Profilling Rich From Poor

43 Days for the Destruction of America as WE Knew it

Comment By Bob L.

Three True Americans
One Could Care Less

Do They Look Like
Proud Americans

The death of America, Four more Years, Constitution GONE

Is this who we want running this Country

Here we go again, another year of Political maneuvering for their own Benefit.

You might say, what do you mean, WELL have you ever seen a Politician do any thing for the average American Citizen? Think about it, who benefits, Politicians, Lobbies, Special Interest Groups, Environmentalists, and Religion (GOD), but that is slowly changing because they don’t want any one to believe in any thing, But the problem is that the people keep putting them back into office, and then complain about the lousy job they are doing, Why, because you are the problem that lets them destroy this Country, WHY, because you are so wrapped up in your selves, you can not stop looking at your self in the Mirror and worrying about what people are saying about you.

Then you have people who are so wrapped up in being a Democrat, or a Republican and will believe in any thing that they say, no matter what they say or do, turn on the News and see what is going on, if you have not noticed, the news media is for Democrats and will do any thing  protect them from what they are doing to this Country. Tax penalty Will Make More Homeless Families Pushed for By Democrats, and people who don’t know the full impact of Obamacare and the final cost to them, and why is Obamacare Classified and only exposed after it is in effect, and why don’t they want the American people to see the full Bill?

Look at what is happening over seas, Why has Obama and his Administration spent so much time over in those Countries, and now that he is trying to get reelected has this so conveniently erupted just before the Election, it looks a little fishy, and what has this Administration promised them. Ambassador Stevens, Why was he not protected like every one in the Obama administration is.
$1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood

Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood
Obama’s diplomacy, Muslim Brotherhood support
Amid unrest, Clinton to lobby lawmakers on Mideast aid

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East Pierce Fire seeks tax hike

Comment By Bob L.

Here we go again, when are these Public Employees and Local Governments going to under stand that the American people are getting taxed out of existence. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. Live with in your budget and no more TAXING.

How many more Americans are these people going to put on the STREET with no place to live before they see what they are doing to People and Kids, it looks like these people do not care what happens, just as long as it is not them.

I would like to see all of them Pay Rent or House Payment, Food, Gas to go to work if you can find one, Lights, Water, Sewer, Heat, and Clothing on Minimum Wage and not be Homeless, today every Tax increase put more people on the Street.

How much money can be saved if Fire Trucks were PARKED on Aid Calls and only the Aid Unit was sent, and only send a Fire Truck when Aid was not available or is that against Union Rules to do this.

You know that if these Politicians would stop over Regulating and Taxing maybe Companies would stay and more people would have homes, and they would not have to keep Raising Taxes, but GREED for more money is more important so they can put them selves in to Bankruptcy and then Tax more, NEVER ENDING until every one moves, then what more Taxes. Continue reading

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