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Palin trademark application refused — for now

Comment By Bob L.

I thought that maybe she was a person who was for the people, but I can see that she is nothing but a politician who is looking for nothing but a way to make money by finding a way to be able to sue some one who uses the name.

After seeing this I would not cross the street to vote for her at any time.

If this is the case then they should not be able to use any other name, this would go for TV shows Movies or any other way or time that a name would be used like book too, and these names are the only names that they can USE, none other.



By Diane Bartz
Fri Feb 4

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s bid to trademark her name and that of her daughter, Bristol, ran into trouble at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because the application forms were unsigned, government records show.

Applications to trademark the names Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin, both for “motivational speaking services,” Continue reading

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