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Comment By Bob L.
Tue. 04-17-2012

Boy talk about Hypocrites when it comes to Legal and Illegal and who can smoke and what you can Smoke or Eat, these YUPPIE cults need to be put in jail for trying to take over Government, and classified as Terrorists out to destroy Americans Personal Freedom.

Is the City, County, and State going to treat pot Smoking with theĀ  same laws as a DUI, enforce the no Smoking rule the same as Cigarettes, Using an Illegal Substance, or are they going to say you can smoke it any where any time and with out any violation of any laws.

It bad enough that we have to put up with Drunk Drivers, now we will have to hope we don’t get involved with a drug-ed up driver on the road, the police can not do enough with drunk drives, because the Judges have them back on the street before the officer finishes his paper work, so who will you go after if you get in an accident, the driver or the Government, the ones who passed the law with out a protection to the public.

Marijuana task force in Tacoma nears end of long trek Continue reading

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