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Georgia Student Fighting Flesh-Eating Disease

Comment By Bob L.

Over the years they have talked about Strep Infection and Staff Infection about how Dangerous it is, but when a new strain or Disease comes along, they drop them like a hot potato which leaves the door open for problems like this.

The thing today is WHOOPING COUGH, maybe they have not had a case lately, but it has not gone away to where they don’t have to check, and the drugs they are passing as safe, are just as bad as these Diseases.


Georgia Student Fighting Flesh-Eating Disease After Zip Line Injury

By KATIE MOISSE | Good Morning America

A Georgia woman is fighting for her life after contracting flesh-eating disease during a zip line accident. Continue reading

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Time to sue the State Along With Stores

By Bob L.

The Alcoholics and the Winos show their colors, booze is now more available any where they go, and the State will walk away from it like they are doing every where else.

Are the going to walk away from what they are going to cause, more health problems, deaths, Accidents, Robberies, and Shop Lifting.

Now who gets to enforce the new law, Oh yea the ones who were laid off for lack of funds, and will be lucky to see any of that money that was promised to them if passed. It just like every thing else, money collected, General fund spends it at what ever they want, just like the lottery. 

Now what is the State going to do with the money from the people who are getting let go? REMEMBER FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION, Just think of the fall out of more jobs, Now who is next, with the State going out of Business and privatizing every thing the State does, will it be the highway workers, State Weight Control, Unemployment Offices, Parks and Recreation, maybe the Washington State Patrol, with privatizing NO more State JOBS. Just Politicians, TIME WILL TELL!!!      


Coming to a grocery store near you: Liquor

JORDAN SCHRADER      The News Tribune
Published:  11/08/11 11:03 pm | Updated: 11/09/11

Costco is toasting its success.

And state liquor-store employees could use a drink.

The 166 stores where they work will close by June 1. Three of every five  voters were backing Initiative 1183 in early returns, choosing to join most  other states by withdrawing government from the liquor business. Continue reading

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