College Degrees the new High School Diploma

Comment By Bob L.

College Graduates Only

College Graduates Only

Boy talk about DISCRIMINATION, and who do we blame for it, ever since this administration got into office, discrimination HAS became the norm, when things finally had a good start on equal treatment, some will say that is not true, but just look around, Today, and Before, Obama got into office, I see more discrimination and profiling now than before, I am not talking about back in the 50’s and 60’s, I am talking about NOW, TODAY.

People have been laid off to make room for College Grads, so why should any one even go to K through 12, when a lot of people are not going to, or be able to afford to even go to College, they call this Profiling, and I thought that was Illegal along with Discrimination, that is what this Administration keeps telling every one.

The article makes the comment that college grads are dependable and it is not the money that they want, boy what a fabrication of the truth, every one that I knew that went to college went there was for the pay that goes with it, and just how many jobs are going to be available to them when they graduate, would you say ONE job out of every FIVE THOUSAND WHO GRADUATE.

This is Obama’s doings, Hire only returning military, and college, and tell every one else to go to hell, what is going to happen when the Government can no longer support people not working and paying Taxes, lets put it this way, how long can the Government Operate on an empty tank, Same as a Car out of gas, and an Electric car without electricity, and every one of them Obama is trying to put out of business.

Here is a comment by an article that I posted about a while back that also goes along with  this article today, this person says it right.

[Lbromes] [Laws should be made to protect HUMAN life and conditions. Spending time, resources, and energy on hunting down “illegal” Immigrants is a moral sin! There are hard working human beings not infringing on anyones rights, being thrown into prison using our tax dollars when, they other wise would be working helping our economy. NOT a fiscally responsible way to spend our hard earned resources. Our county was built by “illegal” immigrants. Unless you are a Native American you too are an “immigrant” It’s about human beings, not citizenship status. For you christians I have just one question, WWJD? Where’s the compassion Christ displayed for ALL living beings, especially human beings? We are forgetting its not us vs them. We are all in this race together!!! Lets stop all the pettiness and focus on what really matters, protecting human life and conditions for ALL!]


It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

New York Times

ATLANTA —The college degree is becoming the new high school diploma: the new minimum requirement, albeit an expensive one, for getting even the lowest-level job.

Consider the 45-person law firm of Busch, Slipakoff & Schuh here in Atlanta, a place that has seen tremendous growth in the college-educated population. Like other employers across the country, the firm hires only people with a bachelor’s degree, even for jobs that do not require college-level skills.

This prerequisite applies to everyone, including the receptionist, paralegals, administrative assistants and file clerks. Even the office “runner” — the in-house courier who, for $10 an hour, ferries documents back and forth between the courthouse and the office — went to a four-year school.

“College graduates are just more career-oriented,” said Adam Slipakoff, the firm’s managing partner. “Going to college means they are making a real commitment to their futures. They’re not just looking for a paycheck.”

Economists have referred to this phenomenon as “degree inflation,” and it has been steadily infiltrating America’s job market. Across industries and geographic areas, many other jobs that didn’t used to require a diploma — positions like dental hygienists, cargo agents, clerks and claims adjusters — are increasingly requiring one, according to Burning Glass, a company that analyzes job ads from more than 20,000 online sources, including major job boards and small- to midsize-employer sites.

This up-credentialing is pushing the less educated even further down the food chain, and it helps explain why the unemployment rate for workers with no more than a high school diploma is more than twice that for workers with a bachelor’s degree: 8.1 percent versus 3.7 percent.

Some jobs, like those in supply chain management and logistics, have become more technical, and so require more advanced skills today than they did in the past. But more broadly, because so many people are going to college now, those who do not graduate are often assumed to be unambitious or less capable.

Plus, it’s a buyer’s market for employers.

