Do You Trust Out FDA Or CDC To Protect You

Comment By Bob L

TN_death%20by%20heart%20attackHere we go again, another product on the shelves and our FDA is doing what about it, all they seem to do is warn, why not do as England, BAN IT, but I am sure you know why they don’t do any thing about it, $$$$ in their pockets to keep quiet, typical Government, just like the Tomatoes with E coli, and just think, Obama was in office then too..


Lawsuit Revisits Shady Stimulant In ‘Jack3d’

Written by: ThePostGame Staff
Friday, February 15, 2013

On the morning of June 1, 2011, Michael L. Sparling took the recommended dose of the workout booster Jack3d before doing a drill with his Army unit.

During the workout Sparling collapsed, and several hours later he died at a hospital of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

Sparling had purchased the Jack3d in a GNC store at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Despite a warning issued by the FDA in April 2012, the powder is still available in GNC stores across the country as well as online.

Now, Sparling’s parents are suing GNC as well as USPlabs, the developerPerformance-Enhancing Supplements Make For Big Business and marketer of Jack3d. The Sparlings are claiming that GNC and USPlabs misleadingly marketed Jack3d and did not warn consumers about its potential health risks.

A stimulant contained in Jack3d, dimethylamylamine (DMAA), has been linked to several deaths recently. In 2011, DMAA was identified in the toxicology reports of two soldiers’ deaths. It was also found in the body of Claire Squires, a British woman who died while running the London Marathon in 2012. Jack3d has since been banned in England.

Products containing DMAA, like Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, are commonly marketed as workout boosters. But in its warning letter last April, the FDA noted that firms that produce these supplements have failed to demonstrate the safety of their key ingredient, DMAA.

At the time of the letter, a spokesman for GNC said the company disagreed with the FDA’s conclusion and was “unaware of any scientific or medical evidence which calls the safety of DMAA into question.”

The lack of DMAA regulation troubles many in the medical profession.

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“[DMAA] is a pharmaceutical-grade product which is being directly introduced into the supplement marketplace with absolutely no regulatory oversight,” Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, told the New York Times.

Last month New York State Sen. Jeffrey Klein called for DMAA to be banned from all sports nutritional supplements in the state. Klein labeled DMAA as “possibly the most dangerous, lethal and unregulated performance-enhancing drug on retail shelves today.”

GNC supplement“The FDA is still taking a wait-and-see approach, still looking at it, still investigating it. I think we have to act now,” Klein told reporters in January. “We’re putting young people and people who are interested in sports, people getting sort of a quick fix at risk each and every day.”

Klein’s concern with the FDA’s inaction is not unique to him. Steve Mister, the chief executive of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, told the New York Times that the FDA needed to be more clear about how it views DMAA.

“It is incumbent upon the F.D.A. to make a decision as to whether it is a legitimate and safe dietary ingredient,”Mister said.

This is far from the first time USPlabs has gone to court to defend or protect its product. In December, it reached a $2 million settlement with consumers in California court while also agreeing to make warning statements larger and easier to understand.

In October, USPlabs sued the owner of a supplements store in Reno, Nev., who described Jack3d as an “amphetaminelike compound” that “speeds up your heart rate” and could “possibly” cause death. The lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Dallas, was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

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What’s This Country Coming To, It IS Surely Education

Comment By Bob L.

Teaching GREED

Teaching GREED

I can under stand a dress code, but hair, schools have put them selves as judge and jury, look at how  some schools let kids come to school in rag-tag close  that should have been trashed lone ago.

Look back when dress was just short of suit and tie, and girls wore dresses to the knee, but that is not the point, the point is that schools have gone more to teaching greed than the importance of an education, and back than you did not have the sex and drug problem like today, and why is that, my opinion is that teachers want the money but not the work, and parents are more into parties and drinking than worried about what their kids are doing.

Don't kids Deserve a Better Education than Greed and Breaking the Law

Don’t kids Deserve a Better Education than Greed and Breaking the Law

I can still remember when Tacoma school teachers went on strike and holding signs saying, NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND, NOT, no student left behind, this just shows the ignorance and greed of society today, then they sit back and make the comment that we are falling behind the rest of the world on education, gee I wonder why, when you teach greed, what do you think will happen, students think that is more important than a good education, or they drop out from boredom.

If school started teaching a good trade in school along with READING, WRITING, AND MATH, then maybe kids will look at schools as more productive for their future and what they want to do when they get out, and less time on drugs and trying to make babies for some thing to do, it is time that schools stop putting minorities down and teach them the same as every one else, but no they keep telling them they have to work harder, NO if education was the same for every one, then you would not have the racial problem that you have today, and this administration today is not helping solve the problem.


