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Entitlement Complaints: Medicare and Medicaid

Comment By Bob L.

Entitlement Complaints: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, enough is enough, what would you do if that was the only INCOME you could get when it came time to retire, would you still say that if you lost every thing and that was all you could get when you retired, would you still say get rid of it, or would be thankful that it was still there, you can see what privatizing can do. This is nothing but when it is time to retire, you are not needed any more, so go in a corner and DIE, because we are not going to help you any more. Continue reading

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Government IOU’s: will they ever pay it back?

By Bob L.       When are they going to be honest with the American People?

No Way Will I Pay It Back

I remember a few months back that the Social Security Administration told the Government to start paying back their IOU’s, Now has the Government paid their bill like Obama says, or was he just blowing smoke that he pays his bills on time, why has no one checked to see if they are paying their IOU’s, or are they still spending Social Security on things other than Social Security.


Social Security disability on verge of insolvency

Sun. 8-21-11
WASHINGTON — Laid-off workers and aging baby boomers are flooding Social Security’s disability program with benefit claims, pushing the financially strapped system toward the brink of insolvency.

Applications are up nearly 50 percent over a decade ago as people with disabilities lose their jobs and can’t find new ones in an economy that has shed nearly 7 million jobs.

The stampede for benefits is adding to a growing backlog of applicants — many wait two years or more before their cases are resolved — and worsening Continue reading

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Sanders warns Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

By Bob L.

The people who tamper with the Social Security and Medicare want to see more people living on the street or in Homeless shelters, but will it stop them from taking that money from your pay check IF you have a job, (I don’t think so) and this brings up a big question, now that you don’t have a job where will you get money when you become retirement age, look how many people who have lost their retirement do to this housing crash, or have had to spend it to put food and a roof over their families heads, now if you can not get a job before you retire, where will you get money to finish out your years.

Today you have people who have lost their retirement do to down sizing, outsourcing, companies closing their doors do to Government over taxing, and loss of business, a lot of things can come into play that can leave you with NO RETIREMENT or income, so now what do you have.

Then you have the Government that decided that they needed more money to give to other Countries, so they started spending money from the Social Security and putting it in to the General fund, so when are they going to repay their IOU’s, as it stood before that Social Security had a Surplus.

People want to stop Social Security and say they can save for their own retirement, (will they, NO, they will spend it) WOW suddenly you don’t you have a job, NO Retirement, and you Can’t Find A New Job, NOW WHAT, you did it to your selves, they call it GREED.


By Alexander Bolton

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont, is pressing President Obama to keep his campaign promise not to cut Social Security benefits in a possible deal with Republicans.

Sanders has joined a lobbying campaign by more than 200 labor unions and liberal groups pressing Obama to make a strong statement against cutting Continue reading

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Senior citizens brace for Social Security freeze

By Bob L.

This article about people who are complaining about not getting a cost of living in their Social Security when they have other money to live on, should lose that other income and live like the ones that Social Security is their only income, I have no compassion for these people when these are the ones that are living in snob retirement housing.

There are seniors out there trying to find a place that they can afford, but no, the snob retirees make sure that these seniors living just on Social Security starve trying to find a place to live in a places that they can’t afford, if you think that is a bunch of crap, check out Senior housing, you will find on average, one out of ten senior housing  just on Social Security, check the other nine you will see rents that are a Thousand Dollars and more.

And they say there is no discrimination, well look around and you can’t miss it, no matter who you are, and the biggest discriminator is the Governments, because they will not enforce the law, just like all their laws, they turn their backs on them.

It looks like the only ones that are complaining about no increase are snob retirees who really don’t need Social Security, greed shows its ugly face just like Politicians running for office.

By MATT SEDENSKY, Associated Press Writer

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Seniors prepared to cut back on everything from food to charitable donations to whiskey as word spread Monday that they will have to wait until at least 2012 to see their Social Security checks increase.

The government is expected to announce this week that more than 58 million Social Security recipients will go through a second straight year without an increase Continue reading

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