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The Heartless: Who Are They

Comment By Bob L.

The HEARTLESS are all around you, does any one really know who they are, well if  the people were more attentive to what is going on in this Country, they would have no problem picking them out and why, you will see why and maybe under stand how.

Where can I start, from the Top the Middle or the Bottom, lets start at the bottom. Continue reading

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People are not that stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Look Nice if you have the money to afford one.

Hit My Hot Button!
There are Good Companies and Bad, Good pay to Low pay and High pressure running. My wife and my self  have been their and saw the problems starting to crash.If you are looking to becoming a Truck Driver, here is a good place to look and get it from a person who is out there trying to make a good living wage, but you have to remember that the Federal Government has their hand in that Operation as well as who ever you work for, but the problem is that these people (Federal and States) to say have no idea what a real Truck Driver has to put up with every day, and that they are out there trying to keep things available for people to Buy.


I can tell this,  that people in cars don’t want you ON THEIR HIGHWAYS, and then you have to think about ROADWAYS that are NOT Designed for Trucks, but yet you have Companies that are in places that are in restricted locations, and times that you are to be in and out of there.

If you are really interested,this is a good place to start. Click on Header or Here

Good luck on what ever you decide to do.


Tons of Trucking Jobs … That Nobody Wants
By Aaron Smith |
07-24-2012 Continue reading

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Where is All the Money Going, To places that are Not As Greedy

Comment By Bob L.

Could any one know why business is moving around, ONE is because these Government Agencies think that the more you tax the more money you will bring in, well that is true on a short-term forecast, where as  long-term, companies will start looking to other places, and for another it is cutting into their pockets by how much they are going to pay them selves, where as people who make the business work, get nothing but cut in pay. Continue reading

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Inside an al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen

Comment By Bob L.

Could this story be true, if it is, then these wars are nothing but political, or a cover up of some thing that our Government does not want the American people to know.

Was it not the Taliban that the United States quietly help put in to power years back, and then went in to take them out of power because they wanted some one else in power in that Country because of human rights violations, which now is putting America in the cross hairs of destruction. So now we are in a fight with both al Qaeda and the Taliban. I could be wrong and I will stand corrected.

Now we have to think who was the President who helped them in to power, and then who is the President who went in to take them out of power and started the war on America.


The Upshot

By Yahoo! News | The Upshot

A Frontline Exclusive Continue reading

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Comment By Bob L.
Tue. 04-17-2012

Boy talk about Hypocrites when it comes to Legal and Illegal and who can smoke and what you can Smoke or Eat, these YUPPIE cults need to be put in jail for trying to take over Government, and classified as Terrorists out to destroy Americans Personal Freedom.

Is the City, County, and State going to treat pot Smoking with the  same laws as a DUI, enforce the no Smoking rule the same as Cigarettes, Using an Illegal Substance, or are they going to say you can smoke it any where any time and with out any violation of any laws.

It bad enough that we have to put up with Drunk Drivers, now we will have to hope we don’t get involved with a drug-ed up driver on the road, the police can not do enough with drunk drives, because the Judges have them back on the street before the officer finishes his paper work, so who will you go after if you get in an accident, the driver or the Government, the ones who passed the law with out a protection to the public.

Marijuana task force in Tacoma nears end of long trek Continue reading

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How Many Owe back Taxes, EVEN Obama’s Executive Office

By Bob L.

This Administration goes after the American people for more taxes, while this Government is tax exempt, but boy if  the American people don’t pay their taxes, hello SLAMMER BYE, BYE to What ever you own, I guess this is another perk to having a Government Job.

If this Administration gets back into Office, the American people will continue to pay for their taxes that they Don’t Pay.


Thousands of federal workers owe back taxes

Associated Press
By KEN THOMAS | Associated Press
Fri, Jan 27, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has preached that all Americans should pay their fair share in taxes, but a government report finds that tens of thousands of federal employees — from staffers in Congress to federal agencies and even Obama’s executive office — collectively owe the government billions in back taxes. Continue reading

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Repeal of legislative immunity proposed in Arizona

By Bob L.

Now, by the way the law is written today about Immunity, it should be Eliminated all the way around, U.S. and Foreign.

I feel it is not fair to people here and abroad to have to worry about some one getting off for a crime that others are being prosecuted for, and that is all crimes, from Misdemeanors to Felonies, NO ONE SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM THE LAW, that also includes Leaders of Countries.


Repeal of legislative immunity proposed in Arizona

Associated Press
By PAUL DAVENPORT | Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona senator gets in a fight with his girlfriend on a Phoenix freeway and avoids arrest. An Arkansas legislator leads officers on a high-speed chase through two counties and doesn’t get taken into custody. A Georgia lawmaker claims he couldn’t be prosecuted on a DUI charge. Continue reading

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By Bob L.

I have commented on how I feel about some of these statements not the writer, this how they saw it and that is how I see it.


White House: No, we’re not campaigning

By Amie Parnes

The White House has insisted time and again in recent days that it is not yet in campaign mode. (BS)

A business forum focused on keeping jobs in the United States that the president hosted Wednesday — the day after the New Hampshire primary — wasn’t a political event, the White House said. (BS) Continue reading

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More From the Obama Administration, Small Business: Doctors going broke

By Bob L.

In some cases I can understand what Doctors are talking about, but on the other hand look at what the GOVERNMENT and the UNIONS have done to the rest of the American worker, in some cases the unions have gone to the point of braking companies and driving them out of business and this Country, but now the Government has been the worst part of the problem, and I would say is that they want to be doing just what Obama and the Democrats are doing to this Country right now, DICTATE and have full CONTROL of all. Continue reading

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Natural gas price plunge puts heat on producers

Natural gas price plunge puts heat on producers

By Anna Driver and Braden Reddall | Reuters
Fri, Dec 30, 2011

(Reuters) – A steep drop in natural gas prices is squeezing the profits of producers such as Southwestern Gas Corp, EXCO Resourcesand Quicksilver Resources, which may need to shut wells, raise cash, cut staff or seek merger partners in the coming year.

              Spot natural gas futures dipped below $3.00 per million British Thermal units on Friday, the lowest level in more than two years, as a glut of gas from shale fields across the United States pushed inventory levels to historic highs. Continue reading

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