Citizens Petition to Barack Obama

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“I owe those unions… When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don’t mind feeling obligated.”
– Barack Obama, Audacity of Hope

Dear Friend:

Barack Obama may indeed owe the Big Labor Bosses. But his election did not give him a “mandate” to dramatically expand their forced unionism power… and your PETITION below sends that message loud and clear to our new President!

As a member of Congress, I can tell you that we now face OVERWHELMING challenges in stopping these forced unionism power grabs. Generating massive grassroots pressure is our only hope.

Because it is vital that he understands HE HAS NO MANDATE to give his Big Labor patrons new powers to enslave millions of additional workers in unions and steal their income through confiscatory dues… and your PETITION below will do just that!

If the union bosses get their way, you and I will pay the price in higher taxes, bigger government, and more job-killing, freedom-crushing forced unionism.

Make no mistake: We fail at our nation’s peril! I hope you agree. And that I hear back from you without delay.

Steve King
Steve King (R-IA)
United States Congressman

Petition to Barack Obama

President Obama,

I feel it is my patriotic duty to advise you that your victory did NOT give you a “mandate” to impose draconian policies that will dramatically increase the power and money of the Big Labor Bosses.

I wish to specifically advise you NOT to advance proposed policies in Washington that will:

1. DENY workers the right to a secret ballot when voting on whether or not they want to be part of a union (this is at the top of the agenda for Big Labor, because it would enable union organizers to forcibly unionize millions more workers into dues-paying union ranks);

2. BAN companies in effect from running their businesses during a strike – a right they have held for roughly 70 years;

3. ATTACK all 22 state Right to Work laws, which make union membership and union dues voluntary;

4. INSTALL hundreds of Big Labor cronies on the federal courts, throughout the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, and other federal agencies;

5. EXPAND the definition of “employee” and narrow the definition of management, thereby placing more employees under union boss control; and

6. FORCE state and local governments under the monopoly control of union bosses as the monopoly bargaining agents for police, firefighters, and other first responders.

During the election, you claimed that you wanted to be President of ALL Americans. I hope this includes America’s workers. You can demonstrate this by respecting their rights and by not implementing ANY of the draconian forced unionism policies I have listed above.

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