“When you get 800 résumés for every job ad, you need to weed them out somehow,” said Suzanne Manzagol, executive recruiter at Cardinal Recruiting Group, which does headhunting for administrative positions at Busch, Slipakoff & Schuh and other firms in the Atlanta area.

Of all the metropolitan areas in the United States, Atlanta has had one of the largest inflows of college graduates in the last five years, according to an analysis of census data by William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. In 2012, 39 percent of job postings for secretaries and administrative assistants in the Atlanta metro area requested a bachelor’s degree, up from 28 percent in 2007, according to Burning Glass.

“When I started recruiting in ’06, you didn’t need a college degree, but there weren’t that many candidates,” Ms. Manzagol said.

Even if they are not exactly applying the knowledge they gained in their political science, finance and fashion marketing classes, the young graduates employed by Busch, Slipakoff & Schuh say they are grateful for even the rotest of rote office work they have been given.

“It sure beats washing cars,” said Landon Crider, 24, the firm’s soft-spoken runner.

He would know: he spent several years, while at Georgia State and in the months after graduation, scrubbing sedans at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Before joining the law firm, he was turned down for a promotion to rental agent at Enterprise — a position that also required a bachelor’s degree — because the company said he didn’t have enough sales experience.

His college-educated colleagues had similarly limited opportunities, working at Ruby Tuesday or behind a retail counter while waiting for a better job to open up.

“I am over $100,000 in student loan debt right now,” said Megan Parker, who earns $37,000 as the firm’s receptionist. She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2011 with a degree in fashion and retail management, and spent months waiting on “bridezillas” at a couture boutique, among other stores, while churning out office-job applications.

“I will probably never see the end of that bill, but I’m not really thinking about it right now,” she said. “You know, this is a really great place to work.”

The risk with hiring college graduates for jobs they are supremely overqualified for is, of course, that they will leave as soon as they find something better, particularly as the economy improves.

Mr. Slipakoff said his firm had little turnover, though, largely because of its rapid expansion. The company has grown to more than 30 lawyers from five in 2008, plus a support staff of about 15, and promotions have abounded.

“They expect you to grow, and they want you to grow,” said Ashley Atkinson, who graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2009 with a general studies degree. “You’re not stuck here under some glass ceiling.”

Within a year of being hired as a file clerk, around Halloween 2011, Ms. Atkinson was promoted twice to positions in marketing and office management. Mr. Crider, the runner, was given additional work last month, helping with copying and billing claims. He said he was taking the opportunity to learn more about the legal industry, since he plans to apply to law school next year.

The firm’s greatest success story is Laura Burnett, who in less than a year went from being a file clerk to being the firm’s paralegal for the litigation group. The partners were so impressed with her filing wizardry that they figured she could handle it.

“They gave me a raise, too,” said Ms. Burnett, a 2011 graduate of the University of West Georgia.

The typical paralegal position, which has traditionally offered a path to a well-paying job for less educated workers, requires no more than an associate degree, according to the Labor Department’s occupational handbook, but the job is still a step up from filing. Of the three daughters in her family, Ms. Burnett reckons that she has the best job. One sister, a fellow West Georgia graduate, is processing insurance claims; another, who dropped out of college, is one of the many degree-less young people who still cannot find work.

Besides the promotional pipelines it creates, setting a floor of college attainment also creates more office camaraderie, said Mr. Slipakoff, who handles most of the firm’s hiring and is especially partial to his fellow University of Florida graduates. There is a lot of trash-talking of each other’s college football teams, for example. And this year the office’s Christmas tree ornaments were a colorful menagerie of college mascots — Gators, Blue Devils, Yellow Jackets, Wolves, Eagles, Tigers, Panthers — in which just about every staffer’s school was represented.

“You know, if we had someone here with just a G.E.D. or something, I can see how they might feel slighted by the social atmosphere here,” he says. “There really is something sort of cohesive or binding about the fact that all of us went to college.”

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What’s This Country Coming To, It IS Surely Education

Comment By Bob L.

