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Wow Falling like bricks, Or Lets ALL Go Down Together, Is U.S. Next

Comment By Bob L.
Countries made of Bricks, when one starts to fall, it does not take to long for more to follow.

Whats it take to get Politicians to get their head out of their Ass, and to see how to protect a Country that they were Elected to Protect, but they think that they were there to protect every one else.

World stocks fall after Europe debt crisis worsens


Italian borrowing rates skyrocket in bond sale

Associated Press
By COLLEEN BARRY | Associated Press

MILAN, Italy (AP) — Italy’s borrowing costs on its three-year bonds skyrocketed Thursday to their highest level since December, as concerns about Spain and the state of Europe’s economy continued to pummel the country’s financial markets. Continue reading

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Greece, Now Spain’s debt hits record as euro zone crisis worsens

Comment By Bob L.

Now when is the United States going to come into this category of going under to Bankruptcy, at the rate of no taxes coming in and Obama wanting to keep spending, it should not be too much longer, maybe before Obama is voted out of office, or if he is reelected.

At the rate of not paying their bills, this country can not last if this Country does not get people back to work, but their thinking, they think that every thing will work out if they take away ENTITLEMENTS. This is the thinking of the rich to how they feel about the middle and lower class people.


By Richard Hubbard | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Spain’s 10-year bond yield climbed to a euro-era record of 7 percent on Wednesday as the storm surrounding Europe’s debt crisis worsened, with fears over its impact on global growth sending world shares lower. Continue reading

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