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Comment By Bob L.

Washington State: For a STATE that is complaining about no money, is sure spending a lot of it, and if you have not noticed, Washington state seem to be in the process of privatizing every thing that they are in control of, is this so they can give them selves more money in their Wallets, it sure looks like it.

When they Privatize, it only affects the workers, not the people at the top who used to run these Departments, it seem that they got pay raises, not let go like every one else, they are just like the federal Government, anywhere from Two to Ten different departments run and finance the same programs, they could save money if one department ran the State, the ones Elected by the people, Government does not need all though people to do what the Elected people can do, the Governor, the house, and the senate is all you need, that is what they were Elected to do, not delegate some one else to do it for them.

The same thing goes for the schools, you have to many people doing the same thing, a good Teacher can Teach and Run a school with out the help of the Government, and Unions, this is the problem, to many people in the pot, and with that many people in the pot, there is no room to do a good job of teaching, you get Teachers WHO want to Teach, and get RID of Teachers that are only looking for money, not the job. This is HOW you SAVE and HAVE money for Education, Reading Writing, Arithmetic and a Trade or Profession. There is too much Testing, Home Work and not enough In School Teaching.

What is the next thing are they going to put up for auction to the highest bidder, Highway Department, State Patrol, we can not say State Parks, or Alcohol that has already ben done, but seem to be that the people don’t like it, just YUPPIES, that way they have the parks to them selves because no one else can afford to go to them unless they don’t pay a bill or not buy some food.

If the State can not Do the job that they are Elected to do than they might as well close the doors and go back in time to where the state had no one to run it but the Indians, they did a better job than any Government has.


Good to Go pass might become ticket for ferry

JORDAN SCHRADER | Staff writer 
Published April 04, 2013

A Good to Go windshield sticker might someday get a car across the water by boat as well as by bridge.

 An $8.7 billion transportation spending plan proposed Wednesday by a bipartisan group of state senators calls for Washington to come up with a plan for using prepaid toll passes for state ferry payments, reservations and customer service.

“We want to have one pass for everything,” Des Moines Sen. Tracey Eide told reporters while standing with fellow Democrat Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens and Republicans Curtis King of Yakima and Joe Fain of Auburn.

Frequent toll payers set up electronic Good to Go accounts and put transponders on their vehicles for cashless payments on the eastbound Tacoma Narrows bridge, the state Route 167 HOT lanes and the SR 520 bridge.

The Department of Transportation would study what it would take to add ferries to that list while maintaining a toll contract with Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp. The study would cost $250,000 from a ferry fund with results due to the Legislature Nov. 29.

Another study – funded by a $200,000 appropriation from legislators in 2011 – has already looked at ways of paying ferry fares and concluded Good to Go should expand to ferries.

Key lawmakers appear sold on the idea.

“We believe this will provide a less costly and more effective system for the payment of everybody that uses the system,” said King, who co-chairs the Senate Transportation Committee with Eide.

A series of problems plagued the Good to Go program in 2011 after ETCC took over tolling operations statewide. A backlog of potential toll violations was caused by hundreds of thousands of Narrows bridge crossings that were wrongfully processed as unpaid.

King said many of those problems have been corrected. He noted the proposed budget would spend $150,000 on a study of whether to outsource auditing of the Department of Transportation’s toll division to independent auditors.

The last study reported a state survey had found some support among Good to Go and ferry customers for combining the systems. Ferry riders already can use an ORCA card that also works on bus and train fares.

Though the proposed study is limited to ferries, state toll division director Craig Stone said he foresees Good to Go one day being used for all kinds of modes of transportation, with airport parking one likely option.

The budget proposal released Wednesday also calls for WSDOT to reduce toll administration and overhead, an action pushed by Sen. Nathan Schlicher, a Gig Harbor Democrat.

For example, it calls for a 20 percent reduction in Narrows Bridge administrative staff costs. Stone said those costs represent 1 percent of the bridge’s budget.

The spending plan also clears the way for increases in ferry fares and Narrows bridge tolls by restoring the state Transportation Commission’s power to set both rates. Last fall’s passage of Initiative 1185 reverted that authority to the Legislature.

The commission is poised to approve two 25-cent toll increases, one taking effect this summer and the other a year later.

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Washington State, United States All The Same Corrupt

Comment For Corrupt Government
By Bob L.

You Do What I Say

Washington State, United States What is the Differences, a corrupt Government is just that, they don’t let you vote on any thing they want, they tell you what you are going to do on a daily time schedule, and how much you are going to pay them to tell you to go jump in a lake, and the people have no one to blame but themselves, they let them get away with it.

