UW campaign to educate cyclists about traffic laws

Bob L.  Just My Opinion
Oct. 14 2014

Why just UW, look around, Cyclists think that they own the road and all right of ways, look at how many have been killed or injured since this state has given them the  right of way on state roadways, these cycle riders, they think that they are exempt from these laws, they don’t have an endorsement on their driver’s license that all others have to have, and a yearly license that all vehicle’s have to have and pay for to use these roadways, they don’t even have a yearly license fee on their cycles to pay for their special lanes.

When are all these so-called college educated people going to learn that all laws have to be enforced, not just the ones that they want to enforce, but no they would rather make s new law and not enforce what they have now.

And now they want ride share and the transit system to carry their cycles for them, are they paying for that service to transport their cycles plus the rider fee, it is just like the environmentalist complaining about pollution from cars and truck, but what do they do, they load their cycles on their cars instead of riding them, they hang them on the back and cover up their license plates so if they do some thing wrong, you can not read their plates, which I thought was against the law to cover up your license plates, and tail lights.

UW campaign aims to educate cyclists about traffic laws

SEATTLE — University of Washington police launched a new safety campaign Monday aimed at getting all bicyclists to follow traffic laws on a popular section of the Burke Gilman Trail.

Police said some bicyclists are ignoring the rules, which has lead to a number of close calls with drivers and pedestrians. The close calls have happened on a section of the trail that’s been re-routed because of construction.

UW Police recently conducted a study on a detoured route, which runs between Brooklyn Avenue Northeast and Mason Road. A random sample of 225 bicyclists showed about 61 percent of them didn’t yield to pedestrians or stop at stop signs, police said. Officers are concerned that bicyclists who don’t follow the rules will get hit walkers or runners in the area or get hit by a car themselves.

“I’m actually really concerned about this. I’ve seen so many near misses here,” said Shannon McManus, who works at the university.

“I think it’s important for the cars to understand what you’re gonna do because if you’re not obeying the traffic sign, then you’re behavior is unpredictable. And they might act unpredictably, as well,” said bicyclist Nicole Nichols. “I think it’s an issue that we need to have people behaving better on both bikes and in cars. Because there’s also cars that can be excessively aggressive… and for no good reason, cutting people off.”

UW Police plan to spread the word about the campaign using social media websites and other media.

For now, officers plan to remind bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians about the rules of the road. Enforcement begins on October 27th, police said. Officers are prepared to hand out tickets, but they hope it doesn’t get to that point, officers said.

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