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Talk About Voter Fraud

Comment By Bob L.

Out Come Of Fraud Comes Dictators

Talk About Voter Fraud, they said that early Voting would not be released until November 6, if that is the case then how can they come out with a statement like this if some one has not said any thing under the cuff: {Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted}

Are they trying to say that Obama has already won, this shows just how much the News Media is in the Back Pocket of the democrats, and how do we know if some one has not said some thing to the White House about this Early Election Verbally so there is not a paper trail.

There has been a lot of VOTER FRAUD cover up in many ways since Obama got into Office.


Yahoo! News

Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted: Reuters/Ipsos poll

By Andy Sullivan | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are neck and neck in opinion polls, but there is one area in which the incumbent appears to have a big advantage: those who have already cast their ballots.

Obama leads Romney by 59 percent to 31 percent among early voters, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data compiled in recent weeks.

The sample size of early voters is relatively small, but the Democrat’s margin is still well above the poll’s credibility interval – a measurement of polls’ accuracy – of 10 percentage points. (full graphic:

With the November 6 election just more than three weeks away, 7 percent of those surveyed said they had already voted either in person or by mail (full graphic:

The online poll is another sign that early voting is likely to play a bigger role this year than in 2008, when roughly one in three voters cast a ballot before Election Day. Voting is already under way in some form in at least 40 states.

Both the Obama and Romney teams are urging supporters to vote as soon as possible so the campaigns can focus their door-knocking and phone-calling operations on those who are still undecided or need more prodding to get to the polls.

Early voting was a big part of Obama’s victory over Republican John McCain in 2008, and his campaign aims to repeat its success this year.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates the campaign’s efforts appear to be paying off, although its advantage could erode as Election Day approaches.

The Obama campaign says it is leading among early voters in Iowa and Ohio, and trailing by a smaller margin than 2008 in several other swing states. It expects its early voting efforts will help the campaign weather a blitz of negative ads expected to saturate the airwaves in battleground states in the final weeks before November 6.

“We’ve made early investments in battleground states – where we’ve been registering folks and keeping an open conversation going with undecided voters for months – to build a historic grass-roots organization that will pay off when the votes are counted,” spokesman Adam Fetcher said.


The Romney campaign says it is leading or even with Obama among early voters in several closely fought battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire. The campaign says it has seen a spike in volunteering and voter enthusiasm among Republicans since Romney’s strong debate performance against Obama on October 3.

“Not only are we keeping pace with the vaunted Obama machine, but we believe our ground game will put us over the finish line on Election Day,” said Rich Beeson, the Romney campaign’s political director.

George Mason University professor Michael McDonald, an expert on early voting, said it was difficult to tell how the results so far could affect the outcome of the race.

In North Carolina and Maine, Democrats seem to be voting in higher numbers than 2008, while Republicans seem to be voting in slightly lower numbers than four years ago, he said.

In Ohio, where voters do not register by party, early voting appears to be higher than normal in both Republican and Democratic areas, McDonald said.

In Iowa, about twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans have voted by now – a potential warning sign for the Romney campaign, he said.

“Romney needs a change here. The good news for Romney is day to day, incrementally, the numbers shift in his direction, so he may be able to catch up,” McDonald said.

The accuracy of Reuters/Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval. For the 6,704 people who were asked whether they had voted yet, the credibility interval was 1.3 points. For the 361 people who replied that they had already cast their ballots, the credibility interval was 10 points.

(Editing By Alistair Bell and Peter Cooney; The Reuters/Ipsos database is now public and searchable here:

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Obama’s former professor says he ‘must not’ win in 2012

Comment By Bob L.

Is there any truth to what is said in this video that we are the cause of all the problems in this Country because we turn our backs on the problem by turning off the news instead of trying to find out the truth, here is one persons opinion on the problems in this Country today. Here is a VIDEO that will back up what he is saying to whats going on today.

