You Are What You Make Of Your Self


Direction We Are Headed

You are you and not some ones Dummy, but today people let some one tell them what to do, well you make of your life for what you want out of it, you want a job then get an education and not let some one tell you that you are so dumb that you will never get a job, but there you are you get out of life what you put into it

People are not born dumb, they are just taught to hate, and not taught to get a good education, a good education come from you and what you want out of life, not what some one else wants you to be, people who work to together have a better chance to excel in life.

Look around you and see what is happening around the world and right here in the United States, HATRED, it was NOT the people, the Police or the people who were brought here as slaves who started Slavery, it was the Rich and the Government who write the laws and are too lazy to get out and do manual labor on a daily basis, they are the ones who say who can have a job or not, they are the ones dragging down the big wages while you struggle to make a life for your self.

Sure you can blame some one else, but it is YOU that has to pay the consequences of your actions, so when you let some one talk you into doing some thing that hurts some one else, it is you not the person instigating  the problem that made you to do it, it is the person sitting back and letting you pay the consequences of your actions.

Like they say, a divided nation can not exist, and the way the United States is headed with Four different factions pulling this Country it apart, until this Country stands together we are not long to be a free nation, so yes people today are stupid as they are saying, we let some one else lead us around by our nose, so there will be profiling, race problems, and the BIG ONE, SLAVES, or Slavery run by people who don’t want the people to join and stand up for their OWN Individual Rights as a Nation.

All the people below the Rich and all Government agencies, no matter who you are will be kept as slaves.

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