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At This Time, Obama Should Be More Worries About Terrorist And Bombs

Comment By Bob L.

Angry Obama rips Congress on gun bill

It seem that Obama is more interested to take control of Guns in this Country than what has happened in Boston, and New York, is this Administration trying to destroy the Constitution and America as we know it.

Obama keeps saying that he has stopped terrorism by killing Osama Bin Laden, I think that he is delusional and can not see what is coming and how many people are going to be killed.

It time to start enforcing the laws that are on the books now, and put Police back on the streets to stop things that are going on, that is more Police not less are a deterrent than passing another law that will not be enforceable with out the people to see that it is being done.


In blow to gun control backers, background check compromise falls 6 votes short

By Carrie Dann, Kelly O’Donnell and Kasie Hunt, NBC News

Despite an impassioned push by President Barack Obama and an emotional lobbying effort by the families of mass shooting victims, proponents of a compromise measure to expand gun background checks on Wednesday fell six votes short of passage in the Senate.

The vote on the amendment was 54 to 46. Sixty votes were needed for the amendment to be adopted.

The deal was the result of a deal struck between Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia. It would have extended existing background check rules to gun sales made online and at gun shows.

Speaking in the Rose Garden after the vote, a visibly frustrated Obama decried the defeat of the measure as parents of victims of last year’s Newtown school shootings and former congresswoman Gabby Giffords looked on.

“All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington,” he said sternly, urging backers of gun control to continue the fight.

Slamming critics who said that victims were used as “props,” Obama said that their voices and experiences should have been welcomed, adding that gun lobbyists “willfully lied” about the consequences of the background check measure.

As the bill was defeated, Patricia Maisch — a survivor of the Tuscon shooting that targeted Giffords — yelled “Shame on you!” from the Senate gallery.

After the vote, Maisch said outside the chamber that she screamed when she realized the amendment had been defeated.

“They need to be ashamed of themselves,” she said. “I think the ones who voted no … they have no soul. They have no compassion for the experiences that people have lived through, gun violence, who have had a child or a loved one murdered.”

President Obama reacts to Senate’s failure to pass a deal on expanded background checks for gun purchases but shows hope for future passage.

Although backed by many victims of gun violence, including the Newtown families, the legislation was vehemently opposed by the National Rifle Association, who said it infringed on the rights of gun owners.

In a statement, NRA-ILA executive director Chris Cox applauded the proposal’s defeat: “This amendment would have criminalized certain private transfers of firearms between honest citizens, requiring lifelong friends, neighbors and some family members to get federal government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution,” he said. “As we have noted previously, expanding background checks, at gun shows or elsewhere, will not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in their schools.”

Four Republicans — Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine, Mark Kirk of Illinois and amendment author Toomey — broke with the rest of the GOP to support the background check legislation.

Four Democrats — Sens. Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Mark Pryor of Arkansas — voted against it.

Those Democrats are now the targets of liberal groups vowing to advertise their ‘no’ votes. In a statement shortly after the defeat, Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Stephanie Taylor slammed the four defectors.

“Today, the Senate voted against the 91% of Americans who support background checks to stop gun violence,” she said. “We’ll be holding accountable Democrats who voted against their constituents by running ads in their states, featuring some of the 23,000 gun owners who have joined our campaign for common sense gun reform.”

Also on Wednesday, the Senate voted down an amendment backed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California that would have banned “military-style” assault weapons; it was voted down 40 to 60. By a similar margin, a proposal to limit high-capacity ammunition magazines was also defeated.

Opposition to changing the gun laws in previous weeks was so intense that some questioned whether the background check measure would even come to a vote Wednesday. Gun control backers won a surprisingly robust  bipartisan victory on a procedural vote last week that allowed debate on the background check deal.

Much of the momentum that fueled that brief victory was credited to the parents and relatives of children killed in the Newtown shootings last year. Newtown families lobbied extensively on the Hill, reportedly bringing several lawmakers to tears with deeply personal stories of the grief caused to their families when a lone gunman mowed down 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Some of the Newtown family members were present in the Senate gallery when the background check amendment was defeated.