I believe this person and Professor Roberto Unger are on the right track about the problems in this Country, most Americans don’t care, as long as they have a job, but the problem is that it all eventually comes down, and no one is exempt from a crash, take the Great Depression, is this what you as Americans want to go back in to. Right now this Country is not to far from it now, whether you want to admit it or not, but if this Country keeps believing all this snake oil talk, we will all be standing in line just to keep our families feed and clothed, here again ask your self is this what you want for your kids to live for the next fifty to sixty years or worse.

I know you will say that I don’t like Obama, NO, it is the Opposite, I just don’t like where this Country is headed, and right now I do not see any one that will turn this Country around and get rid of CORRUPTION in ALL our Government Agencies. They all talk big, but they all follow the world bank, and the money, not what Americans want, and I hope we all want a Government that will protect all LEGAL AMERICANS, (U.S. Citizens) and help people to become Legal, not keep them Illegal, but don’t say you are now Legal like they want to do now.


Unger strike: Obama’s former professor says he ‘must not’ win in 2012

The Daily Caller
By Gregg Re – The Daily Caller

Watch Unger’s takedown of Obama: Continue reading

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Somthing Rotten in Washington DC and it is Not the Republicans

By Bob L.

Is there something Rotten in Washington DC, or is Obama trying to do another Election cover up like what happen in 09.

Is this another name for Voter fraud, or a cover-up for something else, because from what is see it is a scam on the American people thinking that they are stupid and won’t see the truth behind it, and I don’t see where they say that they are to protect the middle class, if they were why is it that none of them except Government, Teachers, Police, Fire, Big Unions and giving money to Companies so they can file for Bankruptcy and put people out of work. Continue reading

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Red Army: Obama the Tip of a Radical Network

By Bob L.

I always like it when he stands up in front of every one with that pose thinking that his Shit does not stink.

We need a President who will spend more time in Washington DC and not flying all over the world making Americans look like stupid, and always looking to start a war.

It seem that he is more interested in taking over the world like Hitler, this we don’t need here, we need a Government that knows how to save money and build this Country with the American people not Lobbyists, Environmentalists, Special Interest Groups, and the rich out to line their pockets at the cost of the American people.

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Red Army:  Obama the Tip of a Radical Network We Must Defeat to Save America

By Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott

Editor’s note: The following was adapted from the introduction to the new book, Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America.

When Sen. Barack Obama, a few days before his inauguration as our 44th President, promised an adoring crowd “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” few realized that he was not speaking merely of himself or of his own role as the country’s incoming chief executive.  Behind the avatar of “hope and change” lay a left-wing “progressive” movement waiting to come to power. Continue reading

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Sanders warns Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

By Bob L.

The people who tamper with the Social Security and Medicare want to see more people living on the street or in Homeless shelters, but will it stop them from taking that money from your pay check IF you have a job, (I don’t think so) and this brings up a big question, now that you don’t have a job where will you get money when you become retirement age, look how many people who have lost their retirement do to this housing crash, or have had to spend it to put food and a roof over their families heads, now if you can not get a job before you retire, where will you get money to finish out your years.

Today you have people who have lost their retirement do to down sizing, outsourcing, companies closing their doors do to Government over taxing, and loss of business, a lot of things can come into play that can leave you with NO RETIREMENT or income, so now what do you have.

Then you have the Government that decided that they needed more money to give to other Countries, so they started spending money from the Social Security and putting it in to the General fund, so when are they going to repay their IOU’s, as it stood before that Social Security had a Surplus.

People want to stop Social Security and say they can save for their own retirement, (will they, NO, they will spend it) WOW suddenly you don’t you have a job, NO Retirement, and you Can’t Find A New Job, NOW WHAT, you did it to your selves, they call it GREED.


By Alexander Bolton

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont, is pressing President Obama to keep his campaign promise not to cut Social Security benefits in a possible deal with Republicans.

Sanders has joined a lobbying campaign by more than 200 labor unions and liberal groups pressing Obama to make a strong statement against cutting Continue reading

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