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Top officer says US bungling Muslim outreach

By ANNE GEARAN, AP National Security Writer – Fri Aug 28

WASHINGTON – The U.S. military is bungling its outreach to the Muslim world and squandering good will by failing to live up to its promises, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer wrote Friday.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there is too much emphasis on telling the U.S. story and not enough on building … Continue reading

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Cheney condemns Obama’s probe of CIA interrogations

With this administration they have no concern about human lives, it seams as thought they are only interested on taking over this country.
McClatchy Newspapers

By Warren P. Strobel, McClatchy Newspapers – Fri Aug 28
Marisa Taylor contributed to this article

WASHINGTON — CIA interrogators were justified in exceeding even the broad authorizations the Justice Department gave them to handle terrorist suspects, former Vice President Dick Cheney said in an interview for broadcast Sunday, suggesting that any aggressive tactic … Continue reading

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Obama says Katrina offers opportunity for renewal

AFP 8/29/09

BOSTON, Massachusetts (AFP) – US President Barack Obama on Saturday marked the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans and other areas on the US Gulf Coast, saying tragedies offer a chance of renewal.

“So on this day, we commemorate a tragedy that befell our people,” Obama said in his weekly radio address. “But we also remember that with every tragedy comes the chance of renewal.”

More than a thousand people were killed … Continue reading

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China to scrap higher tariffs on auto parts imports: US

All these countries complain about buy American it is against  free trade, now this looks kinda funny when they can put a high tariff on our goods, but we don’t  put on theirs.
AFP Fri Aug 28

WASHINGTON (AFP) – China has informed the United States it will scrap from Tuesday higher tariffs on imported auto parts following a World Trade Organization ruling, a top US trade official said Friday.

“We are pleased that China has informed us that it is eliminating the additional charges on imported auto parts … Continue reading

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STIMULUS WATCH: US discloses few lobbyist meetings

By RITA BEAMISH, Associated Press Writer – Fri Aug 28

President Barack Obama ordered federal officials to disclose their contacts with lobbyists trying to influence how the government doles out money to jump-start the economy. Yet few such communications have been reported even though lobbyists say they are busier than ever with the multibillion-dollar stimulus.

Since the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in February, federal agencies have reported 197 contacts … Continue reading

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Obama vows not to forget lessons of Katrina

It has been what FOUR years now sense katrina, and he has been in office now for NINE month, and now seeing what he can do to help the the people down in that part of the country, why did he not do it sooner, well that is probable because taking over this country was more important then the taking care of the American citizen that he swore to protect.

Obama should have been down there taking care of it before he started spending all this money on big business, no now he will want to spend more down there when there is no money to spend, he does not care he has a blank check.

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. – President Barack Obama promised Saturday that his administration would not forget what he called … Continue reading

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