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FEMA puts long-term rebuilding on hold after Irene

08 30 2011

FEMA puts long-term rebuilding in Joplin, other disaster areas on hold to respond to Irene.

Don’t you just WORRY your little head, They Will Just Take It Out Of SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE and MEDICAID, but you KNOW they will not TAKE it out of the YUPPIE programs. (this is called robbing peter to pay paul: this is for all of you that went to college).

Bye Bye Missouri it has been nice working with you, just think of New Orléans, they were abandoned before, during, and after the Disaster.

Tropical Storm Irene slams shrinking disaster aid fund (                          

This article shows just how Perpetual Motion work when no one is working to pay for the problems that arrive, this is a good example and shows that Government can not fill its coffers. You can say Government Employees are paying taxes, but they are not paying taxes, their pay comes from Companies and people who work to sell a product, and this Government does not do, it only works off of taxes, Government pays Government wages, wages pay taxes, taxes pay Government, nothing has been sold, no product,THIS is called Perpetual Motion, and eventually can no longer run, you have to have people that don’t get a pay check from Government, and this what is happening today here in the UNITED STATES. A Disastrous Great Great Depression is coming, and Government has a choice, get their heads out of their ass or close the doors, it is to that point now.



Jim Salter, Associated Press
Tuesday August 30, 2011

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The federal government has frozen some aid to tornado- and flood-ravaged Missouri and the South to focus on immediate help for victims of Hurricane Irene, disappointing residents and officials who said Monday they still need help.

Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman Bob Josephson said FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund is running low — down to between $800 million and $1 billion. When that happens, the agency focuses on immediate response, rather than long-term rebuilding. It also needs to ensure there’s enough money to respond to any other disasters that might occur this year, he said. Continue reading

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