Utah Teen Kicked Out of Class for Dyeing her Hair… Auburn?

By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine Beauty on Shine

In the past few months, schools have banned everything from yoga pants and Ugg boots to birthday candles and peanut butter sandwiches. But one Utah middle school is cracking down on hair color—even if the color in question isn’t a garish blue or green but just a dark shade of red.

Related: What Else Has Been Banned From Schools?

After being kicked out of class last week for dyeing her brown hair auburn, an honors student at a Utah middle school has been allowed to return to school—but only after she toned down her hair color.

Though Rylee MacKay, 15, had been dyeing her hair the same shade every six weeks since September, it wasn’t until earlier this month that the school took issue with the color. On Feb. 4, Hurricane Middle School vice principal Jan Goodwin spotted Rylee in the halls and ordered her into the office. She had just had her hair touched up two days earlier.

The Washington County School District dress code states that “Hair, including beards, mustaches and sideburns, should be groomed so that it is neat and clean. Hair color must be a naturally occurring color; i.e. red, brown, black, blonde.” And while Rylee’s stylist had assured her that her new color complied with the dress code, Goodwin felt that Rylee’s auburn-hued hair didn’t look natural enough.

“In the light he said it was pinkish-purplish,” Rylee told KUTV. “He told me to have it fixed by the next day or I couldn’t come back to school.”

But she didn’t want to dye her hair back to brown—and her mother refused to make her.

“I absolutely am not going to dye it brown. That is not an option,” Amy MacKay told Utah news station on Sunday. Rylee had a hard time with the family’s move to Hurricane two and a half years ago, MacKay said, and when she was finally allowed to dye her hair last year she felt better about herself. “My daughter feels beautiful with the red hair. Changing her hair really changed her; she really blossomed,” she explained. “And now I have to say, ‘No, sorry, you have to dye it brown?’ I’m not going to change it back.”

MacKay said that the district’s hair policy is too open to interpretation. “It’s totally his opinion whether it’s too bright or not,” she told “There’s no set standard, no hair palette you can look at and say, ‘OK, I’ll go with that red’.”

But school officials insist that the rules are not arbitrary.

“We deal with dress code issues nearly every day, specifically hair issues maybe once per week,” Hurricane Middle School Principal Dr. Roy Hoyt, explained to Yahoo! Shine in an interview on Tuesday. “Most of the time it is a situation where students color their own hair and it doesn’t come out as they had intended.”

“Most of time it is a judgement call for the administration,” Hoyt added. “This student’s hair did not meet the expectation of naturally colored hair. We apply this standard consistently to all students and nearly every parent is supportive.”

After four days of washing her hair at home, Rylee’s hair had faded enough to be acceptable to school administrators, and she was allowed back in class. “All I wanted to do was just get back to school,” she told KUTV on Monday. Hoyt confirmed that Rylee’s hair now met school standards, even though she hadn’t re-dyed it.

“We are small school in a conservative community,” he told Yahoo! Shine. “While this policy may seem restrictive, it does establish a behavioral expectation. When these standards/expectations are established and enforced for seemingly small things it provides for a school culture where more egregious offenses are less likely to occur.”

Parents and former students took to Facebook to weigh in on the controversy.

“My daughter went through the same thing there last year, but they told her she could stay because there were only three days left of school,” Elizabeth Ebert said in response to a local newspaper’s poll about MacKay’s hair color on Facebook. “However, they also told me she would have to change it back in order to start school this year.”

“I went to HMS about 6 years ago and this doesn’t shock me one bit,” Danielle Ritchey said in response to a local newspaper’s poll. “This school really needs to focus on things that matter, like drug use, sex, and peer bullying and stop those…. I’m pretty sure the long term effects of being a drug user or a teen mom are a lot worse than putting some color in one’s hair.”

Also on Shine:

School Officials Ban Kilts from Prom Because They’re “Not Normal”

A Ban on Make-Up and Mirrors in High School?

Should Schools Ban Candy for Valentine’s Day?

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Shutdown Corner Canadian man misses Super Bowl trip after 1981 pot bust

Comment By Bob L.

All of you that just have to have your pot and other spirits, a 1981 pot bust denies entry to U.S., this also goes for you going out of this Country.

So Smoke them cigarettes and all those other things you do that are Illegal, some where it will come back to haunt you, and you can not blame any one but your self, because you just had to have it.


Canadian man misses Super Bowl trip after 1981 pot bust denies him entry to U.S.

