Real People, Are You One, Or are You A Greedy Want To Be?


Bob L.     Just My Opinion, BUT
Feb. 26th 2015

Is America the Country that it used to be, I can not say for sure, but I do agree to this comment from a program, if you think the same, then maybe you will start kicking some ASS with our Government, if not, then you are getting what you want, a Dictator controlled Government, not people controlled.

Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore!  6 Minutes long, Remember, the United States Is Our Country, Take Care Of It before you lose it altogether.

What is the difference between real people and the Rich and the Want to Be Rich?

Real people are happy with their lives, family and know it could be better, but are not greedy, but Rich and Want to Be Rich are never happy with what they have, they always want more, they don’t care what they do to others, they only think of them selves, not who they are putting out living on the streets, they don’t care, but don’t find a Tree, Shed, or Vacant Lot around them to live when they are forced into becoming a home less person.

Now what makes you think that they have that attitude, well I guess it is because that when some thing is done by them, they always saw, not in my back yard, well then where do you want them, you are the ones who put them on the street with their wants and gotta haves, and Higher Taxes and Rents.

People who are happy with their lives learn to live with what they have and think that taxes should be spent on things that are needed, not fancy Buildings, not for the arts, that should be financed by the people who want them, not the taxpayer, Jobs should be priority one, then comes safety improvements, Roads, Bridges, Safety for Pedestrians, and our Children, then Education run by the people not the Federal, State, Counties, OR Unions, then just maybe we might get back to an Education System that we use to have before every one else put their TWO Cents  in to it.

QUESTION: Do you think that it is fair to people who came to this Country and paid their dews to become a United States Citizen, and get them selves a good job, and then have the Government give free Citizen Ship and jobs to people who are here Illegally, and take those jobs away from the American Citizens and the People who became legal citizens and worked for what they have.

But today out Government has allowed people to come to this Country and not become a citizen and stay, and still gives them all the benefits and rights of a legal citizen, and they allow them to change our Constitution to their ways not ours that we, the American Citizens have to go by. 

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