Thank You For Your Comments, Farewell To All

Comment By Bob L.
Dec. 3rd 2013

christmas_candlechristmasholly9As they say things can not sustain itself without money, that same thing goes for people in private life, you do not have to be a business to be able to survive without money, it is happening to Americans every day, and they are not the ones at fault, society is the cause.

People who are exposing these problems of what is going on, are being called trouble makers, trouble makers are the people who won’t listen to what is happening, and by doing this they are doing just what the Government wants, they want the people to turn against each other, and this is what is   happening.

They are using IRS, FBI, EPA, Environmentalists, Special Interest Groups, Churches, Foreign Interest (allowing Terror groups to come in as refuges, some have been caught) and they are using the Race Card every time some one does some thing that does not go their way, this is used by both sides, and by doing this, it puts more pressure on the people and getting them fighting each other, and this list of people know that this will cause the biggest problem and get them fighting so the Government and the rich can keep Americans not trusting each other, the people who you should not trust, are these same people YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST.

We the people should be trusting the people they work with each day, not the people who say that they are working for you, and if you have noticed they are not, they are only working for them selves, so we the people have to get together and take this Country back and put it back in the hands of the United States Constitution, and not in the hands of the people who are trying to DESTROY IT.

As they say people are their own worst enemy, and this is so today, they are afraid to trust the people they work with, which I do believe is true but you can not deny it, but we the people have to get over it and start to think about what you want to leave your Kids and Grandkids, WHAT FUTURE do you want to leave them, do you want them living under control of a Dictator and living under the total control of Suppression like the Novel of Ebenezer Scrooge, Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

As I go on, I agree that we are headed towards the bankruptcy of this country, just like the Citizens who will be in line headed forward to seeing a Judge in the next Ten Years because the more people who can not find a job, why can’t they, who is blocking them from finding a job, and why are we still Discriminating of all Legal American Citizens to get a good Education, Jobs, good Health Care, not free Care.

When it comes to jobs, who has control of who works and who does not, THE RICH, who control who gets hired and how, again the Rich, where does Racial Discrimination start, the people who CONTROL THE JOB, SO, who should be Prosecuted for Discrimination, not the people, but the people who set the rules of hiring, then on the other hand, unless the Companies start hiring people to work and cut back on MACHINES, there will not be any jobs to go to, and by this there will not be an income to support buying power for products and money to keep this Country Operating.

Watching Presidential Powers and The Constitution, the same thing was happening as usual, Democrats got up and went through the same thing, Name Calling, Race Card, and this is the problem every time some thing does not go their way, we as American Citizens need to get rid of this, we need to ban all Special Applications and make it that all Legal Americans are Equal, and no Special Privileges for any Legal U.S. Citizen.

This will be the last time I will be able to make any Comments, I am having to shut down my Internet Connection that keeps me from going stir crazy, I have done this since 2003 after a stroke, I know you will say good, well, I am one of those who got stung with Obamacare, and he says no one will get hurt with this plan (to take over), well it is not just hurting the Middle and Lower Class, it is also hurting the Sick and Elderly.

I want to wish you all a happy holiday season and wish you a safe and long life under what they want to tell you what to do with your life.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND MAY YOUR GOD BE WITH YOU, I know we all have some one we believe in and follow.

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Happy Holliday’s to All Around the World

From Bob L. And Family

Every year people around the world celebrate the holidays in their own way, then you have some that don’t like the way they celebrate it so they stick their nose in and try to change it, this also goes for Religion, this does nothing but cause tension around the world.

I don’t care how any one celebrates these Holliday’s, I have been asked why I don’t ever say Merry Christmas, well that is because not everyone does, so for years I stick to Happy Holliday’s and Seasons Greetings.  SO TO ALL AROUND THE WORLD I SAY PEACE AND JOY!  AND

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Senate Democrats: Back to Reckless Deficit Spending!

By Bob L.


John HaywardBy John Hayward

Your money is burning a hole in their pockets.

The corpse of the Super Committee was not even cold before Democrats tore off their silly “deficit hawk” disguises and got back to spending your money like water.  As reported by The Hill, they’re itching to throw another $400 billion on the national debt, as quickly as possible: Continue reading

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“Cake” in Spain, Hypocrisy at Home

This article says it all, it shows just exactly what the Obama’s think of the American taxpayer, and America.


By Andrea Billups


As many families in America struggle to pay their bills amid a sticky recession and deep unemployment, now at 9.5%, Michelle Obama’s luxe vacation to Spain has sparked out-of-touch outrage that has even the European press crying muy mal.

While the White House spokesman has described her trip with youngest daughter Sasha as private—and the First Lady reportedly paid for her own travel expenses—the European voyage cost taxpayers close to a quarter million dollars in presidential security.

That figure has drawn a fierce public scolding from press types and political watchers here and across the pond who dubbed the Obamas hypocrites for urging belt-tightening Continue reading

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Embarrassingly Stupid Americans, the Video!

By Bob L.
July 7, 2010

I have been saying all along that people in this Country are so rapped up in them selves that they could care less what happens in this Country, I have said that people in this Country can’t stop looking in the mirror to see what is happening to this Country, and people in this country today have no clue about our HOLIDAYS and what they represent, except to go out and drink and party, and here is the PROOF:

And just think these are the people that are going along with every thing that our Government wants, well keep it up and you will definitely lose you freedom and your jobs.

And they say they have a good education system, maybe before 1960.

Jason MatteraBy Jason Mattera

I could’ve also titled this piece “Cringe-Worthy” and “Mind-Numbingly Painful to Watch.” Um, the video you’re about to see is that awful for two reasons: 1) It’s a clear reminder that we’re losing our ethos and heritage as a country and 2) Wow, oh wow, our education system is quite the disaster. So here’s the deal: On the cusp of the Fourth of July, late-night comedian Jay Leno filmed one of his usual “Jaywalking” segments, this time testing the historical knowledge Continue reading

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