Who do we Blame About These Killings, YOU!

Comment By Bob L.

All you HYPOCRITES, before you jump on the GUN BAN band wagon, you better stop admiring your self in the mirror and take a REAL GOOD LOOK at your self and what you have done.

I can remember in the earlier years when you went out side and played Cowboys and Indians, your parents told us that you don’t point any thing at any one unless you planed to kill them, in other words you never point any thing at any one, BUT as these kids grew up they decided that there was nothing wrong with pointing toy guns while playing.

JWI_LaserTagNow look at where we are at today, Violent MOVIES, th 3VIDEO GAMES, LASER TAG, and PAINT BALL, and NOW they have added this, REAL GUNS, now WHO do you think is responsible, YOU YES YOU, you are the ones who gave your kids any thing they wanted, so now who do you want to blame, NOW YOU CAN LOOK IN THE MIRROR and see what a hypocrite looks like.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, gee don’t I look good, now who looks good, YOU or the DEAD CHILDREN.

Good luck all you YUPPIES that want every thing, well now you are going to pay the price.

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(Part 2) LAW: To Many or Just LACK of Enforcement

Comment: By Bob L.

You might think that this is dumb and stupid, but think about it, see what you come up with, but don’t think to hard, you might blow a gasket in that brain of yours because it has not been used for thinking on its own, so many have let the Government do their thinking for them, that mentality is going  cost them dearly.

You can pass all the LAWS in the World, but if the COURTS are not going to enforce them, and PUBLIC OFFICIALS keep cutting back the number of Police Officers to carry them out, and letting SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS interfere with the laws as written to suit them, then you might just as well get rid of  all LAWS if this how they are going to be enforced.

I feel that the Americans are being used as pawns and being lead to the slaughter with a Government out of control, who think that they can do any think that they want, and the American people can no longer stop them.

The problem is, they are right, the American people are now so brain washed  into thinking that the Government is GOD and our Saviour, or is it SATIN the one who Destroys, we have a lot of them today destroying this Country in changing our laws, some think that they are GOD, and some think they are SATIN, it is kind of hard to know, because some think they are better than, or is it their Shit don’t stink, because they went to College, all it shows is how dumb and stupid they are, but it also shows what they will do to protect themselves, just like Obama passing a bill having taxpayers to pay for protection him for the rest of his life.

With Obama trying to pass a gun control bill, he is passing a bill for his own life time protection shows that this gun control law does not mean a thing for protecting the American people, all it is just another law that will take Congress and the Senate away from their job of cutting down on runaway spending to do their job, and to fight over another Democratic joke against the people, and putting our police on the street again in the hot seat again for not doing their jobs. But as I mentioned in Part 1, the courts don’t protect our Police for doing their jobs enforcing the law.

Well let’s get down to the real problem of the laws of the Country, Government believes that by passing more laws, that will take care of any problem that comes along, but we have a problem with that, our Government is slowly reducing the number of Law Enforcement Personal, and Increasing their own Protection, so they can keep spending on things that the YUPPY class want, this has to do with safety of the people who put them in to office, to control taxes that we pay and so they are not misspent, boy are we the American people stupid to keep putting these same people back into office. Elect them now complain about their job performance later you had that chance before you reelected them, dumb and stupid come together.

Let’s look at the law that people wanted about smoking, they just had to have a law on second-hand smoke, how far has this law gone since it was passed, well I cannot see where it is being enforced today, but I can see how many businesses have been effected by it, how many jobs have been lost because of it. 

On the other hand these same people who wanted this smoking ban, these same people passed a bill to allow smoking of an Illegal substance, isn’t that also creating second-hand smoke, it is the same no matter where it comes from, which now goes against the ban on smoking that was so important, and to top it off, it is just as dangerous as a person drinking alcohol and driving a vehicle, which is also a drug.

From what I can see is that they don’t want to be bothered by it, because the same thing you here all the time is we don’t have enough people to enforce it, so give us more MONEY, that is always the same answer to why they cannot do their job, well if they cannot do the job for the money that they are getting paid for which they were hired for, then find another job, or is it that you cannot find another job to sit around and do nothing and get paid for it.