By Frank Schwab Shutdown Corner

Myles Wilkinson won a fantasy football contest to attend Super Bowl XLVII, but his dreams of going to the big game went up in smoke because of a 1981 pot bust.

According to a story by the CBC, the 50-year Canadian man was denied entry to the United States this week because of a conviction for possession of two grams of marijuana over 30 years ago.

Wilkinson, a Seattle Seahawks fanfrom Vancouver Island, beat out almost four million other players to win the trip to see the San Francisco 49ers play the Baltimore Ravens. But when he got to the airport on Thursday, U.S. customs agents brought up an arrest the man had when he was 19. They denied him entry to the country and ended any chance of making it down to New Orleans for a memorable weekend.

“I had two grams of cannabis. I paid a $50 fine,” Wilkinson told CBC. “I can’t believe that this is happening, for something that happened 32 years ago.”

CBC said Bud Light Canada, who sponsored the contest, invited Wilkinson to their Super Bowl party in Vancouver after hearing about his unfortunate situation.

That’s a nice gesture and Vancouver is a very beautiful city, but let’s be blunt: It’s also the most depressing consolation gift ever.

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Who do we Blame About These Killings, YOU!

Comment By Bob L.

All you HYPOCRITES, before you jump on the GUN BAN band wagon, you better stop admiring your self in the mirror and take a REAL GOOD LOOK at your self and what you have done.

I can remember in the earlier years when you went out side and played Cowboys and Indians, your parents told us that you don’t point any thing at any one unless you planed to kill them, in other words you never point any thing at any one, BUT as these kids grew up they decided that there was nothing wrong with pointing toy guns while playing.

JWI_LaserTagNow look at where we are at today, Violent MOVIES, th 3VIDEO GAMES, LASER TAG, and PAINT BALL, and NOW they have added this, REAL GUNS, now WHO do you think is responsible, YOU YES YOU, you are the ones who gave your kids any thing they wanted, so now who do you want to blame, NOW YOU CAN LOOK IN THE MIRROR and see what a hypocrite looks like.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, gee don’t I look good, now who looks good, YOU or the DEAD CHILDREN.

Good luck all you YUPPIES that want every thing, well now you are going to pay the price.

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(Part 1) LAW: Enforcement or the LACK of IT

Comment : By Bob L.

Here we go again, another Dumb comment, but how can you not comment on what is going on with the Laws today, there are so many laws on the book that are not be Enforced, WHY you might ask your self, because each new law  counter acts another, don’t get mad at the me for my comments, get mad at the Instigator’s of the problems,  ALL Bleeding Hearts and Government Agencies who keep making these new laws instead of enforcing the ones that are already on the books.

405987_392699840825064_515728870_nNew gun laws, how about enforcing the old ones, or is that to hard to do, get the Law Books Out and start Enforcing them NOW or you might just as well close all Prisons, Jails, and any place of Detention if you can not enforce these laws, you might just as well let vigilantes enforce the laws, oh that’s right, this is why they are out to take away your rights to protect your self and your Families lives.

Lets start at the bottom, you have high-priced Police Officers driving around in public owned vehicles thinking that if they just show that they are present they won’t have to do the job they were hired to do, BUT you CAN NOT HOLD that against them, they are doing what they can, they are putting their lives on the line every day to protect the public, but then you have bleeding hearts changing the laws or wanting new laws  because they are afraid that it might be them that gets stopped or arrested. Ask them (Police) how many times they have ARRESTED some one and find out they are back on the street before they can finish their paper work (or the ink dries), a good example of them not doing their job and still being called on the carpet by these Bleeding Hearts when they ( the Policemen), took it upon themselves to punish these vandals by making them do push ups on the sidewalk when they caught them instead of arresting them (gee police brutality), SO HOW do you expect them to do their jobs, and then you expect them to not have a temper with the way the laws are today with the attitude of people when they get Arrested or Stopped.

Now you have the Court System with over paid Judges which interprets the laws the way they want to, not the way it is written, good example, take California in the case of Rape, just look around you, look how many of these laws are misused today, how about this, you go to court with a jury trial, they find you not guilty, then the court turns around and says that you can be sued for wrongful, even though you were found not guilty by your peers, (miss use of the law) which in this case, YOU, should be able to sue for harassment, because you were found not guilty.

Then you have the Lawyer who get more money per hour then you can afford to pay, but if you need a Lawyer you have to pony up the money or take what the people against you will dish out, yet here we go again, interpret the laws the way they want, not how they are written, so when it comes down to it you are at the mercy of all these laws that are written to protect criminals, not law-abiding Citizens.


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Ten Times a Hypocrite Just Like the Rest

Comment: By Bob L.

