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Why Your Tax Bill Might Surge Next Year

By Bob L

This year will be a shock year to all who love to see their TAXES help every one else, the tax man comes, the tax man takes, the Government blows it on their crap, nothing to help the Legal American Citizen.

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By Bob Jennings
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In a recent tax planning meeting with one of our clients, we shocked them with what their income tax future looked like for 2013 if Congress continues to do nothing to provide a long-term permanent set of tax laws (and it looks as if lawmakers are headed down this track).

They had no idea what tax breaks were expiring this year and next year, and how much it would cost them personally in extra income tax. But they aren’t alone, many Americans and even tax professionals aren’t aware that their tax bill could rise dramatically next year. Continue reading

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