Here is another law that is not enforced but on the books: Handicap Parking, and you know that a person is not Handicaped that has a plackard when they jump out of their car or truck jacked up in the air and almost sprint into the store, they are not Handicaped.

How about gun control, they have these laws on that, “The President comes from Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws and worst gun violence in the country. It has been proven time and time again that taking guns from law abiding citizens only emboldens thugs, thieves, and rapists, not stop them from committing crimes,” but are they or are not enforcing THEM, NO it is easier to waste tax payers money spending weeks if not months coming up with new laws, instead of getting this Country back in the BLACK and out of the RED, but it looks like this Administration would rather spend our Children future into Bankruptcy, instead of providing them with a FUTURE and jobs that they can live with.

You can go on and on and you will never come up with a solution with a Government that is so Stupid when it comes to money, instead of using it where it is needed, they would rather see people unemployed sitting back and living on the people who are working than see capable people go out and get a job, if they want to pass a law why not pass a law to make people who are capable of working get a job, and fine Companies who don’t hire or move out of the Country to keep from hiring, or who put in Computers to replace Employees so they can put more money into THEIR pay check and Stock Holders, it is time that these Companies put that money that they are pocketing back into the Company and hire more people,lower prices and profit s will come.

Eventually if people who don’t have a job will not be able to BUY these products (it is already showing), it has already gotten to the point that most people can not afford to buy what is on the market now, this is because of taxes and over pricing.

So how about a LAW against the Governmet to stop raise taxes in any way unless it has 100% approval by ALL legal American Citizens, not the Government, this should also go for their wages and cost of living , and tell them that they were not Elected to protect them selves.

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(Part 1) LAW: Enforcement or the LACK of IT

Comment : By Bob L.

Here we go again, another Dumb comment, but how can you not comment on what is going on with the Laws today, there are so many laws on the book that are not be Enforced, WHY you might ask your self, because each new law  counter acts another, don’t get mad at the me for my comments, get mad at the Instigator’s of the problems,  ALL Bleeding Hearts and Government Agencies who keep making these new laws instead of enforcing the ones that are already on the books.

405987_392699840825064_515728870_nNew gun laws, how about enforcing the old ones, or is that to hard to do, get the Law Books Out and start Enforcing them NOW or you might just as well close all Prisons, Jails, and any place of Detention if you can not enforce these laws, you might just as well let vigilantes enforce the laws, oh that’s right, this is why they are out to take away your rights to protect your self and your Families lives.

Lets start at the bottom, you have high-priced Police Officers driving around in public owned vehicles thinking that if they just show that they are present they won’t have to do the job they were hired to do, BUT you CAN NOT HOLD that against them, they are doing what they can, they are putting their lives on the line every day to protect the public, but then you have bleeding hearts changing the laws or wanting new laws  because they are afraid that it might be them that gets stopped or arrested. Ask them (Police) how many times they have ARRESTED some one and find out they are back on the street before they can finish their paper work (or the ink dries), a good example of them not doing their job and still being called on the carpet by these Bleeding Hearts when they ( the Policemen), took it upon themselves to punish these vandals by making them do push ups on the sidewalk when they caught them instead of arresting them (gee police brutality), SO HOW do you expect them to do their jobs, and then you expect them to not have a temper with the way the laws are today with the attitude of people when they get Arrested or Stopped.

Now you have the Court System with over paid Judges which interprets the laws the way they want to, not the way it is written, good example, take California in the case of Rape, just look around you, look how many of these laws are misused today, how about this, you go to court with a jury trial, they find you not guilty, then the court turns around and says that you can be sued for wrongful, even though you were found not guilty by your peers, (miss use of the law) which in this case, YOU, should be able to sue for harassment, because you were found not guilty.

Then you have the Lawyer who get more money per hour then you can afford to pay, but if you need a Lawyer you have to pony up the money or take what the people against you will dish out, yet here we go again, interpret the laws the way they want, not how they are written, so when it comes down to it you are at the mercy of all these laws that are written to protect criminals, not law-abiding Citizens.


