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Warming Lull Haunts Authors

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 20 2013

Here is a good example of what you see when it comes to the Rich, they are always trying to find way to take money away from the people who need it the most, and what I am talking about is Global Warming, and Obamacare, and every one of these will give the Rich money in their pockets, why do you think they are pushing so hard to keep this from being put down, the Government will get more in taxes, and the rich will win in the Stock Market, so it is a win, win for them no matter how you cut it, and a loser for the working poor.


Warming lull haunts authors of key climate report

Associated Press

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Scientists working on a landmark U.N. report on climate change are struggling to explain why global warming appears to have slowed down in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.

Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show there are deep concerns among governments over how to address the issue ahead of next week’s meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Continue reading

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The Obama way

Comment By Bob L.

And Obama says he has nothing to do with OIL PRICES. BULL SHIT

Oil Refiner Margins Poised to Rise as Shuttered Plants Increase July 19, 2009

Obama shuts down 33% of the country’s oil refining capacity July 1, 2010

Epa closes 122 texas refineries andpetrochemical plants 07/02/10

Troubled waters if refineries close  October 02, 2011

EPA Scraps Texas Clean Air Program, Will Make Oil Refineries To File For New Permits  April 27, 2012   


‘Crucify them’: The Obama way

By Michelle Malkin

One of President Obama’s radical eco-bureaucrats has apologized for confirming an indelible truth: This White House treats politically incorrect private industries as public enemies who deserve regulatory death sentences. Continue reading

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Environmentalist Beware of what you Ask For

Comment By Bob L.

Californians and Environmentalist you have asked for the sky, the moon, and now you are getting what you asked for, runaway gas prices cars that no one is going to be able to afford, next it will be Utilities, like heating, lighting, water, and all transportation, except you YUPPIES who want it all your way, well you are now getting your wish, you now have the Sky and the Moon, and maybe the loss of your JOB, if so it could not happen to what ever you call your selves now.

You vote in People who you know will give you what you want and make every one else pay for it, well you are now all going to pay for what you asked for, we now have the start of the Destruction of America and on the road to Foreign Rule.


Gas prices climb for 20th day

By CNNMoney staff@CNNMoneyMarkets
February 27, 2012

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Gas prices continued their march toward $4 on Monday, rising for the 20th day in a row.

The nationwide average rose to $3.70 a gallon, up one cent from a day earlier, according to the motorist group AAA.

Only a month ago, the nationwide average was $3.41 a gallon.

Average prices for regular gasoline are more than $4 a gallon in California, Alaska and Hawaii. Gas prices are just shy of the $4 mark in New York, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C., according to AAA. The lowest average gas prices are in Wyoming and Colorado, where a gallon is going for less than $3.20.

Gas prices have been rising on the back of soaring oil prices, which have surged 10% over the past month amid fears that tensions with Iran will lead to an all-out war that causes a disruption in oil supplies.

Check gas prices in your state

Why oil prices keep on climbing 

Signs of an improving economy have also been boosting oil prices, along with the stock market, which has seen the S&P 500 (SPX) rise by more than 8% in 2012.

With gas prices soaring, politicians have been touting their plans to lower prices at the pump.

Newt Gingrich, struggling to regain momentum in the Republican presidential primary, is leading the way — promising to get prices down to $2.50 per gallon.  To top of page

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Obama, Gore Gas Syndicate: Fact or Fiction

By Bob L.

I am not associated with the article, but my opinion from what I have seen my self over the last four to five years I would have to say this could be FACT because of the way it has been pushed by Obama, Gore, and the Democrats, how else could you put it, (they love money) they have put them selves on the front lines of this whole thing from the start, so how else can any one not dispute the goings on that they have shown the American People. Continue reading

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Global Warming Buries New York Under Snow

The sky gods are angry
By John Hayward

If you’re having trouble reading this because your computer monitor is vibrating, I’ve got two pieces of bad news for you. First, you’re the one bouncing, not the computer. Second, you’re shivering because you’re buried under two feet of snow. A record-breaking snowstorm is rolling across the Northeast, bringing white Christmases as far south as Atlanta, Georgia – Continue reading

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Senators add ethanol credit to tax bill

By Bob L.

Government makes every thing look good on Paper, but what is the actual out come that they have forgotten, Farmers losing land to grow a crop to feed the world,  did they ever open up the water for the farmers in California to go back to work and hirer workers, how many wind turbines does it take to generate enough energy for 500,000 homes plus businesses, or where good farm land will be destroy?