Teaching GREED

Teaching GREED

I can under stand a dress code, but hair, schools have put them selves as judge and jury, look at how  some schools let kids come to school in rag-tag close  that should have been trashed lone ago.

Look back when dress was just short of suit and tie, and girls wore dresses to the knee, but that is not the point, the point is that schools have gone more to teaching greed than the importance of an education, and back than you did not have the sex and drug problem like today, and why is that, my opinion is that teachers want the money but not the work, and parents are more into parties and drinking than worried about what their kids are doing.

Don't kids Deserve a Better Education than Greed and Breaking the Law

Don’t kids Deserve a Better Education than Greed and Breaking the Law

I can still remember when Tacoma school teachers went on strike and holding signs saying, NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND, NOT, no student left behind, this just shows the ignorance and greed of society today, then they sit back and make the comment that we are falling behind the rest of the world on education, gee I wonder why, when you teach greed, what do you think will happen, students think that is more important than a good education, or they drop out from boredom.

If school started teaching a good trade in school along with READING, WRITING, AND MATH, then maybe kids will look at schools as more productive for their future and what they want to do when they get out, and less time on drugs and trying to make babies for some thing to do, it is time that schools stop putting minorities down and teach them the same as every one else, but no they keep telling them they have to work harder, NO if education was the same for every one, then you would not have the racial problem that you have today, and this administration today is not helping solve the problem.


Utah Teen Kicked Out of Class for Dyeing her Hair… Auburn?

By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine Beauty on Shine

In the past few months, schools have banned everything from yoga pants and Ugg boots to birthday candles and peanut butter sandwiches. But one Utah middle school is cracking down on hair color—even if the color in question isn’t a garish blue or green but just a dark shade of red.

Related: What Else Has Been Banned From Schools?

After being kicked out of class last week for dyeing her brown hair auburn, an honors student at a Utah middle school has been allowed to return to school—but only after she toned down her hair color.

Though Rylee MacKay, 15, had been dyeing her hair the same shade every six weeks since September, it wasn’t until earlier this month that the school took issue with the color. On Feb. 4, Hurricane Middle School vice principal Jan Goodwin spotted Rylee in the halls and ordered her into the office. She had just had her hair touched up two days earlier.

The Washington County School District dress code states that “Hair, including beards, mustaches and sideburns, should be groomed so that it is neat and clean. Hair color must be a naturally occurring color; i.e. red, brown, black, blonde.” And while Rylee’s stylist had assured her that her new color complied with the dress code, Goodwin felt that Rylee’s auburn-hued hair didn’t look natural enough.

“In the light he said it was pinkish-purplish,” Rylee told KUTV. “He told me to have it fixed by the next day or I couldn’t come back to school.”

But she didn’t want to dye her hair back to brown—and her mother refused to make her.

“I absolutely am not going to dye it brown. That is not an option,” Amy MacKay told Utah news station on Sunday. Rylee had a hard time with the family’s move to Hurricane two and a half years ago, MacKay said, and when she was finally allowed to dye her hair last year she felt better about herself. “My daughter feels beautiful with the red hair. Changing her hair really changed her; she really blossomed,” she explained. “And now I have to say, ‘No, sorry, you have to dye it brown?’ I’m not going to change it back.”

MacKay said that the district’s hair policy is too open to interpretation. “It’s totally his opinion whether it’s too bright or not,” she told “There’s no set standard, no hair palette you can look at and say, ‘OK, I’ll go with that red’.”

But school officials insist that the rules are not arbitrary.

“We deal with dress code issues nearly every day, specifically hair issues maybe once per week,” Hurricane Middle School Principal Dr. Roy Hoyt, explained to Yahoo! Shine in an interview on Tuesday. “Most of the time it is a situation where students color their own hair and it doesn’t come out as they had intended.”