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Ten Times a Hypocrite Just Like the Rest

Comment: By Bob L.

I might have some dumb comments, but they are no dumber than the way people act and things they do today, it is what I see and read that makes my opinion, Some might not be a true story today but usually ends up true later, but it is how I see it, and usually it does becomes fact down the road.

I remember a few years back when Nixon was elected on his Honesty, yet some did not trust him, and wallah look what happen, then no one admitted that they voted for him, well here we go again, another Honest President that has not done any thing but protect him self and his Family for life, but not YOURS, but a President who has done every thing to bring this country down, I have not seen so many U.S. Citizens so BRAIN WASHED  do so little to protect this County where they were born, I could say more, but that will be another Dumb story to what I see going on in this Country today from the past years.


NRA hits Obama over ‘hypocrisy’ of armed guards for daughters

By Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News | The Ticket

In a sign of how brutal, emotional and deeply personal the coming battle over gun violence is likely to be, the National Rifle Association on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for having the Secret Service protect his daughters even as he opposes the NRA’s call for armed guards in schools.

The Web video, first obtained by The Blaze, opens with a narrator asking, “Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?”

The 35-second video makes no effort to hide the tension and animosity between the NRA and Obama, even stepping into the recent “fiscal cliff” debate.

The video continues, “Mr. Obama demands that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security” as an altered image of the president peers over a stack of dollar bills, followed by images of “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden.

A White House official declined to comment on the video. However, spokesman Jay Carney did announce that Obama would outline his administration’s plan to address gun violence on Wednesday.

Eric Pfeiffer contributed to this report.

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Good Example Of Our Governments In Action

Comment By Bob L.

This is a good example of our Governments at work, cut the most important to save money with no regards for Health or Safety, Other things are more Important, here is a good comment from a concerned citizen, [ Tacoma.  Can find $3,000,000 for the car museum, $760,000 for advertising a couple of years ago (That was when the city was facing over a $21 million deficit) , pay $12,000,000 for 3 acres of land, $600,000 for a “gift pagoda”, yet can’t keep fire stations open, or fully staffed, or after school programs operating in east Tacoma.]  (Looks Good on paper,but they don’t always come) and you can not for get supporting TWO Transit Companies out of the General fund. If they can not support EIGHTY Percent to operate, then they are to BIG and the taxpayer should not have to subsidize them to keep them in operation, private companies can not run this way, it is pay your way or go out of Business, this should also go for all Government Operations. They charge for the services, but the Taxpayer still has to subsidize them because they over spend to operate (they call that blank check).

It is not just Tacoma it all of them, from the Federal Government down to the smallest Village, nothing against workers, but there is a lot of Over Pay and Perks and still climbing with no thought to what they are causing in the community and around the area, they are not just hurting Tacoma, they are hurting every single American by wasting money on things like the comment (above) says, and then there is some that you don’t hear about that lines the pockets of their Buddies.

silly_boyYou can go on about the waste in Government, but you have to also put some of the blame on the people like the YUPPIES today who want all this stuff that is not needed just because it looks Coooool, I look at it this way, if IT can not SUPPORT it’s self then it is not needed, it is not up to the American people to support every cockamamy project that comes along  like bigger and fancy Highways, the latest lights, and Fancy Buildings, you can go on and on and see where all the waste is.

Proctor fire station unable to respond to fire two blocks away after cutbacks, other station put out blaze

Controversial service cutbacks at three Tacoma fire stations will continue after more than a month of labor talks aimed at averting some budget cuts to the Fire Department have failed.
Lewis Kamb and Stacia Glenn; Staff writer
Published: Jan. 8, 2013

“Unfortunately, no mutually agreeable solution came forth,” Tacoma Fire Chief Jim Duggan said Tuesday. “The talks are done.”

The Fire Department began scaling back its services Tuesday at 7 a.m. with the deactivation of fire engines at Station 13 in the Proctor District and Station 15 on the East Side.