Just drive around and look at all the land and water that these turbines have destroyed for this venture, and the same go’s for solar panels, you put it on your roof and then you get a leak in your roof, what is your cost to take them down then put them back?

50kw solar field installed in Maryland, uses 185 of the SPP270 solar panels

Land Lost, no longer Available.

Where do the wires run, under
ground and they produces heat, and
heat days out the ground, (like an electric base board heater) and they are talking about water conservation, this produces a drying affect around these wires before it can reach the water table. ?

How is all THIS going to AFFECT or ALTER the Weather in the future? Do they really know? Bet they never studied for the AFFECTS of more climate change from all this!!!! Looks good on paper while they are lining their pockets before the people open their eyes to what is going on, this also go’s for food for gas, take the food crops to make gas. Now is that not a tax break for the rich, like the oil Companies.

Welcome to my Planet of Wind MillsIs this the future of our
food around these wind
farms in the future?




A key ethanol tax credit has made the cut as part of a deal extending Bush-era tax incentives.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) — who opposes extending the excise tax credit for the mainly corn-based gasoline additive — told reporters Thursday that her understanding is that it will be extended in the tax deal Continue reading

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A common link among fire, floods, food riots: Government & Environmentalist

By Bob L.
Thur.Sept.09 2010

Here are things that you can not always blame on weather, Global warming, climate change, or what ever they call it, you can put the blame where most of it really belongs, WITH Environmentalist and the Government ( you name them they are behind it ), Fire, Flood, Food, three F’s, that is a failing grade for the Government who sides with Environmentalist.

A common link among Fire, here is a place where you can blame some on lightening, arson, and some times by accident, but a lot can be stopped if the people could keep the area around their homes clear of under brush, Floods, here again rivers can not be cleaned out when they get filled up with silt over time, so what is happening is they are getting shallower, so where do you think water will go, any place it wants to until it get to where it wants to go if it can’t stay in its banks, Oh that s right when it fills up with silt there are no banks to keep the water in, Food riots, and food riots start when farmer are not allowed to farm their land, just like what California is going through today, and it is not because of extreme weather, it is because the Government shut off their water they need to raise their crops.

Then if the farmer can’t farm his land there are job loses, then farmer can’t raise a crop, then he can’t sell his crops, so he can’t make any money to hire people, now you have a continuous vicious circle, FOOD RIOTS.

Just look how they think that they can predict what the weather is going to do, do you think that if they mess with the weather and environment, that they will be able to control what the weather will from year to year, I my self think that they will just make it worst, if they can scare enough people that the SKY is falling they will get a big profit from it.

Special to Yahoo! News
Tue Sept. 7

Deadly riots in the streets of Mozambique over sharply higher food prices have left 13 dead. Anger is growing in Egypt and Serbia as well. Panicked Russian shoppers have cleared the shelves of staple grains. And the devastating floods that have left as many as 10 million Pakistanis homeless are also raising concerns about the country’s ability to feed itself. Continue reading

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Recovery Act: How Obama’s Stimulus Is Changing America

By Bob L.

In this article (See TIME’s special report “The Green Design 100.”) there is a lot of people that will profit if CAP & TAX is approved.

Thur./Aug./26/ 2010

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus – has been marketed as a jobs bill, and that’s how it’s been judged. The White House says it has saved or created about 3 million jobs, helping avoid a depression and end a recession. Republicans mock it as a Big Government boondoggle that has failed to prevent rampant unemployment despite a massive expansion of the deficit. Liberals complain that it wasn’t massive enough. Continue reading

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Is this not Stupid?

By Bob L.

When I go to bed at night that is when I do stupid thinking, you see I did not go to College, boy is that not stupid or what, or is that Smart, well I got to thinking all bout this global warming thing and just can not come up with how it works.

Lets see now, if you turn on a light you get taxed, is that right or is it dumb, you use water out of the ground and that is taxed? Now to tax it that means that the GOVERNMENT owns it, this also gos for the Electricity that we use, now who owns that, the Government or the people who pay the utility company for the service, not the Government.

Lets see how can the Government charge Continue reading

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Official: Russian disaster sign of global warming

By DAVID NOWAK, Associated Press Writer

MOSCOW – Russia’s heat wave, drought and wildfires — which have killed dozens of people and destroyed millions of acres (hectares) of wheat — are another indication that global warming is causing more weather extremes around the world, a Russian official said Monday. Read the rest of the story.

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