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GE’s Immelt: Restoring confidence key to recovery

By Bob L.

Boy talk about some one to talk about jobs, a guy who gets special treatment when it comes to taxes, how many jobs has he produced to get people back to work, OH, that’s right He has out sourced his jobs to other Countries, Insert: (Immelt feels empathy for the crowds of anti-Wall Street protesters who have cropped up across the United States.

Immelt  is a top adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama on jobs and the economy.) he is just one of Obama’s Czars that is running this Country while Obama is trying to get Reelected, but that is all he has done since he was elected in 2009.

Obama administration assumes that College is the answer, but how many college Grads have gotten a job out of College, and how many jobs require a college degree in manufacturing. Insert: (“Unemployment is 9.1 percent. Underemployment is much higher than that, particularly among young people that don’t have a college degree,” ) Stop trying to blow smoke up every ones ass.

If they really want to get people back to work, get College out of their heads and bring manufacturing back to this Country.


By Scott Malone Reuters
Mon.10 17 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Confidence will be key to sparking higher growth in the U.S. economy and easing tensions about the financial system that have sparked a global wave of protest, said General Electric Co Chief Executive Jeff Immelt.

“Until you can restore confidence you can’t move forward,” Immelt, the head of the largest U.S. conglomerate, said at a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event in New York on Monday.

Immelt, who has run the world’s largest maker of jet engines and electric turbines for a decade, is a top adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama on jobs and the economy. Continue reading

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