I might have some dumb comments, but they are no dumber than the way people act and things they do today, it is what I see and read that makes my opinion, Some might not be a true story today but usually ends up true later, but it is how I see it, and usually it does becomes fact down the road.

I remember a few years back when Nixon was elected on his Honesty, yet some did not trust him, and wallah look what happen, then no one admitted that they voted for him, well here we go again, another Honest President that has not done any thing but protect him self and his Family for life, but not YOURS, but a President who has done every thing to bring this country down, I have not seen so many U.S. Citizens so BRAIN WASHED  do so little to protect this County where they were born, I could say more, but that will be another Dumb story to what I see going on in this Country today from the past years.


NRA hits Obama over ‘hypocrisy’ of armed guards for daughters

By Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News | The Ticket

In a sign of how brutal, emotional and deeply personal the coming battle over gun violence is likely to be, the National Rifle Association on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for having the Secret Service protect his daughters even as he opposes the NRA’s call for armed guards in schools.

The Web video, first obtained by The Blaze, opens with a narrator asking, “Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?”

The 35-second video makes no effort to hide the tension and animosity between the NRA and Obama, even stepping into the recent “fiscal cliff” debate.

The video continues, “Mr. Obama demands that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security” as an altered image of the president peers over a stack of dollar bills, followed by images of “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden.

A White House official declined to comment on the video. However, spokesman Jay Carney did announce that Obama would outline his administration’s plan to address gun violence on Wednesday.

Eric Pfeiffer contributed to this report.

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Is College Education helping America?

Comment By Bob L.

Do we need just College Educated jobs, NO, we need jobs for all legal Americans because not all will go to College.

Some use College just to hide or run from this Country to keep from having to go into the Military to protect this Country, (these are what you call Cowards) Just like Obama, (how many years did he serve in the military to say that he was qualified do the job as Commander in Chief). BIG FAT ZERO.

Has College Education done anything to keep America and all Americans working or has it put more on the outside looking in, just look at where we are today, and even college grads are not coming up with a job.

This Country needs people who know the value of a DOLLAR, but some people are out spending money that they don’t own, so they think they can spend as much as they want, just look around and you can see how much money has been wasted.

These people who have a college education have proven that they don’t know the true value of the all mighty Dollar, they talk about infrastructure, but when it comes to maintaining   infrastructure, they spend more money elsewhere, by doing this they take away from other places that needed it.

Sure we need more jobs, but let’s do it by repairing what we have, not adding more, if you look you can see that it is not working, all it is doing is falling behind on what should be done, where has all this money gone that was slated for the infrastructure, it is not hard to see if you have your eyes open, but if you are a YUPPY who is telling these elected official’s where to spend this money, then it should come out of their pockets, not the Taxpayer who needs a steady full-time job that is not a public servant, we need more private sector jobs.

A good example of poor planning, trolleys, over the years they have gotten rid of any history that once was, Electric trains, same thing, now that everyone is pushing for green, but the only problem is no matter what you do is not going to be green, if you want to cut down the use of oil and gas, that means going electric, but to go electric commuter, that takes Coal, Gas, and Nuclear.

How much money are they going to spend before they find out that there is not enough money to cover what they want, a good example, how much money have they stuffed in to taking over abandoned old track and then tear out them out and put down asphalt, (these abandoned tracks could have been used for Commuting) if they had any brains, they would have thought about the future, but they were more for spending money to make YUPPIES Happy so they would get reelected.

What is going to happen when these tree that they planted in the middle of these roads grow up, what about what these ruts will do getting under the roads and tearing up the asphalt, did they ever think about that, or were they just lining some ones pockets and producing public works jobs, and what is going to happen when they go to maintain all this green? (Cause traffic problems while they work on the middle of these road gardens.)

Like they say history repeats its self, but now it cost more to bring it all back.

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Winners And Losers – ZERO

Comment By Bob L.

Winners, Losers, and Peace, ZERO, you will never see it in the life of the world, as long as the world exist, you will never see any of it, you will have to destroy every living thing to get it.

No President, King, Queen, or Dictator will never see Peace, because Greed and Jealousy will Prevail over clear thinking, this is where people think that they can change Religion of people and how they worship from what they have known since Birth, people who have their nose in some one Else’s lives don’t want some one telling them what to do OR how to Practice theirs Religion (keep your nose out of other people’s lives, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones).

