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Obama’s former professor says he ‘must not’ win in 2012

Comment By Bob L.

Is there any truth to what is said in this video that we are the cause of all the problems in this Country because we turn our backs on the problem by turning off the news instead of trying to find out the truth, here is one persons opinion on the problems in this Country today. Here is a VIDEO that will back up what he is saying to whats going on today.

I believe this person and Professor Roberto Unger are on the right track about the problems in this Country, most Americans don’t care, as long as they have a job, but the problem is that it all eventually comes down, and no one is exempt from a crash, take the Great Depression, is this what you as Americans want to go back in to. Right now this Country is not to far from it now, whether you want to admit it or not, but if this Country keeps believing all this snake oil talk, we will all be standing in line just to keep our families feed and clothed, here again ask your self is this what you want for your kids to live for the next fifty to sixty years or worse.

I know you will say that I don’t like Obama, NO, it is the Opposite, I just don’t like where this Country is headed, and right now I do not see any one that will turn this Country around and get rid of CORRUPTION in ALL our Government Agencies. They all talk big, but they all follow the world bank, and the money, not what Americans want, and I hope we all want a Government that will protect all LEGAL AMERICANS, (U.S. Citizens) and help people to become Legal, not keep them Illegal, but don’t say you are now Legal like they want to do now.


Unger strike: Obama’s former professor says he ‘must not’ win in 2012

The Daily Caller
By Gregg Re – The Daily Caller

Watch Unger’s takedown of Obama: Continue reading

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