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Just Another Step to Corporate Greed, Two Fold

By Bob L.
Tue.10 04 2011

This is just another stab in the back from our Government to all legal American Citizen.

This Government does not care about any one but them Selves and their pocket-book, I wish I could get an automatic pay raise every year Plus cost of living just like All Americans would like, but our problem is that we are not in the back pockets of Big Business and bank of Obama.

Just look at how fast they are trying to get manufacturing back in to this country for people who don’t go to college.

I like it when Durbin says it is not his fault, it is the Banks for making bad financial deals.

 Sen. Durbin Defends Reform Despite New Bank Fees

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Democrats Tax the Poor With the “Durbin Fee”

John HaywardBy John Hayward

Another triumph of the politicized economy.

Price controls are one of the most persistent and dangerous delusions of liberal and populist economics.  If something is “too expensive,” why, the government will just pass a law to make it cheaper!  The inevitable result is greater expense to the consumer, as quality declines, supplies dry up, and those who formerly set competitive prices within a market-based system find other ways to get paid. Continue reading

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