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The Younger Generation today is being Brainwashed not Educated

By Bob L.

The younger generation today has their nose stuck into every ones business but their own and telling every-one how to live and what they are going to do, a good example, what you are going to eat, how much weight you can be, Continue reading

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Who IS To Blame for Global Warming

By Bob L.

Count the number of lanes, look at all the vegetation that has been cleared for all this, HOW many people moved away from their jobs to be here in these traffic tie ups daily , and who is the cause, read on and you will see.

By building and building they are cutting down that what we need to keep things cool and purify the air we breath, and what gives us Oxygen to stay alive, drive down these highways to-day and you will see green belts being cut down and Concrete walls being put up, and who is paying for them, not the people who want them, WHY, ask the number ONE problem, the Government, greed for more money because the don’t know how to save money, and ask all the people listed below, are you one of them. Continue reading

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Climate PR effort heats up

By Bob L.

Why is it that every time companies have to clean up their act, they put it on the shoulders of the working people in taxes to pay for it, why not make the rich give up some of their own million dollar pay and bonuses, and put it back into the company where it belongs any way, not their pockets, but no, we have to bail them out when they file for bankruptcy, but if they were putting that money back in to the company not their pockets they would not be going bankrupt, and they would have more profit.

There are other ways to clean up the environment then line the pockets of stock holders and corporate execs. But no they make the working people pay for it in loss of jobs, higher prices, or like the bailout, TAXES, for what, so Corporate EXECS. and stock holders can keep their BIG PAY and BONUSES.

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Hey America! Are you ready to get wonky on global warming?

After a year that started with fallout from the “Climategate” e-mail release, saw the cap-and-trade bill die in Congress, and ended with a gang of Republican climate skeptics winning House and Senate seats, global warming experts are going back to basics.

Environmentalists, scientists and lawmakers have renewed public relations efforts to put global warming plainly before Americans’ eyes and also rebut opponents who say nothing is happening. Continue reading

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Global Warming Buries New York Under Snow

The sky gods are angry
By John Hayward

If you’re having trouble reading this because your computer monitor is vibrating, I’ve got two pieces of bad news for you. First, you’re the one bouncing, not the computer. Second, you’re shivering because you’re buried under two feet of snow. A record-breaking snowstorm is rolling across the Northeast, bringing white Christmases as far south as Atlanta, Georgia – Continue reading

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