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Desert Pupfish Forces Border Agents to Patrol on Foot

By Bob L.

Here we are again, our Government is so over blotted by Obama’s bigger government, our Country is falling down around us, and it seems that not one American cares what is happening, most are so wrapped up in their own little world, and that some one will stop them from doing what they want done, example, this article, environmentalists, church, Governments who all think they are our parents and we can’t do any thing with out their permission, so how can we protect our Country from terrorist and any other problems that come along, they are so blind they can’t see what is happening.

What is a pupfish and how rare are they: Wikipedia [Pupfish are a group of small killifish belonging to ten genera of the family Cyprinodontidae of ray-finned fish. All pupfish are especially noted for being found in extreme and isolated situations, in various parts of North America, South America, and the Caribbean region. As of August 2006 there were 120 known nominal species, and 9 subspecies.]

Little pupfish is among fastest evolving species


Audrey Hudson By Audrey Hudson

Federal agents must abandon their vehicles and chase drug smugglers and illegal aliens on foot through 40 acres near the Mexican border because of a pond that is home to the endangered desert pupfish.

It’s part of the agreement between the Homeland Security and Interior departments on how best to protect the ecosystem, frustrating lawmakers who say it also prevents agents from conducting routine patrols. Continue reading

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U.S. Border Patrol Agents in ‘Firefight’ With Mexican Gang

Published September 14, 2010
Associated Press

SAN ANTONIO — U.S. Border Patrol agents fired gunshots into Mexico after coming under attack during a half-ton drug bust and giving chase to a truck along the Rio Grande, U.S. authorities said Monday.

No Border Patrol agents were hurt during the “fire fight” early Saturday in Mission, agency spokeswoman Rosalinda Huey said. She did not say whether Border Patrol gunfire hit anyone, citing the ongoing investigation.

“The firing they received came from the Mexican side,” Huey said.  Continue reading

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