Good example, late 50’s Daylight Screwing time VOTED DOWN they wanted it, it PASSED, Some where in time, Gambling PASSED, They did not want it, DENIED, and today time goes on Same Sex Marriage, People Said NO, Governor PASSED it, now back up for a vote, same thing all over the United States, State by State same thing, NO VOTERS SAY, COURTS BACK the Government and the MINORITY (voters), NOT the MAJORITY of voters.

Obamacare was it ever put up to the voters to have a say YES or NO, it was shoved down our throats, we were told it had to passed  to see what was in it, and to this day we still do not know about the full effect of this Health Care but what they want us know, WHY is this so CLASSIFIED that the American people are not allowed to see the full plan before it goes any farther.

I Don’t Care What You Voted FOR

Washington State just like any other but this is WASHINGTON STATE, (Washington residents voted twice, in 1999 and again in 2002, to keep the price the same for license tabs.) what happen, Corrupt Government, For the Gov. By the Gov. of the Gov., American Citizens today Do not have a say in their Country ANY MORE, it is controlled by Government, Lobbyist, Environmentalist, Illegals, or Special Interest, and if you are not a member of one or all of these groups then you have no say in this Country.

Washington State gave Cities and Counties Permission to charge a Tax, a Fee and what ever else that they covered up to take away from the people who can least afford it, but as long as the people who have guaranteed public JOBS, even after they retire could care less what the poor do, it is what the rich call you poor people who destroy this country, But watch after they sneak all this by, they will add more Taxes and Fees on top of it.

But in the final end it is the College Educated that are bringing this Country down, because the reason is they rake profits from these Companies and Government and not putting them back in to make them more profitable and lower prices or Taxes, but no they blame it on the working person for wanting higher wages, why the high prices and no profits, they talk about the lazy who don’t want to work, it is them that have put people in that position, and the way I see it College Diplomas are nothing but an excuse to be lazy and a coward to fight for this country, where do they hide when they need military personal, College or flee the Country, that is being LAZY and a COWARD, or is that a Trader. (For the ones who run and hide in College or another Country)

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Washington State WOW, Smart or just Stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Boy People are really smart when it comes to being stupid, tax the hell out of Tobacco for public Health, Yah let’s do that, that will teach them to ruin my health, but don’t do any thing to my Marijuana, because that is healthy, and don’t touch my Booze, both of them are good for your health, hell with second-hand smoke from my Marijuana, people won’t mind, it’s only Cigarettes that you have to worry about Second hand Smoke being a health hazard to others, and my Booze won’t Kill any one.

This State is cutting job to save money, but when it come to doing their work in Olympia, they wait until the end of the secession to do any thing, then they want to come back at $10,000 Dollars a day to do the job that they should have done when they were in secession, BUT NO, they had other things to do like travel. DO THE JOB WHEN IN SECESSION, NO MORE SPECIAL SECESSIONS.


Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming

ALEXIS KRELL | Staff writer • Published April 02, 2012 Continue reading

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The Governments Hatred toward the Poor and Seniors

By Bob L.
What is the matter with all these LUNKHEADED YUPPIES today, are they that brain-dead or under Educated and don’t know what they’re doing that they want to chase the Poor and the Seniors out of the State by make it harder for Seniors and the poor to carry and pay for paper or cloth bags, let alone carry paper bags and carry them up stairs, and on top of that Seniors use plastic bags for garbage bags because they don’t have that much garbage to take out each week. these bags make good litter bags in your car that these Environmentalists throw out of their car windows instead of using a litter or garbage can. Continue reading

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Time to sue the State Along With Stores

By Bob L.

The Alcoholics and the Winos show their colors, booze is now more available any where they go, and the State will walk away from it like they are doing every where else.

Are the going to walk away from what they are going to cause, more health problems, deaths, Accidents, Robberies, and Shop Lifting.

Now who gets to enforce the new law, Oh yea the ones who were laid off for lack of funds, and will be lucky to see any of that money that was promised to them if passed. It just like every thing else, money collected, General fund spends it at what ever they want, just like the lottery. 

Now what is the State going to do with the money from the people who are getting let go? REMEMBER FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION, Just think of the fall out of more jobs, Now who is next, with the State going out of Business and privatizing every thing the State does, will it be the highway workers, State Weight Control, Unemployment Offices, Parks and Recreation, maybe the Washington State Patrol, with privatizing NO more State JOBS. Just Politicians, TIME WILL TELL!!!      


Coming to a grocery store near you: Liquor

JORDAN SCHRADER      The News Tribune
Published:  11/08/11 11:03 pm | Updated: 11/09/11

Costco is toasting its success.

And state liquor-store employees could use a drink.

The 166 stores where they work will close by June 1. Three of every five  voters were backing Initiative 1183 in early returns, choosing to join most  other states by withdrawing government from the liquor business. Continue reading

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