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House Scrambles to Make Copenhagen Climate Conference

By Bob L.Trash Can With Lid On Clip Art

Shit can every one those that walk off their job and go to Copenhagen, instead of doing their job in Washington DC, they were Elected to serve America and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

 fire Animation _ dinamobomb
Fire every one of them, and dock them ONE Month pay for every day they are gone, and make them reimburse the taxpayers for their travel, lodging, and and any meals and drinks they get.

December 16, 2009

The House of Representatives entered a marathon day on Capitol Hill Wednesday, with plans to tackle a slew of big-ticket items all at once so they can make it to Copenhagen for the close of the international conference on climate change.

Though the conference is in disarray and the president of the meeting, Connie Hedegaard, just resigned, U.S. lawmakers are still hoping to make it to Denmark to be part of the scene. President Obama heads over Thursday night in hopes of joining other leaders in signing some form of an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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The Department of Almost-Free Enterprise

By Chris Chocola

It was a foregone conclusion that the nation ignored the White House’s “Jobs Summit” last Thursday. Even the presidents’ allies acknowledged the afternoon confab of friendly CEOs, labor bosses, and economists was a publicity stunt. And so it was.

But if you watched cable news at all that day, you probably saw live interviews of administration officials repeating a new and not unwelcome talking point from the Obama White House. Both the vice president and president made the point in their opening remarks. Continue reading

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White House to Congress

By Bob L.man_crazygrin.gifAdolf Hitler Clip Art
This Guy is getting a little to big for his BRITCHES, and is starting to act like Hitler with all his Czars doing his job and he is doing what they say, and we can’t for get Al Gore ALSO.

It sounds like he is going to do every thing by bypassing the house and the senate, other words put his people in there and get rid of the ones who won’t do what they are told. ( Sounds like Hitler.)

When is he going to be the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, and park his ass in the White House WHERE HE BELONGS and not burning up taxpayer money constantly JET SETTING.

RedState Morning Briefing For December 10, 2009 By Erick Erickson

White House to Congress: Nice Economy You Have There. Be a Shame if Something Happened to It.

In the wake of the Obama administration’s brazen move earlier this week to bypass Congress and enact cap-and-trade via regulatory fiat, the Obama administration has now taken to actually threatening Congress to (further) harm the economy if Congress does not cover their backside by passing unwanted legislation. Click here to get the rest of this post And More.
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Top 10 Reasons to Kill Cap and Trade

Greedy Man Clip Art

By Human Events                              It is nothing but greed

1. It’s Not Getting Hotter: Five major international climate centers report that average global temperatures have not risen over the past 11 years.

2. It’s Bad Science: A British judge ruled that teachers in Great Britain’s school system will be required to issue a warning before they show students An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s controversial film on global warming. Continue reading

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The Great British Climate Fraud

animationsIs this going to prove finally that this whole thing is nothing but a MONEY ploy by big BUSINESS and the Governments.

gold and black animated

James Delingpole

By James Delingpole

It has been described as the “greatest scientific scandal of the modern age.” The story broke last Thursday when a person unknown — some say it was a hacker, others an inside-leak job — broke into the servers at Britain’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia and published at least 61megabytes of confidential data on a Russian website. Continue reading

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State tax push makes U.S. firms wary of adding jobs

By Bob L.
Federal, State, City, County, no matter how you do it, say it, collect it, it comes down to the same thing, Bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of Business, loss of jobs, and loss of taxes to keep this Country from going Bankrupt.
Until the Governments stop their GREED, and stop spending money that does not belong to them and start bringing BUSINESSES back to this Country, and lowering taxes to all and stop lining their pockets, this Country is in for a big crash again, and mite not recover this time.
By Carey Gillam

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) – Dave Huston’s Kansas-based plastics company is down to 34 employees from 63 a year ago. With the U.S. recession starting to retreat, he would like to add back workers but will likely buy new equipment instead.

The reason? With Kansas joining the ranks of U.S. states scrambling to shore up a near-insolvent unemployment insurance fund, Huston’s business is facing an almost certain rise in state payroll taxes in 2010. Continue reading

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Post-partisan or Most-partisan?

Dangerour Clip ArtYou are entering a zone of idiots very unpredictable, and can never make up their minds, and very wishy washy, or scatter brained.

By Steven Milloy

President Obama was supposed the first post-partisan president who would usher in a new era of openness and transparency in government. But the Democrats that are charged with sheparding his policies through Congress are rapidly making him the most-partisan President.From February’s largely party-line passage of the stimulus package — 60-38 in the Senate and 246-183 in the House — congressional action has only gotten more desperately partisan.In May, Rep. Henry Waxman rammed the Waxman-Markey climate bill through the House Energy and Commerce on a partisan 33-25 vote without providing committee members with a thorough analysis of the bill by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Continue reading
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Year 2012 or Sooner

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

This is what I see in the Future.

Fall out of Cap & tax, and Government health care, (or Obamacare).
More Americans will be living in boxes and portable tents, this cartoon (by
Rex Babin) shows a Country with out jobs, (lets put it this way, up coming depression,) and expanding the population of the poor in this country, and World Poverty.

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One World Government Part 1

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

If you have been listening to Obama from the start, when he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth, well that is brought up in this video about spreading the wealth, but not in the US but in a ONE WORLD Government.

And Obama can’t come up with any thing about climate change other then what Al Gore tells him, word for word, so that tells me that he does not know what he is talking about, unless some one tells him what to say, and an other point is that they can’t even get their stories straight (James Hansen says sea level will rise by 75 meters (that is around 246 feet), Al Gore sea level will rise 20 feet), now is this a profit scam or the truth, I say a scam on the world for profit. Continue reading

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