Less than an hour later, a house caught fire two blocks away from the Proctor station. Because the station at 3825 N. 25th St. no longer has a pump, hose or water tank, firefighters from Station 9 at 3502 Sixth Ave. responded to the blaze in the 4000 block of North 25th Street. They were able to confine the fire to a single room while the crew from Proctor’s Station 13 made sure nobody was in the home.

Duggan said the firefighters’ response was within the department’s four-minute travel time response goals.

Two firefighters now staff Station 13 from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. with an emergency response vehicle equipped with medical supplies. The station is not staffed overnight, when other fire stations will respond to fires in the Proctor District.

Station 15 at East 64th Street and McKinley Avenue also has lost staff and its engine, although it remains staffed around the clock.

Failed negotiations between the city and its firefighter union mean that those service cuts will remain in place and that Station 6 – Tacoma’s only fire station in the Port of Tacoma – will close after the Murray Morgan Bridge reopens in coming weeks.

Top officials for Tacoma Fire Union Local 31 said Tuesday that their union made two offers to the city to offset up to $1 million in cuts aimed for fire stations in Proctor and the Port of Tacoma. But the city rejected each without explanation or a counter-offer, they said.

“They just told us no,” union president Ryan Mudie said. “They don’t want solutions, they want more concessions — and it’s putting the public at risk.”

With the city facing a $63 million shortfall, Tacoma Fire was among the departments hardest hit by the budget ax under the 2013-14 general fund. City officials last month approved an austerity budget with $11 million in Fire Department cuts, including reductions of about 30 firefighters through retirement buyouts.

Councilman Anders Ibsen, whose district includes Proctor, said Tuesday that no one wants to see resource cuts but that the city must march forward to a new fiscal reality.

“What’s done is done,” Ibsen said. “The budget has been approved, and the bottom line is people’s (fire) service really isn’t diminishing. I have faith in Chief Duggan and our firefighters. I’m very confident the Fire Department will be able to respond in a manner so that public safety will be protected.”

In recent weeks, some City Council members and fire union officials expressed optimism that concession negotiations could help stave off some of the Fire Department cuts.

Local 31 offered $500,000 of contractual concessions more than a month ago, seeking to “split the costs” with the city to restore $1 million worth of cuts, Mudie said.

After the city rejected that proposal, Mudie said his union came back with a $1 million offer that would have increased firefighter work hours to help restore services. He didn’t fully explain how the proposal would have saved the city money.

The union floated the offer three weeks ago — before the council took its holiday break, he added.

But without explanation, Mudie said, the city informed the union Tuesday it was rejecting the offer. Council members discussed the offer during a closed-door session earlier Tuesday.

“We’re talking about something this important and they couldn’t get back to us for three weeks,” Mudie asked. “They took the holidays off because apparently they don’t care about public safety for the citizens of Tacoma. You can bet members of Local 31 were working over the holidays.”

Duggan, who declined to discuss details of the union’s proposals, said the city appreciated the union’s offers and thoughtfully considered them within a goal to find “a budget-neutral solution that would be sustainable for the long term.”

“They didn’t fit that,” he added.

City fire officials also plan to continually monitor the department’s performance amid the new cuts and will report back to the council within three to six months, Duggan said.

Department spokesman Joe Meinecke said the changes to staffing did not have a noticeable effect on response to Tuesday’s house fire.

“Our response times were good and from an operations standpoint, things went just like we talked about and prepared our crews for,” he said.

Investigators said the cause of the fire was a failure in the house’s knob and tube electrical wiring. Damage was estimated at $15,000.

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‘Somebody’s gotta have some smarts’

Comment By Bob L.

Have you ever noticed that the news media never uses comments from Republicans, they always publish what Democrats have to say, and when they do use what Republicans have to say they put a spin on it and put out of text from what was really said.

People, get your head out of your ass and stop believing the same liars that have blamed Republicans from Obama’s first day in office, even when Democrats had full control, they did nothing but complain about the Republicans, they did pass laws behind closed doors and say, you have to pass them if you want to see whats in them, have you all for gotten that it takes TWO to solve a problem, if one says yes and the other says no we are not listening. 