“Most of time it is a judgement call for the administration,” Hoyt added. “This student’s hair did not meet the expectation of naturally colored hair. We apply this standard consistently to all students and nearly every parent is supportive.”

After four days of washing her hair at home, Rylee’s hair had faded enough to be acceptable to school administrators, and she was allowed back in class. “All I wanted to do was just get back to school,” she told KUTV on Monday. Hoyt confirmed that Rylee’s hair now met school standards, even though she hadn’t re-dyed it.

“We are small school in a conservative community,” he told Yahoo! Shine. “While this policy may seem restrictive, it does establish a behavioral expectation. When these standards/expectations are established and enforced for seemingly small things it provides for a school culture where more egregious offenses are less likely to occur.”

Parents and former students took to Facebook to weigh in on the controversy.

“My daughter went through the same thing there last year, but they told her she could stay because there were only three days left of school,” Elizabeth Ebert said in response to a local newspaper’s poll about MacKay’s hair color on Facebook. “However, they also told me she would have to change it back in order to start school this year.”

“I went to HMS about 6 years ago and this doesn’t shock me one bit,” Danielle Ritchey said in response to a local newspaper’s poll. “This school really needs to focus on things that matter, like drug use, sex, and peer bullying and stop those…. I’m pretty sure the long term effects of being a drug user or a teen mom are a lot worse than putting some color in one’s hair.”

Also on Shine:

School Officials Ban Kilts from Prom Because They’re “Not Normal”

A Ban on Make-Up and Mirrors in High School?

Should Schools Ban Candy for Valentine’s Day?

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(Part 2) LAW: To Many or Just LACK of Enforcement

Comment: By Bob L.

You might think that this is dumb and stupid, but think about it, see what you come up with, but don’t think to hard, you might blow a gasket in that brain of yours because it has not been used for thinking on its own, so many have let the Government do their thinking for them, that mentality is going  cost them dearly.

You can pass all the LAWS in the World, but if the COURTS are not going to enforce them, and PUBLIC OFFICIALS keep cutting back the number of Police Officers to carry them out, and letting SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS interfere with the laws as written to suit them, then you might just as well get rid of  all LAWS if this how they are going to be enforced.

I feel that the Americans are being used as pawns and being lead to the slaughter with a Government out of control, who think that they can do any think that they want, and the American people can no longer stop them.

The problem is, they are right, the American people are now so brain washed  into thinking that the Government is GOD and our Saviour, or is it SATIN the one who Destroys, we have a lot of them today destroying this Country in changing our laws, some think that they are GOD, and some think they are SATIN, it is kind of hard to know, because some think they are better than, or is it their Shit don’t stink, because they went to College, all it shows is how dumb and stupid they are, but it also shows what they will do to protect themselves, just like Obama passing a bill having taxpayers to pay for protection him for the rest of his life.

With Obama trying to pass a gun control bill, he is passing a bill for his own life time protection shows that this gun control law does not mean a thing for protecting the American people, all it is just another law that will take Congress and the Senate away from their job of cutting down on runaway spending to do their job, and to fight over another Democratic joke against the people, and putting our police on the street again in the hot seat again for not doing their jobs. But as I mentioned in Part 1, the courts don’t protect our Police for doing their jobs enforcing the law.

Well let’s get down to the real problem of the laws of the Country, Government believes that by passing more laws, that will take care of any problem that comes along, but we have a problem with that, our Government is slowly reducing the number of Law Enforcement Personal, and Increasing their own Protection, so they can keep spending on things that the YUPPY class want, this has to do with safety of the people who put them in to office, to control taxes that we pay and so they are not misspent, boy are we the American people stupid to keep putting these same people back into office. Elect them now complain about their job performance later you had that chance before you reelected them, dumb and stupid come together.

Let’s look at the law that people wanted about smoking, they just had to have a law on second-hand smoke, how far has this law gone since it was passed, well I cannot see where it is being enforced today, but I can see how many businesses have been effected by it, how many jobs have been lost because of it. 