Giffords, who narrowly escaped death after being shot in the head in 2011, and her husband Mark Kelly slammed senators for “ignoring the will of the American people.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes for an assault weapons ban in the U.S. while speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday.

“We will use every means possible to make sure the constituents of these senators know that their elected representatives ignored them, and put Washington, D.C., special interest politics over the effort to keep their own communities safer from the tragedy of gun violence,” they said in a statement.

Vice President Joe Biden, who has led the White House’s effort on the gun legislation after the Newtown shooting, presided over the Senate for the vote.

Speaking during a White House-organized Google Hangout earlier Wednesday, Biden appeared to acknowledge that defeat was likely but assured supporters that victory was not lost forever.

“If we don’t get it today, we’ll get it eventually,” he assured gun control supporters.

“I see this as just Round One,” Obama said in his Rose Garden remarks.




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For Get About U.S. Education, Continually Pay Teachers to Do Nothing

Comment By Bob L.

We can not sit back and let people who can not even come up with a budget or Balance Americas Check Book tell our Schools what to do, it is time that we Americans, take back our Schools and get the Federal Government, the States,  Special Interest and the Unions out of our Schools.

Schools should be spending more time on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, every one of these head you in the right direction, we should not be teaching any thing else until you get in to the Eight Grade, then you start them on a trade.

This is why our kids are failing in this Country,because they are more interested to bring in Foreigners to do the jobs that Americans should be doing.

This Country has turned their backs on Education for Americans to Educate people from around the world, until they close the door there will not be a good Education program in this country.

Just look at how they want to give people from outside this country cheaper education while our kids pay more to go to college and school.

Why not lower the rates to our students instead of charging more so that they can bring people from outside this Country to get a better education then what our kids are getting, is this why our kids are failing, is this why our Teachers and Government are holding back out kids so this country can be left behind.

There is definitely some thing rotten going on in this Country when   Companies, the Rich, and the Government should be spensding more time with this Country, but they want to hand out Work Visas, and turn their backs on American Worker and their Education.


Zuckerberg launches immigration reform advocacy group

By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News – The Ticket

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is joining with top Silicon Valley CEOs to launch a political advocacy group called that, among other things, will urge lawmakers to pass immigration reform.

Politico reports that Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer are among the group’s major contributors. Former staffers in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations have joined the group as well.

Before launching, Zuckerberg had dipped a toe into politics when he donated $100 million to the struggling school system in Newark, N.J. He also held a fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, in February.

High-profile techies have argued that the current legal immigration system does not allow them to attract and retain high-skilled immigrants from around the world. In March, executives from Facebook, Google, eBay and dozens more tech companies sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to add more visas for high-tech workers.

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Put Them in Their Place, They Want It Give it To Them!

Comment By Bob L.

Environmentalist, Special Interest, and Government Agencies who want Clean Air, Clean Water, and Streets Clean of Automobiles, lets give it to them, plain and simple.

Lets give them No Electricity, No Water, No Oil, No Gas, this includes Propane, Natural Gas, kerosene.

Now let’s go a little farther, can these people survive without any of these things mentioned, some will say yes, but can they, good, but one thing that will shut them down is food, do they have a place to grow their Food? do they have a Job,? not if they get what they want, they will be sitting on their thumb and NO Place to go.

If they think that the Government will help, they have another thing coming, if no one is working where is the money going to come from to help? Not even the Government Agencies will know what to do with an Empty bank, people will be in the same place that they were in 1929 to 1940.

And by giving them what they want means it will ground all Planes, cars, and Trains, so does any one have an idea on what to do if these people get what they want, one thing that will happen is that all people will have to work hand in hand no matter who you are.

People had better have a second thought before they go any farther on wanting, these people  have already wanted to much to where this Country is about to go BANKRUPT, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

If you LIKE and agree , PASS this on.

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Comment By Bob L.

Washington State: For a STATE that is complaining about no money, is sure spending a lot of it, and if you have not noticed, Washington state seem to be in the process of privatizing every thing that they are in control of, is this so they can give them selves more money in their Wallets, it sure looks like it.