Look at who he is talking to Union Employees, not the average person who out of work.

1_summaryimage_45256Obama is still spending Taxpayer money to travel around blaming Republicans when Harry Reid has said from day one that they the Democrats would not pass any thing that the Republicans sent to them unless it had what they and Obama want, (like Obamacare and cap & trade, in all, more taxes on you) and that is more taxes on Business so they can profit on Cap-and-Trade, and who has to pay this tax on Business, you the dumb people who can not see the truth past your nose, this is the type of Education that our Government wants to see so they can pass laws with out the people knowing what they are doing.

The ones that you go after is The Obama’s, Harry Reid, and all Democrats who think that this is their Country not you the people who believe in this Country.


From NH to Colo., voter disdain spreads as ‘fiscal cliff’ debate rages

By Steve Peoples, Associated Press | Associated Press

HOOKSETT, N.H. (AP) — Fear and frustration course through the lunch crowd at Robie’s Country Store and Deli, a popular outpost 500 miles from where Washington is again locked in tense negotiations over taxes and spending as a critical deadline looms.

“I’m worried,” Lorraine Cadren of nearby Manchester says between bites of her chicken sandwich. Her doubt in the nation’s elected leaders is palpable: “I’m not sure what’s going to come out of Washington next.” Not that she has the time to pay much attention; the 64-year-old is unemployed and preoccupied with finding a new job as Christmas approaches.

A few tables away, John Pfeifle shares Cadren’s angst while trying to enjoy his $6.99 chicken parmesan special.

“Somebody’s gotta have some smarts,” says the 63-year-old business owner, complaining that both President Barack Obama and House Republicans seem willing to allow the nation to go over the “fiscal cliff,” triggering broad tax increases and massive spending cuts that economists warn could lead to another recession.

“I have no faith at all they’ll do the right thing,” Pfeifle said of Congress.

And why would these voters have confidence in Washington?

The scene playing out on Capitol Hill is a familiar one as lawmakers with competing ideologies wage an 11th-hour battle to avert a predictable crisis. This one comes just a year after an equally divided Washington nearly let the country default on its loan obligations — a debt-ceiling debate that contributed to the electorate’s deep lack of faith in their elected leaders and a drop in the nation’s credit rating.

Evidence of Congress’ plummeting popularity is everywhere.

From New Hampshire diners to Colorado coffee shops, weary residents report widespread concern. They relate the debate in Washington over their tax dollars with their own lives: average Americans who are struggling every day to make ends meet. And already distracted by the holidays and tired of politics after a bitter presidential campaign, they are calling on Washington to get its act together.

“It’s pathetic. Nobody’s doing their job,” said Laura Hager, a retiree from Lancaster, Pa. “The rest of the country is being held hostage to this entire situation.”

She said the uncertainty makes it difficult to shape a personal financial plan; she can’t imagine what business leaders must be going through. “Nobody can plan. Nobody knows what they’ll do,” she said.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., warned that the public’s disgust with Congress would reach new heights if lawmakers and the White House fail to reach an accord before the year-end deadline.

“Ninety percent disapproval rating is going to go up to 99 percent disapproval,” the senator said at a panel discussion last week in Washington on the fiscal cliff’s impact on businesses.

Warner overstated Congress’ unpopularity, although not by much.

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll found that 74 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job; just 23 percent approve. The figures are virtually unchanged from June and slightly above Congress’ recent low point of 12 percent approval during the debt ceiling debate in August 2011.

Some voters are trying to ignore the debate altogether, although near-constant news coverage is making that difficult, especially as Obama and his Republican opponents work to rally their supporters.

In a campaign-style event Monday in Michigan, the heart of industrial America, Obama warned that he “won’t compromise” on his demand that the wealthiest Americans pay more in taxes. Polls find that most voters agree with the president’s deficit-cutting plan to raise tax rates on income over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples, although House Republicans are reluctant to agree.