On the other hand these same people who wanted this smoking ban, these same people passed a bill to allow smoking of an Illegal substance, isn’t that also creating second-hand smoke, it is the same no matter where it comes from, which now goes against the ban on smoking that was so important, and to top it off, it is just as dangerous as a person drinking alcohol and driving a vehicle, which is also a drug.

From what I can see is that they don’t want to be bothered by it, because the same thing you here all the time is we don’t have enough people to enforce it, so give us more MONEY, that is always the same answer to why they cannot do their job, well if they cannot do the job for the money that they are getting paid for which they were hired for, then find another job, or is it that you cannot find another job to sit around and do nothing and get paid for it.

Here is another law that is not enforced but on the books: Handicap Parking, and you know that a person is not Handicaped that has a plackard when they jump out of their car or truck jacked up in the air and almost sprint into the store, they are not Handicaped.

How about gun control, they have these laws on that, “The President comes from Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws and worst gun violence in the country. It has been proven time and time again that taking guns from law abiding citizens only emboldens thugs, thieves, and rapists, not stop them from committing crimes,” but are they or are not enforcing THEM, NO it is easier to waste tax payers money spending weeks if not months coming up with new laws, instead of getting this Country back in the BLACK and out of the RED, but it looks like this Administration would rather spend our Children future into Bankruptcy, instead of providing them with a FUTURE and jobs that they can live with.

You can go on and on and you will never come up with a solution with a Government that is so Stupid when it comes to money, instead of using it where it is needed, they would rather see people unemployed sitting back and living on the people who are working than see capable people go out and get a job, if they want to pass a law why not pass a law to make people who are capable of working get a job, and fine Companies who don’t hire or move out of the Country to keep from hiring, or who put in Computers to replace Employees so they can put more money into THEIR pay check and Stock Holders, it is time that these Companies put that money that they are pocketing back into the Company and hire more people,lower prices and profit s will come.

Eventually if people who don’t have a job will not be able to BUY these products (it is already showing), it has already gotten to the point that most people can not afford to buy what is on the market now, this is because of taxes and over pricing.

So how about a LAW against the Governmet to stop raise taxes in any way unless it has 100% approval by ALL legal American Citizens, not the Government, this should also go for their wages and cost of living , and tell them that they were not Elected to protect them selves.

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Gay marriage, legal pot: Conservatives wonder what’s happening to this Country

Comment By Bob L.

With today’s Computer Society, how can you not wonder if there was a little tampering with the Computer voting machines, look at what they uncovered in Florida to how these new machines can be programmed to do what ever the Government who has control of them, wants them to do.

Just look at how they can hack in to banks, Businesses, and Governments, and you think that the Government Controlled Voting Machines can not be rigged to put into office any one they want, and then make it look close to who is going to win, boy you better get your head out of your — and stop believing every thing the Government and the News media is telling you and start thinking for your self.

And now you have some Government Officials want to give them special rights: Article By Ron Judd Seattle Times staff columnist (in this episode of As McGinn Turns, city attorneys tripped up Hizzoner the Happy Spender just as he was diving for the finish line on a scheme to compensate newly married, same-sex city employees for what he sees as an unfair federal tax on their benefits.

There’s no question that the tax, a byproduct of the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act, is unfair. Also no question that few people beyond the mayor himself think local taxpayers would, or should, happily foot the bill to make life “fair” for all city employees.)


The Seattle Times

By Carol M. Ostrom  Seattle Times staff reporter
Originally published Friday, December 7, 2012

2019857812In the wake of Washington’s historic votes to legalize both same-sex marriage and marijuana use, some longtime conservatives say they’re contemplating moving to more like-minded states — say, Texas.

Bombarded with seemingly endless, breathless news coverage of same-sex couples getting married and respectable people lighting joints in public, some “no” voters say they consider themselves missionaries in a heathen world. Sometimes that’s a tongue-in-cheek crack — other times, not so much.

