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Will Seattle be a good place to live in 20 years?

Comment By Bob L.

Tore it down to build TWO new ones, now they owe money for three maybe four Stadiums. Is the Taxpayer getting any restitution for the waste of this money.

Where are they coming up with all this money to do all this and build a Tunnel, and what will the impact on jobs going to be if they do build that fourth Stadium next to the other two, they don’t seem to care, just as long as they get what THEY (the Yuppies) want, all you are doing is WANTING your selves in to Bankruptcy, County wide and Personal.

Will Seattle be a good place to live in 20 years? What a laugh, Seattle needs to look back about fifty years (50)and see what the changes have been and not to the good, because over the years Seattle and King County have gotten so greedy, they are now in the same place as other Cities going broke, and they still can not see why. Continue reading

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The Governments Hatred toward the Poor and Seniors

By Bob L.
What is the matter with all these LUNKHEADED¬†YUPPIES today, are they that brain-dead¬†or under Educated and don’t know what they’re doing that they want to chase the Poor and the Seniors out of the State by make it harder for Seniors and the poor to carry and pay for paper or cloth bags, let alone carry paper bags and carry them up stairs, and on top of that Seniors use plastic bags for garbage bags because they don’t have that much garbage to take out each week. these bags make good litter bags in your car that these Environmentalists throw out of their car windows instead of using a litter or garbage can. Continue reading

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