The conservative group Crossroads GPS is running television ads across the country describing Obama’s solution as “a huge tax increase” with “no real spending reforms.” ”Call President Obama and tell him it’s time to show us a balanced plan,” the ad says.

Most voters interviewed in recent days are calling for an immediate compromise and seem willing to raise taxes on the wealthy so long as the middle class is protected.

There is a vague sense that the “fiscal cliff” is more serious than other recent Capitol Hill clashes. But barely a month after the presidential contest ended, most people say they’re not following the daily developments that consume Washington.

In a Denver coffee shop, interior designer Roxann Lloyd, 42, is mystified by the sound and fury out of Washington over the cliff.

“I don’t think they have any idea what a big deal is to an average person,” she said. “I’m just ignoring it.”

Lloyd said she isn’t surprised by the partisan bickering over the issue. “I don’t feel like they are really looking out for us,” she said of Congress.

John Baker, 65, a Denver psychologist, said he had little faith in Congress’ ability to fix the problem: “I don’t think Congress can fix a flat tire.”

“It’s a typical Washington, ‘Let’s hit the panic button and keep people scared so they will let us do what we want to do,'” Baker said in a downtown Denver Starbucks. “Ultimately, it will be fixed but not until a lot of pockets are lined.”

It’s unclear whether members of Congress are hearing the message.

Rep. Charlie Bass, a New Hampshire Republican who lost his re-election bid last month, says it’s unclear whether his GOP colleagues will “face the reality that the president, at least at this point, is not going to accept anything other than a tax rate increase.”

A stalemate would result in “painful uncertainty,” Bass said, offering his caucus a bit of advice: “We best get on with it — get it done.”

Back at Robie’s, store owner Debbie Chouinard says she’s burned out from election season and “tired of all the bull.”

“I honestly haven’t been paying attention,” she said while feeding her 2-year-old granddaughter lunch during a brief lull. “People should be working together to get this country going.”

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Gay marriage, legal pot: Conservatives wonder what’s happening to this Country

Comment By Bob L.

With today’s Computer Society, how can you not wonder if there was a little tampering with the Computer voting machines, look at what they uncovered in Florida to how these new machines can be programmed to do what ever the Government who has control of them, wants them to do.

Just look at how they can hack in to banks, Businesses, and Governments, and you think that the Government Controlled Voting Machines can not be rigged to put into office any one they want, and then make it look close to who is going to win, boy you better get your head out of your — and stop believing every thing the Government and the News media is telling you and start thinking for your self.

And now you have some Government Officials want to give them special rights: Article By Ron Judd Seattle Times staff columnist (in this episode of As McGinn Turns, city attorneys tripped up Hizzoner the Happy Spender just as he was diving for the finish line on a scheme to compensate newly married, same-sex city employees for what he sees as an unfair federal tax on their benefits.

There’s no question that the tax, a byproduct of the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act, is unfair. Also no question that few people beyond the mayor himself think local taxpayers would, or should, happily foot the bill to make life “fair” for all city employees.)


The Seattle Times

By Carol M. Ostrom  Seattle Times staff reporter
Originally published Friday, December 7, 2012

2019857812In the wake of Washington’s historic votes to legalize both same-sex marriage and marijuana use, some longtime conservatives say they’re contemplating moving to more like-minded states — say, Texas.

Bombarded with seemingly endless, breathless news coverage of same-sex couples getting married and respectable people lighting joints in public, some “no” voters say they consider themselves missionaries in a heathen world. Sometimes that’s a tongue-in-cheek crack — other times, not so much.

“I feel like I’m living in pagan Rome,” said Dan Kennedy, CEO of Human Life of Washington, who has worked on conservative issues here since 2000. “I just couldn’t believe we had gone that far.”

It wasn’t as if the votes were a total surprise. State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur noted Washington voters’ previous approval of abortion and physician-assisted aid in dying.

“Washington has always been a socially liberal and economically conservative state,” he said. “I think the votes show that.”

