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What the candidates need to see

By Bob L.

Where do you start, Corporate Greed starts with the Government, they allow this to happen, then it filters down to the American people who are regulated on how much they can make on a yearly wage, look around you and what do you see, I see greed every where you  turn. Continue reading

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Here we go again 200% Democrat, 50% America

By Bob L.

I have said along that the Democrats will do and say any thing they can to make the Republicans look like they are a do nothing branch of the Government, but if the truth were to get out you would see that they are doing the same thing as the Democrats are doing, stone walling, the one thing that they should be doing is getting this Country out of DEBT and stop all this in fighting, all they are doing is ACTING like kindergarten kids, or is that FIRST GRADERS.

When are the Elected people going to get through their head that ONCE they are elected, any PARTY Affiliations stops, their place is to keep this Country safe and learn to save, and not spend money on a whim, such as statues, Eyesores that they think look cute, and that has nothing to do with Safety, and FULL TIME jobs YEAR ROUND, and not just to line Friends Pockets.

The problem today is that you see YUPPIES who want every thing now no matter what the cost, ENVIRONMENTALIST who can’t see past their nose to see what they are doing to this Country without knowing what could happen for their action, then you have these people who won’t keep their nose out of other people lives acting like Government idiots who can’t even run their own lives.


Audrey HudsonBy Audrey Hudson

Dems Blaming ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress on the Wrong Party

The White House says it’s doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to legislative proposals to promote job growth, going as far as accusing Republicans of blocking President Obama’s ideas in a deliberate effort to see the economy fail.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.)  “Look, if Republicans wanted the economy to fail, we’d all line right up behind the President’s economic policies, rather than opposing them.” Continue reading

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Don’t Let Obama Kill “Tony the Tiger

By Bob L.

This is going over board, when this goes into effect, HOW many more Jobs will be lost, and Obama says he is for putting people back to work,  this is just the opposite, and what say that these companies pack their bags and go South or East and tell the U.S. Government to go to hell.

If this does happen and businesses do not start standing up against the Obama Family and tell they are not going to do it, and if they push it then push back, sue all who are involved with this take over of any more Companies.

With what is going on in this Country is call Treason because they are braking just about every law of the Constitution, this is getting to sound more like Hitler has come back to life, or a reincarnation, where the government is fleecing the American people

People had better get off their ass and take this Country back before it is too late, if not already, Obama and his Czars are taking over this Country more and more every day and these YUPPIES YES YUPPIES, Rich, Special Interest Groups, and Consumer Groups are helping them get away with it, IT IS TIME TO BECOME AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and take this Country back.

Obama already has Control of the Banks, Auto makers, Wall Street, the Law and Lawyers, the Courts, the Airlines, Schools, and Unions, and if things keep going he will have control of the states, and there is probably more that we don’t know about yet.


Consumer groups stop being a CULT Leader and acting like Hitler, and let people live their own lives, it is not your place to tell others how to live, and we don’t need any more laws, you are no better than Church Groups that try shoving their crap down our throats, if you don’t  like it don’t buy it, stick with you drug over dose products, that is prescription drugs and all Alcoholic Beverages that you can’t do with out, kids see that and want to do it too, so you are nothing more than hypocrite, Racist, and Bigots, WHY do you think your kids are getting involved with drugs, they see you doing it, and Alcohol is a drug. If you say it will raise insurance cost, Bullshit, it is you, that want Face lifts, Tummy tucks, Butt lifts, Liposuction, you name it, and you want it, and a lot of this crap you want your insurance to pay has nothing to do with health, it all has to being vain and looking old, or just appearance, let’s get back to health, not Vain or Appearance Insurance.

If you want to talk about Marketing and Kids: Pull All Alcohol Adds from TV, Radio, Books, Billboards Big or Small, and magazines of all kinds, just like they did with Cigarettes.

Audrey HudsonBy Audrey Hudson

The Obama administration overstepped its bounds by telling the food and beverage industry to completely revamp recipes to eliminate certain amounts of sugar, salt and fat, or quit advertising their products to kids, say Capitol Hill lawmakers.

“This appears to be a first step toward Uncle Sam planning our family meals,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R.-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Continue reading

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Three Steps to Save the World

David Sessions
Oct 12, 2011            

 Only drastic measures will save the U.S. and Europe from decades of devastating slump, a sweeping new economic proposal argues. Read the details. Plus, top economists give The Daily Beast their reactions.

Just about everyone will tell you the Obama administration’s response to the recession has barely made a dent in the misery gripping the country. Every day, the euro zone wobbles on the precipice, one misstep away from dragging Continue reading

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OBAMA’S Jobs Bill

By Bob L.

This the only thing I have heard or seen about Obama’s job plan, Insert: ( Senate Democrats planned action first on a longshot plan to help states hire teachers, police and firefighters.) this has nothing to do with the rest of Americas looking for a jobs.

Insert: (Obama is pitching a $35 billion proposal of aid to states, one slice of his overall bill.) Look who it is going to, and just think where it will end up??

I can go on, but as it stands, the news media is doing their best to sway voters to Obama any way they can, the Republicans are not the only problem in Washington DC, Democrats are just as guilty, but not according to the news media and Obama and his Democrats, and Czars.

Obama will always blame Republicans, because he 500% Democrat, and according to them they do nothing wrong, well it is the Democrats that took us where we are now, HOW, if you look back you will see that the Democrats were in control for TWO years while Bush was in Office, or don’t you want to remember, so now it is all Obama and the Democrats problem along with his Czars NOW. 


Obama seeks votes on jobs, piece by piece

By JULIE PACE – Associated Press
Mon.10 17 2011

FLETCHER, N.C. (AP) — Railing against Republicans, President Barack Obama on Monday pushed for a jobs package that Congress is splintering into pieces, as Senate Democrats planned action first on a longshot plan to help states hire teachers, police and firefighters. In campaign mode on the road, Obama accused Republicans senators of saying no to helping Americans. Continue reading

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Why is the jobless rate staying so high, and what can be done about it?

Comment By Bob L.

Why are there no jobs to find, did any one think about why, or did you forget, the biggest  loss of jobs go’s to Number one, Environmental Protection Agency, (2) Federal Government, (3) State Governments, (4) County Governments, and last but not least of the Governments, (5) City Governments, (6) and we can’t forget greedy Companies, take it in any order it does not matter, they are all guilty and Greedy, and the biggest Problem is Taxes, then Environmental.

It just like every thing else, FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, and the reaction to this is NO JOBS, and the Number Two reason is greed of Company’s top brass who want more Money and Bonuses to take home so they can buy another Vacation Home, or a Yacht, Fancy Car, or to just sit back and laugh at the American worker who is trying to keep a roof over their head and food on the table and  pay their Bills.

Look at it this way, the Companies and Governments don’t care about the American worker, they only want all your MONEY to help every one else but you, the American who need just as much help as the rest of the world.


Yahoo! News

By Chris Farrell
Wed Feb 9

The job numbers are bleak.

Some 13.9 million workers remain unemployed 21 months after the end of the recession, according to the latest estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those, 6.2 million people have been out-of-work for 6 months or more, and 8.4 million toil at part-time jobs. And few economic forecasters believe the nation’s unemployment rate — currently at 9 percent — Continue reading

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