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41 Days to the Eve Of Destruction



By Bob L.

A comment for today’s COWARDS  who have disgraced this Country. IF you don’t like to hear the truth, that is your problem, you bring it on your self’s, no one else does.

And turn their backs on Our Military personal that puts their life’s on the line every day to protect our Safety and freedom, and that goes for This Administration that has turned their backs on them also,  DAM YOU

Has this Country learned any thing in the last Ninety Years, it does not look like it has learned any thing but how to be greedy and want more, and self-centered, this Country and the World  is COMING apart and all you can do is complain about a call over some stupid Sports Game, building another Sports Arena, or admiring your self in the mirror.

When is this Country going to get a back bone and stop letting Politicians, Lobbyists, Environmentalist, Special Interest Groups, and Religious Groups tell you what you are going to wear, what you are going to buy, what Health Insurance to buy, and how long you are allowed to live.

In the Great Depression What Was Learned, NOT A DAM THING, Because we are headed right back there, Tax And Spend, and spend beyond Income, just like the greedy Americans, this is not just for more money, it is greed for Government Hand Outs also.

Look back 47 years, a song Eve of Destruction written by P. F. Sloan in 1965 and song by Barry McGuire, has any one learned any thing from what that song is about, NO, this Country means nothing to the American Citizen any more, it only stands for a Free meal that you don’t have to work for, free Health Insurance that some one else pays for, wait what do you mean that some one else will pay for, well if you fall in that poverty level and you don’t have the money, then who is going to end up paying, SOME ONE ELSE (that’s Obamacare, don’t have an income, then some one else ends up paying), Spending Money that you don’t have,  like Building Sports Arenas, Eyesores they call scenic get a way’s, and then let them fall apart, wasting money on speed bumps on roadways, race tracks at intersections, planting Trees and shrubs down the middle of streets,  and then saying it is for public safety, and the American People say OK, not NO, and for get about Americas Safety and their Children’s, and if this is not a greedy and lazy country today than I don’t know what is.

Do you want Americas Safety, if not than keep cutting our military, and open the doors wide to terrorism. Here is a Question: How would you like to see your child or Grand Child sodomized and raped and drug down the street alive and then killed in front of you, AND you can not do any thing to stop it but stand there and watch it, WELL this is exactly what you are doing by doing nothing and letting the Government and the Courts run your life and tell you what to do, the Courts today don’t enforce the laws, they only do what some one else wants them to do, and the Government is eliminating U.S. Safety.

It is up to you, a free Country or a Country that has a Dictator Government (almost there now), what happens if Obama gets another four years and he has changed the Constitution around to where he can run as long as he wants, would you be up for that, this could be any one if you let it, but this is Americans Government Not the other way around. And if you think that I am for Romney for get it I don’t trust ether one of them, But I can see what Obama has done to this country already, and that is not what we need, more destruction of America and more freedom lost.

Now you have the up coming of World War Three or the Grand Daddy of a Depressions, you can take your pick because you will probably have both and you will not be able to stop it because you did not care when you had the chance, you just turned your back and let this Government do what ever they wanted.

You have Presidents that care more about OTHER Countries and their aid than they do HERE, they don’t want to work with any one, they would rather be Bullies of the World and change how they live and their Religion, which is sacred in this Country, but no, they can not keep their nose out of OTHER Countries religion or how they live, and now they are doing the same thing here in this Country, if they keep it up here they lose every thing that our Ancestors fought and died for.


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Condoms and Breast Pumps for All! Compliments of Obamacare

By Bob L.

Welcome to Obama’s Free enterprise, as time goes by you will be seeing just how much the American people and business is going to get one hell of a shaft on every thing that Obama has his hand in, so start carrying a can of grease with you, if not, it is going to hurt big time.


Jason MatteraBy Jason Mattera

Got milk?

If not, no worries. Barack Obama​ and his army of bureaucrats will ensure that there’s plenty to go around—of the human variety.

Thanks to ObamaCare, healthcare providers must cover “breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.” No joke!

In a list of guidelines released by the Department of Health & Human Services yesterday that govern what will be considered a “qualified health plan” under the new law, insurance companies are required to offer lactation services, among other things, free of charge. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius defended Continue reading

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Big health bucks roll in for K St

By Bob L.

And just think, Obama said it was for the good of the American people to have AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE, and all along it was just to line the pockets of the WEALTHY who helped draw it up, did you think that it was really was for us to have affordable Insurance.

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By Kevin Bogardus0

K Street expects to reap a new bonanza from the health care law even as House Republicans move to repeal the measure on Wednesday.

Lobbying firms are adding healthcare specialists and new boutique firms are opening to Continue reading

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