Look at Society today, they not happy with the way the Country is today, so they want to push their Beliefs on every one and have special protections so no one can complain about what they are doing, here are a few examples, Atheists wanting Religious land marks torn down that have been there for years, Same Sex Marriage, why now is this so important, or is it just for publicity because people say NO, they all talk about being Offensive to them, but don’t care how offensive to others, to me seeing TWO MEN or WOMEN out in Public playing with each other and KISSING is Offensive, they don’t care if it is Offensive to others, it is nothing but Fetish Sex,

Greed and Jealousy are the same thing, just used in different ways, Obama showed just how much greed is in this Country since this Country has come out with saying who is going to have a job and who is not, but the problem is, Where is all this money going to come from if no one is working, sure it is nice to collect money and do nothing for it, this will bring on a Great Depression of Grand Style that you will never see again because it will never end.

Greed has helped a lot of jobs to disappear, (you have to add Jealousy in there too) don’t just put the blame it on the working class, it starts at the TOP and works its way down, WHAT, YES, the TOP Starts giving them selves more money as the Company’s profits go up, then they say their earning are down so they have to cut work force, so they can pay their stock holder, this is not what I learned in school about what the Stock market was used for, it was not to give out a steady pay check (greed again), it was to help Companies Operate, it was not a 100% guarantee of a return, that is why you have a JOB, that job is what produces a return, but if you don’t produce a product to buy, then a Company can not Generate money to operate (this is where a good return comes in).

Today Corporations are paying out so much money at the top, they will never provide jobs for people over time. Look how many jobs have been lost to computer that will never produce enough jobs to keep them operating, what does it take to work on these computers, ONE person to keep 30 or more Computers up and running, how many people lost their jobs because of these computers? How many recalls of products do to lack of workers to do a good job because faster production ? (instead of slowing down to make it a better product and putting people in to see it done right and safely)



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Where Is All Are Tax Money Going

This for all who vote and pass taxes and not knowing where they are going!
By Bob L.
Sept,12, 2012

Does any one care where ALL YOUR taxes go that are passed every year?

I don’t know about you, but I would like to know just where all this money is going, because I can not see any progress anywhere around that they put on the ballot for, take for example, School Maintenance, why is it every time that they ask for money to keep up crumbling Schools, it ends up that they always need to build new ones to replace one that are falling apart, WHERE is all this maintenance bond money being spent?

It seems that every time a maintenance  bond is passed Teachers go on strike for more money, it sounds like it goes to Teachers, Administrators, and Unions, but not to keep up the School that it was supposed to go to.

This also goes for the States, Counties, Cities, and the Federal Government, where is all this Tax Money that they are collecting from the American Citizens going to, they keep saying that our highways are falling apart, but what are they doing about it, nothing but wanting to make them Bigger and wider Highways, if they keep this up, this country will be nothing but one sheet of Asphalt and Concrete, and at this rate you might just as well for get about Global Warming and water conservation, because Asphalt and Concrete will drain any water right to the Oceans if they are still in existence, because Asphalt and Concrete will be one big radiant heater, and if you want heat you got it.

How much Tax money is Exported every year to rebuild Foreign Countries, then from this we have to borrow money to keep this up, and in the mean time our Country is Crumbling, SO Where is all the tax money going, I sure can not see any improvement in this Countries Infrastructure.

I see a lot of money being spent on things for Special Interest Groups and lobbyist like Stadiums, Eyesore land marks that down the road get torn down for progress, Turtle Crossings, and now Over passes for wildlife, but not for where it suppose to go.

And now they want to waste Money on telling schools on what kids are going to eat at school, or lose funding.

And remember back an article about students were not allowed to bring a lunch from home because they HAD TO buy the school lunch because of Obama’s new policy, school had to follow or lose funding.

And to go along with these articles, WHY are there more medical problems today then there were years back, for one, Doctors were Doctors, today they seem to be more interested in money then being a Doctors, look at how many of them have gone in to specialties, more money, then they want to know why Insurance has gotten so expensive, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure that out, or does it, it makes me wonder with the Education and mentality of the people in the last Thirty years, it seems that they are being brain washed from birth. You know that is not far from the truth, just look how much has been removed from school books for testing and not teaching.

Well they say that Alcohol and Smoking can cause birth defects and health problems, but why are they not talking about the effects of Prescription Drugs on Birth and Health problems that they have today, they do about Illegal Drugs.

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Just More Of Obama’s Dirty Politics


Comment By Bob L.

Is This How We Teach
Freedom To Our Children,
To Lie To Get their Way

The Bald Eagle is a noble Bird and is suppose to stand for Honor and Freedom, but today I don’t think that even the Eagle would want to stick up for this Administration.

I can not believe that some one is so scared that they won’t get a second term that they would stoop so low to lying because they knows that they were not qualified in the First place to do the job. Continue reading

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