Predictably, socially liberal voters in the Puget Sound region outnumbered voters in less populous, often more conservative, areas of the state.

Both issues also received scattered support from other regions of the state. Voters in Whitman County approved both measures. Spokane, Ferry, Okanogan, Chelan and Skamania counties approved legalizing marijuana use, as did Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties on the Pacific Coast.

The nine counties with the most vociferous votes against same-sex marriage were less negative about marijuana. Voters in Adams County, for example, brought in the highest no vote on same-sex marriage: nearly 72 percent. But only 61 percent could bring themselves to favor banning the bud.

Nineteen counties voted no on both measures, but their votes were outweighed by heavy support in the more populated areas; Adams’ no votes on same-sex marriage, for example, totaled 3,394 — mist against King County’s tidal wave of 638,939 yes votes.

What the yes votes mean is still up for interpretation.

“Elevating desires”

To David DeWolf, who teaches law at Gonzaga University, a Catholic institution in Spokane, the votes reflect individuals disconnecting from the rest of society, “elevating the desires of the individual over the needs of the community.”

DeWolf, a Catholic, sees the votes as “sort of a reversion to a less developed way of living,” he said. “The impulse here is a kind of selfish, me-oriented way of not wanting to think about the impact my behavior might have on the rest of society.”

He, too, thinks about ancient Rome. “The introduction of Christianity was the introduction of a way of understanding ourselves that says we’re made for better things, we’re capable of real charity and concern for one another and living a life of virtue.”

Christian virtues, which he believes were ignored in this election, have created “much of what we value in society,” DeWolf said. “In my mind, this is an unhappy reversion to a pagan understanding of ourselves and of society.”

Steve Beren, a conservative Christian political consultant from Seattle who has run unsuccessfully against U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, says just because something is celebrated doesn’t mean it’s right. “I feel bad for those people, because they’re celebrating what they’re doing wrong,” he says.

He sees the votes as giving license to people to do other things he considers wrong. Each time something “clearly wrong or obviously immoral” is given sanction, celebrated or even ignored, it implicitly sanctions other immoral acts, he says — for example, President Clinton’s sexual transgressions.

Despite seeing the recent votes as moral deterioration, “I don’t necessarily buy that it’s irreversible,” Beren says. “If you go back into history, you’ll see they were burning people at the stake and sacrificing children.”

Too much government

Wilbur, the GOP party chairman — who describes himself as a “devout Lutheran” — says he believes that voters who said yes to same-sex marriage and pot don’t necessarily support those things. “I think people are saying, ‘It’s none of the government’s business,’ ” he said. “I think there’s a strong libertarian streak out there.”

As a political leader, he isn’t inclined to move to another state, he said.

“I’m not going to give up my home state quite so easily, and no reason why I should. There’s hope out there! There’s people I’ve got to convince they’re wrong.”

Besides, Wilbur quipped, “Our hope is people smoke enough pot, they’ll forget to vote, and then we’ll win.”

But for now, the latest votes make some conservatives, and even moderates who voted “no,” feel out of place.

Kennedy, of Human Life, says friends have been talking seriously about moving to more conservative states, such as Texas.

“It’s not fun always feeling like an outsider,” he said. “I feel like I should carry around a sign that says, ‘Unclean, unclean.’ ”

Still, he says, somebody has to hold the line against devolution.

“This is missionary country, I guess. If you want to fight the battle, you’ve got to be on the front line, and this is the front line.”

His daughter, Lisa, a 21-year-old senior at Seattle University, has had the same uncomfortable experience.

She thought that by going to a Catholic school, she said, she’d be surrounded by like-minded conservatives.

That’s not how it went.

Now, she’s compiling notes for a book she’s tentatively titled, “A Conservative Fish in Liberal Sea(ttle).”

“It’s hard to always be around people who disagree with me,” says Lisa Kennedy. “Abortion, gay marriage — I either have to hold my tongue around them or start an argument.”

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Where Is All Are Tax Money Going

This for all who vote and pass taxes and not knowing where they are going!
By Bob L.
Sept,12, 2012

Does any one care where ALL YOUR taxes go that are passed every year?

