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Bachmann: Who knows the Economy Better Than Stay-at-Home Moms

Comment By Bob L.

How about this, Ann Romney knows PRICES and where her kids are, can Miss Rosen say the same thing as a working mom and not being home during the day, and maybe some nights.

NOW, who is more qualified to know the ECONOMY and what her kids are doing.

Every one forgets about the kids when both Parents are working, and what they are up to.

And for Obama, he will Do and Say any thing just to get Elected. Just look at all his promises to get elected the first time, all LIES, well 80% Lies, 20% Truth, got to give him some credit, no don’t give him any credit, he will spend that to.


Bachmann: Stay-at-Home Moms Understand Economy Better Than Husbands

By Amy Bingham | ABC OTUS News
Sun.04-15-2012 Continue reading

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