When they Privatize, it only affects the workers, not the people at the top who used to run these Departments, it seem that they got pay raises, not let go like every one else, they are just like the federal Government, anywhere from Two to Ten different departments run and finance the same programs, they could save money if one department ran the State, the ones Elected by the people, Government does not need all though people to do what the Elected people can do, the Governor, the house, and the senate is all you need, that is what they were Elected to do, not delegate some one else to do it for them.

The same thing goes for the schools, you have to many people doing the same thing, a good Teacher can Teach and Run a school with out the help of the Government, and Unions, this is the problem, to many people in the pot, and with that many people in the pot, there is no room to do a good job of teaching, you get Teachers WHO want to Teach, and get RID of Teachers that are only looking for money, not the job. This is HOW you SAVE and HAVE money for Education, Reading Writing, Arithmetic and a Trade or Profession. There is too much Testing, Home Work and not enough In School Teaching.

What is the next thing are they going to put up for auction to the highest bidder, Highway Department, State Patrol, we can not say State Parks, or Alcohol that has already ben done, but seem to be that the people don’t like it, just YUPPIES, that way they have the parks to them selves because no one else can afford to go to them unless they don’t pay a bill or not buy some food.

If the State can not Do the job that they are Elected to do than they might as well close the doors and go back in time to where the state had no one to run it but the Indians, they did a better job than any Government has.


Good to Go pass might become ticket for ferry

JORDAN SCHRADER | Staff writer 
Published April 04, 2013

A Good to Go windshield sticker might someday get a car across the water by boat as well as by bridge.

 An $8.7 billion transportation spending plan proposed Wednesday by a bipartisan group of state senators calls for Washington to come up with a plan for using prepaid toll passes for state ferry payments, reservations and customer service.

“We want to have one pass for everything,” Des Moines Sen. Tracey Eide told reporters while standing with fellow Democrat Steve Hobbs of Lake Stevens and Republicans Curtis King of Yakima and Joe Fain of Auburn.

Frequent toll payers set up electronic Good to Go accounts and put transponders on their vehicles for cashless payments on the eastbound Tacoma Narrows bridge, the state Route 167 HOT lanes and the SR 520 bridge.

The Department of Transportation would study what it would take to add ferries to that list while maintaining a toll contract with Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp. The study would cost $250,000 from a ferry fund with results due to the Legislature Nov. 29.

Another study – funded by a $200,000 appropriation from legislators in 2011 – has already looked at ways of paying ferry fares and concluded Good to Go should expand to ferries.

Key lawmakers appear sold on the idea.

“We believe this will provide a less costly and more effective system for the payment of everybody that uses the system,” said King, who co-chairs the Senate Transportation Committee with Eide.

A series of problems plagued the Good to Go program in 2011 after ETCC took over tolling operations statewide. A backlog of potential toll violations was caused by hundreds of thousands of Narrows bridge crossings that were wrongfully processed as unpaid.

King said many of those problems have been corrected. He noted the proposed budget would spend $150,000 on a study of whether to outsource auditing of the Department of Transportation’s toll division to independent auditors.

The last study reported a state survey had found some support among Good to Go and ferry customers for combining the systems. Ferry riders already can use an ORCA card that also works on bus and train fares.

Though the proposed study is limited to ferries, state toll division director Craig Stone said he foresees Good to Go one day being used for all kinds of modes of transportation, with airport parking one likely option.

The budget proposal released Wednesday also calls for WSDOT to reduce toll administration and overhead, an action pushed by Sen. Nathan Schlicher, a Gig Harbor Democrat.

For example, it calls for a 20 percent reduction in Narrows Bridge administrative staff costs. Stone said those costs represent 1 percent of the bridge’s budget.

The spending plan also clears the way for increases in ferry fares and Narrows bridge tolls by restoring the state Transportation Commission’s power to set both rates. Last fall’s passage of Initiative 1185 reverted that authority to the Legislature.

The commission is poised to approve two 25-cent toll increases, one taking effect this summer and the other a year later.

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