“I feel like I’m living in pagan Rome,” said Dan Kennedy, CEO of Human Life of Washington, who has worked on conservative issues here since 2000. “I just couldn’t believe we had gone that far.”

It wasn’t as if the votes were a total surprise. State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur noted Washington voters’ previous approval of abortion and physician-assisted aid in dying.

“Washington has always been a socially liberal and economically conservative state,” he said. “I think the votes show that.”

Predictably, socially liberal voters in the Puget Sound region outnumbered voters in less populous, often more conservative, areas of the state.

Both issues also received scattered support from other regions of the state. Voters in Whitman County approved both measures. Spokane, Ferry, Okanogan, Chelan and Skamania counties approved legalizing marijuana use, as did Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties on the Pacific Coast.

The nine counties with the most vociferous votes against same-sex marriage were less negative about marijuana. Voters in Adams County, for example, brought in the highest no vote on same-sex marriage: nearly 72 percent. But only 61 percent could bring themselves to favor banning the bud.

Nineteen counties voted no on both measures, but their votes were outweighed by heavy support in the more populated areas; Adams’ no votes on same-sex marriage, for example, totaled 3,394 — mist against King County’s tidal wave of 638,939 yes votes.

What the yes votes mean is still up for interpretation.

“Elevating desires”

To David DeWolf, who teaches law at Gonzaga University, a Catholic institution in Spokane, the votes reflect individuals disconnecting from the rest of society, “elevating the desires of the individual over the needs of the community.”

DeWolf, a Catholic, sees the votes as “sort of a reversion to a less developed way of living,” he said. “The impulse here is a kind of selfish, me-oriented way of not wanting to think about the impact my behavior might have on the rest of society.”

He, too, thinks about ancient Rome. “The introduction of Christianity was the introduction of a way of understanding ourselves that says we’re made for better things, we’re capable of real charity and concern for one another and living a life of virtue.”

Christian virtues, which he believes were ignored in this election, have created “much of what we value in society,” DeWolf said. “In my mind, this is an unhappy reversion to a pagan understanding of ourselves and of society.”

Steve Beren, a conservative Christian political consultant from Seattle who has run unsuccessfully against U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, says just because something is celebrated doesn’t mean it’s right. “I feel bad for those people, because they’re celebrating what they’re doing wrong,” he says.

He sees the votes as giving license to people to do other things he considers wrong. Each time something “clearly wrong or obviously immoral” is given sanction, celebrated or even ignored, it implicitly sanctions other immoral acts, he says — for example, President Clinton’s sexual transgressions.

Despite seeing the recent votes as moral deterioration, “I don’t necessarily buy that it’s irreversible,” Beren says. “If you go back into history, you’ll see they were burning people at the stake and sacrificing children.”

Too much government

Wilbur, the GOP party chairman — who describes himself as a “devout Lutheran” — says he believes that voters who said yes to same-sex marriage and pot don’t necessarily support those things. “I think people are saying, ‘It’s none of the government’s business,’ ” he said. “I think there’s a strong libertarian streak out there.”

As a political leader, he isn’t inclined to move to another state, he said.

“I’m not going to give up my home state quite so easily, and no reason why I should. There’s hope out there! There’s people I’ve got to convince they’re wrong.”

Besides, Wilbur quipped, “Our hope is people smoke enough pot, they’ll forget to vote, and then we’ll win.”

But for now, the latest votes make some conservatives, and even moderates who voted “no,” feel out of place.

Kennedy, of Human Life, says friends have been talking seriously about moving to more conservative states, such as Texas.

“It’s not fun always feeling like an outsider,” he said. “I feel like I should carry around a sign that says, ‘Unclean, unclean.’ ”

Still, he says, somebody has to hold the line against devolution.

“This is missionary country, I guess. If you want to fight the battle, you’ve got to be on the front line, and this is the front line.”

