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WHAT have we LEARNED from the PAST (Part 2)

By Bob L.

Through the years our government has taken away our self-esteem and our pride, and every year they take away more, when is it going to stop?

Our Government has taken away our rights to work for their greed to milk out more taxes, they have passed laws that are making Americans lazy to where they don’t have any work ethics to know what work is all about, for the one that don’t know what I am talking about, does any one below the age of sixteen have a job with out a work permit, that you can blame on our tax greedy Government.

This is when kids had to work with their parents to put food on their table if they had one to sit at, but this is where they got the idea that to get any where they had to work. Later on they could work with their parents in the summer to make money so they would have spending money for school. Later our Government made quick work of no child will be allowed to have a summer job without a work permit and not less than SIXTEEN.

This is what our Government is doing to our kids in the future, they are keeping people from getting a job.
Is this what our kids are going to see, their kids picketing for them. 

Do you think that our kids should be doing this?

Can you see you kids walking a picket line so you can have a job, only in America will you SOME people stick up for each other but would it be right to have our kids doing it.

Then there are the people who are out of work and trying to get a job.What does it say, the small print at the bottom says, Chamber Of Commerce, another group with the Government in keeping people from having a job.

I don’t know but I would say it looks just like what is happening today, and what I have heard you can not get your old job back if you were laid off unless you go back to school, WHY, COMPUTERS.

Now we have some complaining about Racial Profiling and keeping it stirred up so no one can concentrate on who can work and who can not.

Same thing Chamber Of Commerce, the same ones who are helping Outsource our jobs.

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