I don’t know about you, but I would like to know just where all this money is going, because I can not see any progress anywhere around that they put on the ballot for, take for example, School Maintenance, why is it every time that they ask for money to keep up crumbling Schools, it ends up that they always need to build new ones to replace one that are falling apart, WHERE is all this maintenance bond money being spent?

It seems that every time a maintenance  bond is passed Teachers go on strike for more money, it sounds like it goes to Teachers, Administrators, and Unions, but not to keep up the School that it was supposed to go to.

This also goes for the States, Counties, Cities, and the Federal Government, where is all this Tax Money that they are collecting from the American Citizens going to, they keep saying that our highways are falling apart, but what are they doing about it, nothing but wanting to make them Bigger and wider Highways, if they keep this up, this country will be nothing but one sheet of Asphalt and Concrete, and at this rate you might just as well for get about Global Warming and water conservation, because Asphalt and Concrete will drain any water right to the Oceans if they are still in existence, because Asphalt and Concrete will be one big radiant heater, and if you want heat you got it.

How much Tax money is Exported every year to rebuild Foreign Countries, then from this we have to borrow money to keep this up, and in the mean time our Country is Crumbling, SO Where is all the tax money going, I sure can not see any improvement in this Countries Infrastructure.

I see a lot of money being spent on things for Special Interest Groups and lobbyist like Stadiums, Eyesore land marks that down the road get torn down for progress, Turtle Crossings, and now Over passes for wildlife, but not for where it suppose to go.

And now they want to waste Money on telling schools on what kids are going to eat at school, or lose funding.



And remember back an article about students were not allowed to bring a lunch from home because they HAD TO buy the school lunch because of Obama’s new policy, school had to follow or lose funding.

And to go along with these articles, WHY are there more medical problems today then there were years back, for one, Doctors were Doctors, today they seem to be more interested in money then being a Doctors, look at how many of them have gone in to specialties, more money, then they want to know why Insurance has gotten so expensive, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure that out, or does it, it makes me wonder with the Education and mentality of the people in the last Thirty years, it seems that they are being brain washed from birth. You know that is not far from the truth, just look how much has been removed from school books for testing and not teaching.

Well they say that Alcohol and Smoking can cause birth defects and health problems, but why are they not talking about the effects of Prescription Drugs on Birth and Health problems that they have today, they do about Illegal Drugs.

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Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

By Bob L.

Here is a good Question, can any one answer it truthfully?   Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

I can remember Growing up in Pierce County, Tacoma and Seattle seeing lots of Companies like, Cascade pole, Milwaukee Railroad, Saint Paul Lumber, Kaiser Aluminum, Buffelen Door, Western Farmers, St Regis Paper (now Simson), Tacoma News Print, McKenzie Fuel, Skansie Boat Building, Tacoma Navy Base, Nalleys, Western Oyster, Cheney Stud, Stutz Oil, Tacoma Smelter, Mallon Ford, So. Tac. Chev., you can go on and on and you can see the foot prints of all these groups that have put a lot of these companies out of business or it was their greed, but still a lot of Jobs were lost and never replaced, Go to Seattle and see what they are doing for the price of wanting more Stadiums, they don’t care if it chases business out or makes it hard for them to operate, all they can say is we WANT and we will get it no matter what we have to do, even if it mean the cost of jobs. Continue reading

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Disrespect for the Flag And What it Represent to This Country and its People

Comment By Bob L.

It is getting to be no longer ONE NATION UNDER GOD, it is getting to be one nation under [ Environmentalist, Special Interest Groups, Lobbyists, Bleeding Hearts and Yuppies] and Hell with the rest of the people.

This Country has become a land of very sick people who have no respect for any one but themselves, they don’t care what happens TO, OR, what happens to THIS Country and where it is headed, they can only see that they are not getting their way, and they want the Government to pass laws to protect them as and Individual, not an American Citizen, because these people are so sick, they don’t want any one to get something better than them, they think they are privileged. Continue reading

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