His daughter, Lisa, a 21-year-old senior at Seattle University, has had the same uncomfortable experience.

She thought that by going to a Catholic school, she said, she’d be surrounded by like-minded conservatives.

That’s not how it went.

Now, she’s compiling notes for a book she’s tentatively titled, “A Conservative Fish in Liberal Sea(ttle).”

“It’s hard to always be around people who disagree with me,” says Lisa Kennedy. “Abortion, gay marriage — I either have to hold my tongue around them or start an argument.”

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A Dictator President and Democratic Party, are they Really U.S Citizens

Comment By Bob L.

Obama will risk going over ‘cliff’ to get what he wants, he has done this since day one of his Presidency, because had two years to get what he wanted, but he spent that time blaming the Republicans for all the problems in this Country and when he voted for a lot of the problems we see today before he became President.
Obama: No deal on ‘fiscal cliff’ without higher tax rates for the wealthy (

All the people who believe that Obama is doing a good job, is this how you protect this Country from becoming a third world nation which Obama is steering this Country, then you are really sick.

Today people are so brain washed by listening to other people who don’t know what is going on because they are lazy and don’t care about this Country like minorities who can not think for them selves, and minorities are not one race, they are all races who are lazy and don’t want change so they can sit back and let some one else feed them and give them money, and not earn it (as Obama says spread the wealth for the lazy), so they can sit back and talk about how having to work is offensive. 

And talking about OFFENSIVE you now have groups in this Country using it to change and destroy our CONSTITUTION and our Freedom and using the courts to get their way.

House Democrats continue to tag Republicans as ‘hostage takers’


Obama may let U.S. Go over cliff on purpose

Analysis: Obama could risk going over ‘cliff’
By JULIE PACE | Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — It may be just a bluff or a bargaining ploy, but the White House is signaling that President Barack Obama is willing to let the country go over the “fiscal cliff,” a hard-line negotiating strategy aimed at winning concessions from Republicans on taxes.

If Washington really does fail to avert the looming series of tax hikes and spending cuts, the White House will portray Republicans as the culprits for insisting on protecting tax cuts for the wealthy, an effort the administration is laying the groundwork for now.

“This is a choice of the Republican Party,” said Dan Pfeiffer, White House communications director. “If they are willing to do higher rates on the wealthy, there’s a lot we can talk about. And if they are not, then they’ll push us over the cliff.”

But going over the cliff also would be full of risk for a president fresh off re-election and facing at least two more years of divided government.

Ending the year without a deal could roil financial markets and dent consumer confidence just as the economy is strengthening. It could make it harder for Obama to get Republican help on his second-term priorities like overhauling the immigration system and the nation’s tax code, or in getting potential Cabinet replacements confirmed.

And it would signal to the country that the president’s campaign prediction that the GOP “fever” would break following his re-election was a pipe dream.

House Speaker John Boehner says Obama is playing a risky game. “If the president really wants to avoid sending the economy over the fiscal cliff, he has done nothing to demonstrate it,” the speaker said.

White House advisers say the president wants to avoid going into next year without a tax and spending deal, a scenario they say would hurt the economy. But with few signs of progress in postelection negotiations with Republicans, administration officials are hardening their warning that Obama will take that risk if the GOP refuses to drop its opposition to raising tax rates on families making more than $250,000 a year.

Of course, the White House warning could be a bluff, offered in the belief that Republicans are unlikely to back down on taxes unless they believe Obama is willing to go over the cliff.

The White House says Obama’s firm stand on tax rate increases for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans is driven by economics. The debt-saddled country can’t afford to continue with the George W. Bush-era tax cuts, the president and his advisers argue.

Obama has made that case to Republicans before only to back down in the final stages of negotiations. But this time around, the president and his team believe they hold the political leverage.

