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Global Warming, Here Is Your Global Warming Scam

Bob L. Just My Opinion
Jan. 22nd 2014

This is for the Government pin heads and Environmentalist who are so over educated the they left their brains in their underwear when the make all these comments, any one with a brain can see that it is nothing but a scam to make money, not for the average American.

Go to any state and look at what the Government and the Environmentalist don’t tell you, go to Texas, California, Washington DC and Washington State, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, you can go on and on and see where this Global Warming is happening, they are sitting on their brains, other words what they are tooting stinks (Beans for Brains).

And then you have These Environmentalist complaining about how cars and trucks are polluting, while in the mean time they get laws passed to ride their Bicycles on public streets and special lanes just for them, and they don’t have to pay for them like a person riding a Motor Cycle or driving a Truck without a special endorsement on their Drivers license, and they don’t have to pay for a yearly License Plate and Tab like every one else who drives on the Streets and Highways, so who is paying for these free rights for them to tie up these roadways.

The first place you start is, Higher Gas Taxes, Higher fees on your car or cars to license them, and then in the mean time you are subsidizing Mass Transit, are they paying to ride their Bicycles freely, bigger and bigger highways, and we still don’t have a Transit system that can support it’s self, we have two per County, where is this Transit System that they keep talking about, could it be in these bicycle lanes and bigger Highways, but yet Environmentalist get away without paying for their special use of Bicycle only lanes or use of all roadways, make them pay just like motor cycle riders do, a written and riding test, an endorsement and a fee to have it on their drivers license, no license, make them get one, if they drop it they can not ride on any roadways or trails (that is all public Lands).

Where is this Transit System they talk about in these Pictures, is that 21 lane highway what they are talking about as Mass Transit????? That is Global Warming at it’s Best.

Here is where the Government is to Blame. Then below is the Environmentalist.

And here is your Environmentalist.

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It Is Time To Be Self Supporting Or Close The Doors!

Comment By Bob L.

Here is a good example of Government greed, keep paying them the same amount of money for the  service to your City, but we are going to cut your service in half.

How about cutting the amount of money to 50%, equal to the amount of service they want to cut.  Why should you pay for something you are not getting, and make the Taxpayer pay for it.

 That money saved could be better used for road and side-walk maintenance, or how about police to enforce traffic laws like speeders, instead of speed bumps that don’t work but slow Emergency response.

What would they say if I as a rider said I was only going to pay you half fare, because I only ride once a month, how fast do you think they would tell you to get off.

And to think, they want more money to widen I5 from Olympia to Lakewood to put more traffic into Pierce and King County to at the cost of more Air Pollution to THESE Counties that have to pay E Check to get their License Tabs or Plates. They tell Pierce and King County Residents NO TICKEE NO WASHEE, same goes for subsidizing a second Transit System that is operated by Pierce Transit, is this a double Tax.


Puyallup considers public transportation alternatives

ANDREW FICKES; of the Herald
Published: 05/01/13

When Pierce Transit distributed 622,000 service hours within the Public Transportation Benefit Area in 2010, the city was paying about $9.6 million from the six-tenths of 1 percent sales tax and was receiving about $5.6 million in actual value, according to data collected by Puyallup City Council member Steve Vermillion, who sits on the Pierce Transit Board of Directors.

In September, the benefit area will be reduced to 300,000 service hours, about a 51 percent reduction, and city Finance Director Cliff Craig estimates Puyallup is paying between $8 million and $9 million on a continual basis to Pierce Transit.

“We’re probably subsidizing the entire system to the tune of about $4 million,” Vermillion said. “If we can do it better for cheaper, it’s possible we can lower that sales tax down to some number that sustains the transportation.”

Vermillion said one option on the table might be to contract with a private vendor or with Pierce Transit for tailored services.

“We would be paying for our own system, and we wouldn’t be paying for the large overhead of Pierce Transit,” Vermillion said.

The city council discussed alternative transit options at its meeting April 23. City Attorney Kevin Yamamoto explained the process for leaving the Public Transportation Benefit Area, if that were to be an option.

“There is a wide range of options on how you provide those services,” Yamamoto said.

They could include contracting with a private vendor, or establishing either a Metropolitan Municipal Corporation or Public Transportation Systems in Municipalities. By state law, only one public transportation benefit area may be created in any county.

City council members wanted to first define the level of service needed by the population and then continue discussions with Pierce Transit to tailor a program that would fit the city’s needs.

City Manager Bill McDonald suggested bringing in a private vendor to show options to the city council, and Mayor Rick Hansen encouraged the idea.

“Our service is cut, but we’re paying the same,” Hansen said. “What needs to happen is we need to evaluate the best services for our city, and then ask Pierce Transit what it costs for that service. We need to look at all avenues, including what it would cost with Pierce Transit or a private carrier, or partnering with another city like Sumner. We should never exclude anybody.”

Reporter Andrew Fickes can be reached at 253-552-7001 or by email at Follow him on Twitter, @herald_andrew

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Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost, or Funds is Expand I 5

Comment Up Date To Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost

Pierce Transit wants you to pass a TAX INCREASE to open up  Bus routes that they closed for shortage of money, or was it because of misuse of funds spent on other things, NOW if this tax passes, how much of this money will go to Bus Service or some thing else and not to State Highway funding to increase more TRAFFIC and POLLUTION to Pierce and King County, that will bring in more traffic from Counties that DON”T have to PAY for E-CHECK to be able to drive their cars. Continue reading

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Pierce Transit seek tax boost

Comment By Bob L.

Insert from article [Bliss Moore of Tacoma said he’s in favor. Better bus service not only helps riders, he said, but also the environment by taking cars off the road.]

The first place to start is Thurston County who does not have to have E-CHECK to drive and work in Pierce and king County, there is where you start and make them ride the bus if they want to enter Counties that have E-CHECK, or Discontinue E-CHECK in Washington State totally and permanently. Continue reading

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