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Awkward moment during national anthem

Comment By Bob L.

What do they mean Awkward moment, today no one sings the National Anthem the way it was intended, it is just like our Flag, there is no pride in the United States any more, every time you turn around some one is trashing this Country, even some American don’t care about this Country any more, they deface the flag, they hack our National Anthem when they sing it, then they call it Racial or I am sorry.

Is there not any pride in this Country any more, all these yuppies want to do is tear apart any thing that has to do with American History, Foreign Countries seem to maintain their History, is that why Americans like to go there so they can see the History of those Countries because they maintain their heritage.

I my self am getting tired of the Bashing our history and Heritage of the people who came to this Country to make it a Country to be proud of and to get away from DICTATORS, and TAXES.

Today this Country has gone back to what our ancestors got away from.


Christina Aguilera goofs up the national anthem
By Doug Farrar
Sun Feb 06

Perhaps she was too concerned with breaking Patti LaBelle’s record for turning single-syllable words into entire paragraphs during the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but noted ex-teen queen Christina Aguilera botched Continue reading

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