There is some evidence to bolster that notion. Taxes were a centerpiece of the presidential campaign, with Obama running on a pledge to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and return their rates to where they were in the 1990s, when the economy was thriving.

Exit polls showed that 60 percent of voters supported that position, an even higher percentage than backed Obama’s re-election.

A new poll also suggests a majority of Americans would blame Republicans if the government goes over the fiscal cliff. Just 27 percent of those surveyed said they would blame Obama, compared with 53 percent who said they would point the finger at the GOP, according to the Washington Post-Pew Research Center Poll.

Seeking to cement those impressions, the White House is casting Republicans as willing to forgo tax cuts for the middle class in order to protect lower rates for wealthier Americans. Rates for all income earners will go up at the end of the year if both sides can’t reach a deal.

In turn, Republicans say Obama is acting like a stubborn partisan who will put the economy in peril in order to get his way.

“My sense is the White House wants to go over the cliff,” said Tony Fratto, a former Treasury and White House official under President George W. Bush. “That may be the only way they get rates they want.”

Going over the cliff could mark a new low in the relationship between the president and congressional Republicans. While the contentious debates earlier in Obama’s first term over funding the government and raising the nation’s borrowing limit went right up to the edge, both sides were always able to reach a deal.

As Obama ran for re-election, he sought to assure voters weary of Washington’s bickering that things would be better if he won a second term.

Speaking to supporters in June, he said, “I believe that if we’re successful in this election — when we’re successful in this election — that the fever may break.”

“My hope, my expectation, is that after the election, now that it turns out that the goal of beating Obama doesn’t make much sense because I’m not running again, that we can start getting some cooperation again,” he added optimistically.

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Red White and Blue What does it Mean


One thing the Red White and Blue is not, it does not stand for Piece, Freedom and the law of the Constitution of the United States, it now stands for Lying, Cheating, and deceiving, and now Corruption.

Our Government today does not recognize what our flag means, they say that they Pledge Allegiance to the flag every day before they start the day, but do they really honor it for the true meaning, or just to stay on the side of people who do believe in it. Continue reading

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The Collapse of Free Enterprise!!!

Comment By Bob L.

All problems that happens in this Country, leads right back to Federal, State, County, and City Governments that spend more than they take in, so they Tax thinking that they have an endless money tree, problem is the tree is gone, so what are they going to do, tax until they have to file for Bankruptcy, and then sell out to who will buy them out.

To day the Government is now running every thing in all Americans life, and the American has no longer any say in what is going to happen in this country. Continue reading

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Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost, or Funds is Expand I 5

Comment Up Date To Pierce Transit Seeks Tax Boost

Pierce Transit wants you to pass a TAX INCREASE to open up  Bus routes that they closed for shortage of money, or was it because of misuse of funds spent on other things, NOW if this tax passes, how much of this money will go to Bus Service or some thing else and not to State Highway funding to increase more TRAFFIC and POLLUTION to Pierce and King County, that will bring in more traffic from Counties that DON”T have to PAY for E-CHECK to be able to drive their cars. Continue reading

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If It is Born,Walks,Talks,Then Tax Until It Kills,Then Tax That

Comment By Bob L.

Now that the IRS is involved, you can forget about this health care being covered here in the United States, Obama will use it for other Countries as he has said in the past, if you think back a few years, he made the comment that Africans need help in Health care and this is why he is for Cap and Tax, to take away

from Americans and give it to the world because we have so much money here. Continue reading

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This Is A Sad Day For American, It May Already Be Gone

My Opinion By Bob L.

In his Obamacare ruling, John Roberts called the president a tax-and-spend liberal

This Is A Sad Day For Most Americans, they are saying to get on with getting people back to work, but if any one with any BRAINS should know that a company can not hire people if they are close to going BANKRUPT if this Government puts more Regulations and Taxes on these Companies, but this is what this Country want, is to put this Country under one WORLD control, not sure check Government operations since the death of JFK. Continue reading

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