Blacks Need Respect, But Some Black Don’t Want It!

Bob L.    Just My Opinion
Sept. 30th 2014

I am getting tired of the way most blacks are being treated by other Blacks, they all want and need respect, but when you have others doing every thing they can to keep racial problems going in this Country, we will never get back to where most of the American people were living to where all people are equal.

Today with a black racist administration running this Country, not just the President and the Attorney General, but we have people who call themselves savior of all minorities who come and go from the White House also making decisions, they have set this Country back to the 1950’s.

Yet these people sit back and condemn what is going on when it happens, but when it goes the other way, they say and do nothing, now is that the way most Black can get respect, NO, they do just like the Whites do, they sit back and do nothing but bury their head in the sand.

Come-on people get your head out of your A– and stand up to these vigilantes, no matter who they are, if not, no one will have any respect for America, and right now, even the American Citizen does not have respect for this Country, and you won’t have any respect for your self, I keep for getting, Americans can not stop looking at and admiring them selves in the mirror because they are afraid of offending some one because they are not following the fad of the day.

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