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Gov. Ted Strickland says he will stay politically active; resents lack of support from Northeast Ohio

By Bob L.

Democrats here in Ohio are just as much out of touch with the people as they are in Washington DC, they put people out of work and then say the Republican made us do it, well they say it takes two to tango, so they are both to blame, PERIOD

It is time that the two-party politics should be abolished, because they can not do any thing with out wining like little kids, they are Elected to protect this Country,NOT THEM SELVES, do your time get out, then shut your mouth and get on with your life, and I don’t mean stick your nose back in, you already screwed things up, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, and let them continue where you left off, they don’t need your help to screw it up any more, they will do a good job on their own.

There were Republicans that backed Democrats here in Ohio, so why do¬† we need a two, three or ten party system, we need people who will stand up for this Country, not the World, this Country first, then maybe the world, if you can’t take care of your self, you can’t help any one else.

Seasons Greetings to ALL and a Safe Holiday Season!!!!!

Reginald Fields, The Plain DealerBy Reginald Fields, The Plain Dealer
Published: Monday, December 20, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland plans to stay politically active by supporting a startup liberal think tank whose objective will be to scrutinize every action of the incoming Republican-controlled governor’s office and legislature.

In a wide-ranging interview Monday, the Democratic leader, who will leave office on Jan. 9, also said that he did a lot for Cleveland but never got the support he deserved from Continue reading

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