Happy Holiday OR Unhappy Holiday

Comment By Bob L.
January 1 2013

cane1I would like to thank you all who have followed me through good or bad post continue reading, some times I misspell or miss use a word, what do you expect from an Old Fart who has seen a lot of change and how it has hurt a lot of Americans through the years, SEASONS GREETINGS TO HOPEFULLY A BETTER YEAR.

I hope to see that every one gets to have a HAPPY New Year, but  the way this Government  put their priority’s to give them selves more power, I don’t see any way that 2013 is going to be any better, but if I heard the news right, Obama wants to give them selves a Nine Hundred Dollar Pay-raise ($900.00) that Obama passed last week, Plus restore their Cost of living, that to me is a slap in the face to all the people who are close to being home less on minimum wage or getting only Four Hours of work a day, and who don’t get the advantage of cost of living raises.

I have to look back to years growing up and seeing the Working people getting cuts that the Government has added to them selves, they expect the people to work Three Hundred Sixty Five Days a year to pay more taxes plus give Companies more power against workers, and then you have Unions that have become a business in them selves and no longer protect its workers like they should, sure they look good standing up there and saying how much they are protecting the American worker, but when you get a pay raise how much do they get out of that raise, when you look at where they spend a lot of time, you can guess who is getting the benefits from the Government.

When I read an article, I look at what it could do to this Country if it was true or faults, and I feel that it is some thing that should be brought up, True or Faults, but some of these Faults stories some how end up becoming a law down the road and should be stopped before some Idiot thinks it is a good idea, and that is my opinion and hopefully that Americans believe too, and where this comes from is how the Government passes laws behind closed doors and keeping them Classified so the people don’t know what is in them, good example, Obamacare, does any one know what the total outcome is by the time it hits full power, signed, sealed and delivered behind closed doors, and told, you have to pass it if you want to know what is in it, the American People need to have these DOORS CLOSED meetings closed permanently.


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