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East Pierce Fire seeks tax hike

Comment By Bob L.

Here we go again, when are these Public Employees and Local Governments going to under stand that the American people are getting taxed out of existence. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. Live with in your budget and no more TAXING.

How many more Americans are these people going to put on the STREET with no place to live before they see what they are doing to People and Kids, it looks like these people do not care what happens, just as long as it is not them.

I would like to see all of them Pay Rent or House Payment, Food, Gas to go to work if you can find one, Lights, Water, Sewer, Heat, and Clothing on Minimum Wage and not be Homeless, today every Tax increase put more people on the Street.

How much money can be saved if Fire Trucks were PARKED on Aid Calls and only the Aid Unit was sent, and only send a Fire Truck when Aid was not available or is that against Union Rules to do this.

You know that if these Politicians would stop over Regulating and Taxing maybe Companies would stay and more people would have homes, and they would not have to keep Raising Taxes, but GREED for more money is more important so they can put them selves in to Bankruptcy and then Tax more, NEVER ENDING until every one moves, then what more Taxes. Continue reading

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Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost, or Funds is Expand I 5

Comment Up Date To Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost

Pierce Transit wants you to pass a TAX INCREASE to open up¬† Bus routes that they closed for shortage of money, or was it because of misuse of funds spent on other things, NOW if this tax passes, how much of this money will go to Bus Service or some thing else and not to State Highway funding to increase more TRAFFIC and POLLUTION to Pierce and King County, that will bring in more traffic from Counties that DON”T have to PAY for E-CHECK to be able to drive their cars. Continue reading

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