is to KISS Their Rosy Red Adam Henry’s and shut their mouths and do what they are told.

While the Rich get Richer the Poor get Poorer, our Government is trying to figure out who will get the scraps, the less wealthy, or just leave it with the Rich, and then blame the POOR for the shape this Country is in.


America’s Highest Paid CEOs,  And Americans Workers are Called greedy.


Treasury freezes pay for CEOs at Ally Financial, GM, AIG

Reporting by Glenn Somerville;  Additional reporting by Ilaina Jonas and Antonella Ciancio in New York | Reuters
Fri.04-06-2012 Continue reading

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Washington State WOW, Smart or just Stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Boy People are really smart when it comes to being stupid, tax the hell out of Tobacco for public Health, Yah let’s do that, that will teach them to ruin my health, but don’t do any thing to my Marijuana, because that is healthy, and don’t touch my Booze, both of them are good for your health, hell with second-hand smoke from my Marijuana, people won’t mind, it’s only Cigarettes that you have to worry about Second hand Smoke being a health hazard to others, and my Booze won’t Kill any one.

This State is cutting job to save money, but when it come to doing their work in Olympia, they wait until the end of the secession to do any thing, then they want to come back at $10,000 Dollars a day to do the job that they should have done when they were in secession, BUT NO, they had other things to do like travel. DO THE JOB WHEN IN SECESSION, NO MORE SPECIAL SECESSIONS.


Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming

ALEXIS KRELL | Staff writer • Published April 02, 2012 Continue reading

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