What Do You Think About America???

Bob L.  Just My Opinion
Jan. 25th 2014

I always make the comment about stop looking in the mirror and look on the other side and see what is happening to this Country, well some one asked me the other day, have you looked in the mirror lately, and I came back and told them that I have looked in the mirror, and nothing has changed in the last sixty-five years, the only thing that has changed is that I have wrinkles, I have gotten older and my hair has tuned gray and I have put on weight, so why do I want to spend time looking in the mirror, there is more important things going on in this Country on  the other side of that mirror that should be taken care of, priority one, protecting our Freedom and Country.

582501_464073756973299_628450550_n1If you have not noticed lately, this Country is becoming turned into a Dictator Controlled Country, is this true?  yes, while you were spending all your time in front of the mirror taking pictures of your self and posting them on the internet, this Country is being taken over by a run away Government and taking away your rights of freedom set up by the U.S. Constitution, they are bending over and letting Environmentalist, Special Interest Groups, Terrorists, and people who think that it does not fit their Lifestyle, so every one has to go by what they say.

This Country was established by people from around the world who wanted a better life, they drew up a Constitution to keep from going back to Dictators and Foreign Government control, what have they done today, these same people are now coming to this Country and trying to change it back to the way things were, back then when our Ancestors came to this country for a change, they wanted to get away from that type of living, if this is what these people want, is by going back to that type of foreign control, don’t do it in this Country.

People were starting to get along with each other, race was not the word of the day, but now with this administration, we are going back to Racism, Discrimination, and Slavery, but this time it is the poor that are being used as slaves, they don’t care what color you are, or who you are, you are poor so you are now the slaves of the rich, and they are going to make sure that you stay there.

I am now Seventy and I have never seen so much hate in this Country since Obama and his czars have taken control, it seem that every time some one says a word it is racial, like Seattle, you are not to say Brown Bag, Citizen, because it is representing racial tones, and then there are these people out there stirring up problems to keep tension in this Country, they just can’t stand to see any one get ahead, see that is how they make their money by keeping people working against each other.

These people are out there doing any thing they can to keep all people from getting together and joining to fight for their freedom as Americans, YES we are all American Citizens, if you are not a citizen then join and become one, we need people to fight this Government that want to sell us to a Foreign Government, we need to keep and preserve our Constitution Fully intact and not cut down to take away our freedoms to protect our selves and our Families now and in to the future. 

This Government thinks that we the American people are stupid and they are to protect us from our selves because we don’t know what to do from day-to-day, just like the Democrats think that Woman can not take a birth control pill without them telling them to take it, because they think that they are dumb and don’t know that they have to take that pill or they will get pregnant, the same thing goes for schools, the Governments and the Unions are destroying the education in our schools today, there is too much testing and less teaching, how can you teach when they are ether on strike or in teacher conferences, or just sitting there when they should be working with the students, and not sending them home with home work that should have been taught in class.

Schools here don’t teach a trade while the kids are there to learn, they do in Foreign Countries, why do you think that the are so far ahead of the United States, and kids are not going to learn by giving teachers more money, if they are not teaching now why do they deserve any more money, they should be paying the taxpayers to let them teach their kids, because they are over paid for what they are teaching these kids today, why is it that they can keep their jobs if they are not teaching, Reading Writing, Arithmetic, and a Trade so they know what they need when they get out of school, how hard is that for schools to do that, get the Governments and the Unions out of there, then you might see a turn around in education, let the teachers do what they do best, their jobs with out that interference, if they can not do the job get rid of them, that is why they became teachers is to teach, they knew that they were not going to get rich, but that has changed today, GREED has taken over the World.

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