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Somthing Rotten in Washington DC and it is Not the Republicans

By Bob L.

Is there something Rotten in Washington DC, or is Obama trying to do another Election cover up like what happen in 09.

Is this another name for Voter fraud, or a cover-up for something else, because from what is see it is a scam on the American people thinking that they are stupid and won’t see the truth behind it, and I don’t see where they say that they are to protect the middle class, if they were why is it that none of them except Government, Teachers, Police, Fire, Big Unions and giving money to Companies so they can file for Bankruptcy and put people out of work. Continue reading

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Fear of GOP takeover forces unions to back Dems critical of health

By Bob L.

Unions are not for workers because they say who will join and who will not, see if they let you join you will be allowed to join and pay dews, then they will blackball you and you will not work, but you will still paying union dews.

If the Democrats lose then they will lose their power they have under the Obama Administration, good example of the intimidation at these town hall meeting around the Country where you saw SEIU shirts that were in the crowds.

Unions are great for protecting working people from scruples Companies, but they were not the people who the American people voted in to office to run this Country and should not be allowed tell our Government how to run this Country, this go’s for any other Organizations because in most cases they are not doing for the good of Americans, they are only doing it for more power where people don’t have a choice, it is join the union or you don’t work, and this then is not a free Country, it makes this a Police Country, or under a DICTATOR.
By Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller

Fears that John Boehner will become the next Speaker of the House have prompted unions to rethink their opposition to Democrats who voted against the healthcare reform bill earlier this year.

The AFL-CIO released its first round of mailers in support of endangered Democrats this week. In it, the union sought to bolster Rep. Zack Space’s (D-Ohio) campaign with literature attacking his Republican opponent. Continue reading

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