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Hidden dangers lurking in your makeup

Comment By Bob L.

For years of have thought that make-up was one of the causes of cancer in women, so I told my wife before we got married, no make-up or lipstick. Well to-day she does not look like a prune and having to go to a plastic surgeon to clean up what the make-up has done.

What ever you put on or in your body finds its way into your body and does not help you from getting sick, or put on weight, well you don’t like second-hand smoke, but you will go out and buy lead, sulfur and mercury, and smear in on your body, and this is the making of a hypocrite, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

How about animal fat that a lot of make-up is made from and what ever else, maybe Coal, Oil, dead animals, you will never know unless you check out what goes into them, but in the mean time keep making these companies rich while you risk your health and blaming it on things like second-hand Smoke, Leaded Gas, Diesel Exhaust, Paint, and what ever you want to blame for the cause.

Where is the White House on this for their health statements, same place that they are on Jobs, or is it that the lobbyist are stopping it.


Shine from Yahoo!

Heavy Metals Found in Many Cosmetics: Not Listed on Labels

By Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo! blogger | Green
Thur.02-23-2012 Continue reading

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FDA Kills Smokers, Kills More Then Smokers

By Bob L.

FDA Kills Smokers, this is an under statement, FDA does more than that, read all side affects on prescription drugs, and see just how deadly these drugs really are, and the FDA is telling you that they are safe because they approved them, if you believe that then you deserve what you get.

If you read the information that you get when you get your prescriptions (or see on TV), see just how safe (or deadly) these drugs are, if you have not figured out by now what gets passed and what does not, then you do not read what you get, or you don’t care, or you think that they are trust worthy and are looking out for your best interest. BETTER LOOK AGAIN.

FDA passes products that give $$$$, and fails products that don’t give $$$$$.

Look at other things that can kill, Unleaded Gas, Diesel, Food, Water, TV, Sex, if you name it it will kill, but if it is approved by the FDA then it is safe, only if it is accompanied by $$$$$$.


John StosselJohn Stossel

FDA Kills Smokers

“The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health.”

That’s what the Food and Drug Administration tells us on its website.

My intuition makes me grateful that the FDA is there to protect me — to make sure that every drug is proven both safe and effective — but “protection” kills people. Continue reading

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The FDA Kills

By Bob L.

Tomorrow the Earth will end as we know it, 11-11-11, the next time it will end will be next year 12-12-12, then we don’t have to worry for another One Hundred Years. Goodbye all you lovely people, until then I will see you on Saturday all refreshed for another year, unless it does end, then goodbye, good knowing you all.

Life does end every day for some, year after year, that is what they call life’s cycle, no one can live forever, but the FDA helps it alone one way or another.

If 11-11-11, or 12-12-12 does not kill us, then I guess the FDA and all Government Agencies will.

They say that it might not work all the time, can you say that for these machines that you monitor, can you say that they will work all the time.

I just got out of the Hospital, while I was in there, my monitor got disconnected and it took them TEN MINUTES before they noticed it, what would happen if I needed them in that time period, so what is the difference, NOTHING is perfect, or 100% all the time.

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BEFORE you take ANY Drugs KNOW and under stand the SIDE AFFECTS from them, or they will keep giving you more to fight the side affects from the others drugs, then they have you on more than you need, well you know what I mean.


John StosselBy John Stossel

It would be nice if politicians and regulators left us alone. But they don’t. They always want to do more. Recently, there have been shortages of some medicines. Cancer patients can’t get drugs they need. Why not?

One reason is that a big drugmaker shut down for a year in part to meet Food and Drug Administration rules. The FDA makes it so expensive and difficult to sell drugs that there isn’t an eager pack of companies rushing to the fill the gap. The free market would provide that, but government intervention, such as low Medicare reimbursement, strangles it. So people suffer. Continue reading

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